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Horrible, cannot login to pay a car loan unless I get a checking account

Recently purchased a new Mazda and the loan ends up being through PNC, no problem excellent rate - however it would be so nice to be able to pay the loan online and actually see the loan. You cannot login to PNC bank apparently unless you also have a checking account with them ? It wont accept the loan number as an account, they really want a checking account and pin.



I have been with PNC for over 40 years and am very happy with the service, convenience and ease of use. I have had loans in the past and paid off with no problems. I have free bill pay for over 10 years and never any problems; use their free ATM service constantly. Recommend this bank to any looking for an easy to use bank with great service!


Terrible HELOC Servicing

DO NOT open a HELOC with PNC. I took out a HELOC in late September 2016 in order to fund needed home repairs due to toxic mold issues in my house. Since opening the account, NEVER have I experienced such dysfunctional servicing of an account. In order of irritation:

  1. For some absolutely ridiculous reason, PNC has 2 separate departments that handle customer service for their HELOCs. One only handles issues and transactions made through the HELOC card, the other only issues and transactions made through the accompanying checks. Neither department can access the information the other has, and both have different hours. This leads to an exceptionally frustrating experience when attempting to resolve any issue that may involve the account as no one at the bank seems to have a global view of your account at any time.

  2. Unlike security checks with every other financial organization on the planet, if you call the customer service number on the back of the HELOC card you cannot speak with anyone in the HELOC card department unless you have your full account number with you. This number only appears on your checks and HELOC statements. You can provide your name, address, phone number, SSN, DOB, any and all information off the card itself to the representative, but if you don’t have the full account number they will refuse to speak with you. If you are out and about and need an issue resolved quickly, unless you have the account number memorized you’re utterly out of luck.

  3. While I appreciate the lengths to which banks go to extend fraud protection, the PNC HELOC division is ridiculous in regards to the frequency of how many times card swipes have been declined for even tiny amounts. I had a card transaction for around $30 declined while the very next day a check cleared for several thousand dollars against the account. The several occasions I have had to contact the HELOC card division to clear up issues such as this, I have regularly received misinformation, misdirection, and have had to call back multiple times to resolve issues I was told had been taken care of.

  4. While regular checking and savings accounts at PNC appear to exist in the modern day of online banking, the HELOC division seems to still be abiding its time in the late 90s or early 00s. Logging into your online account and accessing the HELOC area, you cannot access any HELOC statements online and cannot view check images that have cleared. The only way to get HELOC statements is by mail and check images by special request.

All in all, working with PNC after the HELOC was approved has been an abysmal experience. If you’re considering PNC for this type of lending, just don’t. I have worked in the financial services industry for some time, and am staggered by the sheer incompetence with which PNC services this account type. You would have an extraordinarily more pleasant experience whacking yourself in the head repeatedly with a 2x4.


No loan, ok bye

721 credit rating, 27 years old, $80k+ salary, college & car only debt… PNC turned me down on my home loan. Told me pay off your car. I owe $5k on a $38k car, really? Well, closed on my $250k home 9 months ago, haven’t missed payment… plus paid an extra $1k on the principal since. Customer with this bank since I was 16 yrs old, checking & savings account, never over drawn account. Just don’t understand it, thanks for allowing me to pull everything I have out of you accounts and will NEVER do business with PNC!


Not an efficient operation

I just had my mortgage transferred to this company and I have to say that I am a little taken aback by how difficult they make it to be a customer. I have been calling for over a month attempting to arrange a payment. In order to pay online they charge you a fee, or you have to fill out a form on paper and mail or fax it in. I have numerous accounts with many companies and I have never had an issue making a payment or splitting and paying additional on the principal. This company does not give you an option. For the first 12 days that we were transfered I called literally every single day. Each day I was told they could not locate my account, in the mean time they call me 2-3 times a day for 4 days and hang up as soon as I answer. I called the number that was doing this back and it was PNC collections. They were asking where their payment was… Really? The other part that was really annoying is they sent me a letter in December stating they would deliver payment coupons prior to them taking my mortgage on January 1st. Never came, and when I called to determine the status and/or get them to me, you guessed it, they couldn’t locate my account, really get your act together. Way easier process at Wells Fargo and Chase for paying a mortgage.


poor customer service

I deposited my check as normal but seemed to be a hick up in releasing the fund. Spoke with somebody told me it would be available on Tuesday because Monday was a holiday. Called back on Tuesday and nobody was willing to help. I like many live paycheck to paycheck. The service manage hung up on me on several different occasions. Banking with them for 5 years and was great until recent. The past 6 or so months with them have been disappointing. Currently shopping around for another bank.


Great Eastern Coast Bank

Really great for people in the East Coast. Bankers are friendly to customers. They are also in grocery stores. They are still growing, and need to grow.


Terrible Customer Service

Terrible Customer Service. Was told when I applied for account of a bonus offer if all requirements were met. I met all requirements but the representative at the bank forgot to put the “code” in my account so I never received the offer. When I contacted the bank manager they replied to me by giving me a $20 gift card and thanking me for my business. The offer they screwed up was for $250 dollars.


$300 for opening account - NOT

Recently I was looking for a new bank and noticed that the PNC branch near me was advertizing a $300 bonus for newly opened accounts. It sounded intriguing. If you don’t want to read to the end I can tell you that this experience instead ended up costing me $25 and a serious amount of wasted time.

Although I consider myself a very savvy consumer and I did smell “if-it-sounds-too-good-to-be-true – it-probably-is”, I thought banking was based on trust and not on fine-print rip-off tactics. Who wants to put their savings in the hands of an institution that tries to make money off you on cute gimmicks? Well, the PNC bank thinks you do.

The account product that was offered to me required monthly direct deposit amounts and the use of the linked credit card at a rate that were ridiculously easy for me to meet. I actually felt quite satisfied when I had just become a new customer. I then proceeded to direct my employer, on-line, to change my bi-weekly salary deposits to PNC and waited to use my new credit card until this had taken effect so that I had the required funds to cover the purchases.

Here is where they get you. The requirements have to be satisfied within a time window that is shorter than the time it took my employer to change the direct deposit!! It is very probable that the sales clerk told me about the time issue, and it was undoubtedly in the fine-print somewhere, but it simply didn’t register with me. Why would anyone pay attention to such a scheme? If you well meet the requirements (and I am a very good deal to any bank) you assume that they will honor the deal that attracted you to them in the first place.

Needless to say I redirected my deposits again and once it had taken effect attempted to transfer my funds out to another bank using the PNC on-line tools. This didn’t work, since they impose a ridiculously small monthly cap on what you are allowed to transfer that way. I then had to visit the branch where I had opened the account and was told that there was a $25 penalty for terminating the account!!! I gladly paid it, got my check and left PNC for good.

What this experience told me was that PNC is about making a quick buck on anyone. They clearly have no interest in building long-term trust with customers. This may be old-fashioned but is something I still expect from an institution that I entrust with my money. I can only imagine the many other fees and restrictions I would gradually have discovered if I had had to stay with this shady outfit. (If you wonder about the clerk who originally opened the account for me, he had skipped town and was not available for comments).


Not terrible, but could be better

Online system has improved recently, but I couldn’t get a simple question answered through a customer service email. Otherwise, experience hasn’t been bad in most cases.


Good Bank - Good Acct

I have NEVER paid a fee in 50 years as a customer, had a savings account there since I was 2. There are PLENTY of ways to avoid fees on all their accounts. The Performance checking fees avoided by 5000 in direct deposits, and then you get 8 other accounts for free too. Their branch personnel are very personable and helpful, always solved any problem (not many) in good order.
The rates are not the greatest but with higher relationship deals, I get way way more than .01%. I get .75% on money market accounts, and extra points on my visa. My kids even get higher rates on their savings accounts. Many other deals as well with reduced fee or free services.

Rates on loans are reduced and are VERY competitive. Better than credit unions on loans (not CD’s)

There website is good and I am now used to it. There are a few questionable areas or hard to find but that is anywhere. I am 99.9% satisfied with this bank and account.


One bad apple does spoil the whole bunch

Just closed my accounts, apparently you can’t just leave your money sitting in your accounts without using it or you’re charged an almost $15.00 a month maintenance fee. Maintenance for what I never used my accounts but I bet PNC used my money. The person who opened my account told me they had a relationship with my employer so I could get some perks. I told her I was not transferring my direct deposit. She said nothing about a maintenance fee if I didn’t deposit $1,000 a month. Now I went to the bank about a bogus security email I received and found out these thieves stole $103.00 from my accounts. When the woman working with me saw I was upset she did nothing, offered no solution to me recouping my money, didn’t even notify the manager. Instead, they let me close my accounts and walk out. I guess I didn’t have enough money for them to go to bat for me but little did they know I have quite a bit more money as does my family. I used to say how wonderful everyone was at PNC but now I won’t be saying that nor will I be telling my family to bank there. Stay where you are these people are nice until they get you to bank there then they turn.



I have been banking with PNC since they opened. At first pnc was great and now they have horribe customer service and hidden service fees. I can’t believe I got the virtual wallet becuase I wouldn’t be able to keep $500 or a direct deposit in my account and in the long run they still made me have those requirements which led to charge me $7.00 money that I do not have. Wow. I am closing my account tomorrow. Very displeased with PNC.


Not Pleased

My past bank had sincerely friendly people in the branches. By comparison, the personnel here come off very “corporate” and not all that interested in the customer perspective. Very rigid and inflexible compared to past banks. Online system is not as intuitive and is harder to use. Add on that their branch hours are very limited and I am left highly underwhelmed.


Least Convenient Bank Ever

I can cash a payroll check at any other bank (with an account) without needing matching funds in my account, but PNC just told me I would never find a bank that allowed me to do that. The overdraft fees are RIDICULOUS and occur so often because charges with PNC pend longer than any bank I’ve ever used. I have lived in six state, worked at a bank, and banked with a variety of places, never experiencing such frustration. PNC is garbage.


Nickled and Dimed

I have banked here since I opened an account. Recently they’ve started charging for every little thing! The girl at the counter offered me a “convenience check” yesterday with no mention of a charge. $1.50 came out of my account for it. REALLY??? I will be shutting down my account really soon. I have no trust anymore.


My bank for 50 years

Had accounts with them since mid 1960’s when I was a kid.
Branch personnel in Carlisle PA are great, solve problems, treat me with respect, make timely loan decisions. They talk to me like a valued customer & a friend, and always ask how the kids are doing in college (they have accounts too).
Fees - never paid one in 50 years (except buy cks)
Numerous ways to avoid monthly fees. If you can’t manage a checking account and overdraw that is your problem.
Loan response on auto loans… Literally last two auto loans my wife and I did, 35,000 THREE MINUTES. 15000 for a 2 year old used car…oh, how about 45 seconds.
Auto Loan and Mortgage rates better than credit unions. Did 2 mortgage refinances to lower years, and a Home Equity Line of Credit. Took 2-4 days, not the 2 month nonsense I hear from others.

If you upgrade to higher checking, you get enhanced rates on money markets and savings accounts. (.65 isn’t too bad right now on those)

CD rates are awful, so I have a small savings at a local credit union so I can access their CD’s.

Wealth Management - well they took an IRA that my parents had, started with about 1.1 million 20 years ago, and after over a million in withdrawals its worth 1.7 million, can’t argue with that.
Investment Services - fees there are a little higher than regular online brokers. 9.99 vs half that. So I use Scottrade.


PS - ATM Network

They have a great ATM network across the eastern United States. NEVER have had to use another banks ATM.

Anyway, they reimburse me on fees if I had too anyway, but never have.


Worst customer service

I really disappointed with PNC Bank since almost 8 years I’ve been banking with them, I am not able to deposit the check on Friday instead I deposited on Saturday but the balance available on Tuesday, I called the customer service didn’t have willingness to help nor Manager just kind a puppet also can’t do anything due to requests if I can get the balance available sooner due to length of my banking with them like Well Fargo or Bank of America always help this kind a situation. Basically I am so disappointed.!!!