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I’m switching banks

Seems like this year, pnc is struggling financially. I’ve had to pay multiple overdraft fees this year, non of them being refunded even though it’s a matter of a couple hours when the overdraft is covered. I have not been contacted by a manager like they said I would be, and now even though my account is negative $3, and they only hit you with NSF fees if it’s over $5 negative, now I have this $15 service fee, I don’t know what for, except to allow them to hit my account with another NSF fee if I dont get said $15 in my account by 10pm. They will probably rearrange my credits and withdrawals again so they can charge me anyway


They are great!

I have seen some of these other reviews and have no idea what they are talking about. I have stopped in at least half a dozen branches for different reasons and all of the employees have been exceptional to work with. Any time I have called, they have been very understanding and patient. People complain about overdraft fees, but I get them when I’m allowing payments to go through without the money being there. That is not the fault of the bank. There is a $7/month fee for my account if I don’t have at least $500/month being direct deposited into it. There is no other bank I have ever had such pleasant experiences with. I recommend them to everyone.


They don’t care anymore

The service from this bank has gone from mediocre to very poor. I’ve been left on hold to have no one come back on the phone including a bank manager. They don’t care about the customer they just want to fee you to death.


Keeps charging fees

Worst bank I have ever been to, I keep getting over drafted when I Still have money in my account and not taking just a little like $100 or more that what is needed. I talk to customer service and they tell me “well it only $10 not like we took that much” $10 3 to 4 times and when I push to ask why I see no negative on my account I check my account 5 to 6 times a day to make sure I have enough (I have no minimum balance) they get “well I not sure you much have used your card some where, but hey it only $10 so no big deal” They will also charge an overseas fee for things purchased in the U.S.


Traumatizing Experience

Whole ordeal of making an account and figuring out the complicated, SLOW process of transferring money from an external bank has been dreadful. My frustrations with PNC banking escalate with each passing day. Instructions are not clear. Website SUCKS. Afraid to even see what the app is like. Consumer help/service is nonexistent. Definitely needs work on the user experience side. Would rate zero stars if I could. Would not recommend.


Worst customer service

I have been paying off a loan for years with PNC and they just randomly changed my account number on me. I was not informed of this change. The payment came out of my chase account and PNC assured me that since the old account number no longer exists, it will go back into my chase account. It has not for almost 3 weeks and now I have to deal with chase filing a claim with them.


Don’t bank here

Their virtual wallet doesn’t stay up to date, got a notification that I had 30$ in my account no pending transactions and then an hour later after a 15$ charge got over drafted. In the span of 3 days got 180$ in fees from them as I tried to contact customer service. They wouldn’t refund any of the fees that I incurred while simply waiting to get a hold of them. All around terrible service, been a part of 3 different banks and PNC is by far the worst one I’ve ever used. Word to the wise Don’t bank with PNC especially if you’re low income or a student or you’ll get screwed over.


I pray credit unions crush them

Horrific bank. Leave immediately. I had an auto payment in a account I seldom use drawn out. That overdrew my account. Rather than notify me PNC not only did a $36 overdraft fee but added cumulative charges of over $100. They never contacted me in any way. No mail, email, text or call. Customer service would do nothing to rectify their mistake. I now call this bank an arm of Diablo- pure greed and evil.


Petty cheapscaping crooks

I “cash” my check, drawn on pnc, every payday. Turns out they hold their own deposited check and make my funds availavle the next day. Not. I opened this famn account to avoid the crap. Since i still get the crap, I’m closing this account…once they release my damn money. Dont bank at PNC.


Hires incompetent fools

I was told by a PNC phone associate that I could have my husband’s name removed from a loan if I faxed in a signed document. A week later I called to see if they started the process of taking his name off and was informed that the associate I talked to gave me “misinformation” and advised me to trade my 1 year old car with a new vehicle (new loan) as an alternative way to get my husband’s name off the loan.
I asked for his supervisor and she was just as incompetent- all she did was repeat “you were provided misinformation”.


Absolutely terrible experience

This bank has to be the absolute most awful bank I’ve ever in my life had to deal with. Customer service is awful. Misinformation is very normal for this bank. They will tell you one thing on the phone and once you get to the bank it’s something completely different. They love throwing the $36 overdraft fee that you even for a simple mistake of forgetting to transfer funds the same day. This bank owes me hundreds of dollars of lost money from their own mistakes and will tell me that “there is nothing they can do about it”. Absolutely awful bank. Money just disappears on a daily working with this bank. If you have a problem. Going to the branch is completely unnecessary because they’re no help at all. Everyone at the are completely untrained and no help. Cancelling my account after working with this bank for 4 years.


Garbage bank

I called the customer service depeatment a while ago for a triple digit refund and was told it would be in the mail the next Monday… That was almost a month ago then when i called the bank back I kept getting to a branch (which they couldnt help me) finally i reached a customer service rep after being in hold for 30+ mins. They then proceded to tell me that i will not be getting my refund at all. This bank is terrible and I will never deal with them again i urge everyone who has not delt with pnc to think twice then go somewhere else.


No customer service

This is one of the worst banks I have ever had the non pleasure of joining. I tried to cancel my account due to being mislead on the benefits of joining. I was told that because the accont had not been open for more than 180 days they were going to charge me $25.00. I could not believe I was being charged for terrible service, miss information and time wasted. I would really consider choosing another bank before this one. I am now stuck with substandard bank for 180 days. Unbelievable…


Worst Customer Service

This bank has the worst trained staff and most important they have the worst executive response team they do not care about the customer. They will find every way to nickel and dime you and when you catch mistakes with is often the best you will get is they are sorry. I am trying to close all my accounts ASAP but they ant o charge me fees even after they admitted they made major mistakes worst banking experience ever


Worst Bank ever!

Whatever you do, DO NOT bank with PNC. We have been locked out of all access to our account for the past 8 years due to a bankruptcy that was filed back in 2010. We’ve never missed a payment for our mortgage, which we have to pay through our bank bill pay, yet they will not send us paper statements nor can we access their online banking. I have no idea if they are actually getting our payments, balance amounts, interest rates, nothing. Terrible terrible customer service.


Good Bank

Have banked here for a few years, got thorough explanation of account disclosures so knew what to expect. Interest rates recently raised and I get 1.00% on a money market savings. It’s not easy to mess up unless you are the kind of person who doesn’t read disclosures or ask questions while opening accounts