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New to PNC

I have recently acquired an auto loan through PNC but I bank through M&T, I have called numerous time to set up an account just to view my loan process through PNC, but every person I talk to keeps avoiding that and keeps trying to set me up with a checking account through PNC. I do not want that, I just want to view my auto loans, but no one from customer service is helping me do that. Not to mention every time I call PNC there is always an outrageous wait time to speak with someone. If I would have known going through PNC for a loan would be these much of a headache I would have went through somewhere else. Hopefully this helps deter cheerful hopeful people looking to make a new or used car purchase and are looking to finance. Go somewhere else. It’s been over a month of non stop calling to PNC customer service (numerous hours of waiting) and my issue is still not resolved, even when I walked in to a PNC bank no employee was the least bit concerned about my issue.


horrific customer service

i’ve been with this bank for 14 years. I saw a service charge on the checking account and called to find out what it was. Didn’t ask to have this fee removed. And asked the representative how does PNC value my loyalty and the answer i got was we just treat everyone same so doesn’t matter if you were banking here 1 month to 14 years makes no difference. A year ago tried refinancing my house thru PNC got an agent assigned who couldn’t care less. Overall horrific bank


Terrible Customer service and payment options

Several times I was unable to access my online account. Calling technical support resulted in them informing me I needed to setup a new account but that they couldn’t help with that because their online service was experiencing problems that past few days. When I asked if I could make an online payment they said they would charge me to do so and wouldn’t waive it.


PNC Customer for 30 years.

I qualify for fee free checking, savings, and money market accounts so that is not an issue for me. Never wait long for service. Due to good standing I am getting 1.0% on money market savings, which is better than most CDs. I live in the Pittsburgh area which is home territory for the bank so there are plenty of bank branches and banking machines within a couple of miles from my home.


Hard to get incentives

The customer service is very slow and its hard to get answers. I completed an incentive to get 200 dollars and even tho they said it would be in my account on a certain day… It was not and caused issues with my budget. Always have issues trying to access my account online…never easy like it is with my other two banks. Will be closing my account soon.


No Loyality

I have been a customer for over 22 years at PNC, I purchased a home in 2001 and the bank was also PNC. I said that was great because I was already banking with the company. I ran into a hardship, not with the house but with other payment becuase I cosigned for a close friend to get a car which in turn created a problem with my credit because of late payments. My home is 18 years old and I am still with PNC Bank. I am trying to get a lower interest rate and after all these years of being a loyal customer PNC is not loyal to you because a credit score. I still have the house which should speak volumes but it does not. Very Dissappointed in how the loyality only works one way.


Horrible Customer Service/Very Innefficient

Payments applied incorrectly. Customer service horrible. Theyactually told me the last months statements were sent out with mistakes. What bank does that?


Most criminals Bank I’ve ever worked with

They steal you blind and then take your money so beware of PNC Bank then they post stuff about your adverse action to keep you from getting a loan with any other bank so beware of them


. Terrible Bank

Any other Bank in Hagerstown will do a lot better for you beware of this Bank and take your money and say it’s a fee and the yolk thousands of dollars all fees


Fee issue

I’ve been a PNC customer for a number of years and I was disappointed to find out that they charged me over $192 for overdraft fees for one electronic debit. A series of $7 charges hit my account equaling $105 over a 15 day period. PNC was unwilling to even to remove half the fees. The total fees charged were $192 for an overdraft of 15 days. This is absurd. I realize part is my fault for not paying attention but PNC could at least meet me half way and take some away.


Worst Customer Service Ever

I have an auto loan with PNC Bank. I had to call Customer Service to get my loan number since I wasn’t given it. The lady I spoke with was so unenthusiastic and negative, but was able to find my number after a few questions. I had to call again to get a fax number because it’s not on the website. Of course there’s no option for that on the robot list of things so I had to Slowly work my way through to find something that was close to what I needed. Finally got ahold of a person, who was yelling into the microphone, who transferred me to someone who could help. Next guy asked me a bunch of questions about my account/info… All just so I could get a fax number… He was slow, said the number so fast that I had to have him repeat it at least 5 times, and he was eating in his microphone. Took over 20 minutes to get the number. I hope I never have to call them again. Worst customer service I’ve ever had to deal with. They need to be trained.


Bad bank

Save your time and go somewhere else. This is the most difficult bank I have dealt with. There are hidden fees that added to your account. If you don’t check daily you’ll never know.


Don’t bank here.

Worst bank I’ve ever dealt with. I’m currently sitting on hold for over 20 minutes to talk to customer service. The ATM machines make it inconvenient to deposit cash, the fees are excessive, and customer service is mediocre (at best).


I love PNC

I’ve been a PNC customer for years. The reason I picked it is because I saw the PNC Virtual Wallet app on someone else’s phone years ago and thought it was ahead of it’s time. I like the app a lot. Never had a problem viewing my data on the app or online. Customer service has always been nice to me in person and on the phone. No complaints.


Love, love, love

Have had my account for over 2 years and absolutely love it. Not only is the mobile and online app great but the ATM is super easy! To deposit cash all I have to do after logging in is place the stack of cash in the machine and it separates and counts it for me. And as for the bankers, well, they truly care about my success and future. Couldn’t ask for more!!!


PNC is the worst to deal with. Waiting for cc sign up bonus since 12/2017!

I got a PNC credit card in December that was offering a 50K point sign up bonus. 6 months later and DOZENS of phone calls, PNC still has not issued the sign up bonus. I was even communicating with someone who PROMISED to get the points deposited by May 10, but, of course, no points yet. Also, the website is a nightmare to deal with.


Awful company

My auto-loan is financed through PNC and the service is terrible. The auto-pay feature doesn’t work. The customer service representatives and supervisors all refused to answer any of my questions about the auto-pay and were all incredibly rude. I would not recommend PNC to anybody.


Can’t keep up with the times

When I joined PNC about 10 years ago they were great, now I’m ready to go. If you’re like me you want to check your balance often, but the app does not work consistently! Which in turn leads to fees if you can’t see where your money is going. You have to login in from a computer for some features. Examples: to view your credit card statements, to view the balance of a bill that has already been set up in bill pay. There is no way to retrieve or reset your username. You must call and of course you forget it when they’re not open!


No atm cash deposit

Absolutely ridiculous driving to the atm and not able to deposit cash keeps happening over and over.a bank that doesn’t take cash?not happy with pnc


Poor online banking and customer service

Online banking UI is bad so is their customer service. Online transactions are not easy, intuitive. I had to call several times on the issue I was having and still not get resolved. Unfortunate, I will move my direct deposit and close the account.