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Great customer service

Every PNC branch I have ever walked into had the friendliest staff. Their website has its flaws but is generally easy to use once you get the hang of it. Yes, their savings account rates do stink, so I go elsewhere for that. But for convenience of using ATM’s up and down the east coast and friendly in-person experience I would definitely recommend PNC. Mobile deposit on their app is great too!


Look out for order of operations

I’ve banked with PNC for seven years; it wasn’t until recently that they started to be pretty unforgiving. They explained to me if I make a cash deposit before 10:00 PM I would avoid overdraft fees; they’ve explained to me if the overdraft was $5.00 or less there would be no fees. After seven years I’m leaving the institution because they applied an overdraft when my ending balance for the past week was entirely in the positive but they managed to apply an overdraft to that. $36 and the fees avalanche. I’ve been charged $180 at a time!


Fantastic for the tech savvy

I’ve banked with pnc for 35 years, solid bank, plenty of branches and atm’s, customer service fantastic, love the virtual wallet, incorporates bill pay, budgeting, short and long term planning, balance projections, online alerts, all in one app. Deposit checks by snapping a picture of them, move money around by shifting a slider, just too cool. And if you do go over in one of your accounts, you get an alert, just move the slider before the end of the day, no fee.


Got out, didn’t look back.

Overall, a pain to deal with! I was a customer since the National City days, and it used to be just fine. They keep cutting services and don’t allow you grandfather in your old account types. I finally jumped ship to Ally Bank and have been very pleased with the switch. PNC was terribly frustrating with poor customer service, and lack luster product portfolio.


Mobile Deposit

I just made a deposit with my smartphone because I was at work and couldn’t find a PNC Bank in my area. After I made a mobile deposit, I noticed within 2 hours that my check did not post yet. I decided to call a PNC branch to find out what went wrong. The bank teller informed me that they go through a process to make sure that the check is legit and I’ll see my money by in the morning. That was number one because I have another card but it is a prepaid debit card called Chime and I never had to wait overnight. Then the teller looked into my account and told me that my account is new so I’ll have wait NOW until Monday! This is such an inconvenienced bank. I had plans with my money that I worked all week for someone to tell me that I have to wait for my hard working money for two more days. I will not continue to do business with this terrible bank all because my account is “new”. My Chime card gave me my money quick and a “new account” did not stop them from doing that!.


Poor Service

I applied for a HELOC and it suppose to take three weeks for decision. The first two weeks went by and then on the third week they ask for additional information and when I sent that information in, then the fourth week come around and they ask for more information keep in mind I already bank with them and have my mortgage with them and they are asking for all this information after a month pass by. When I sent in that he information they orders an appraisal after the appraisal was sent the lady said it should take to th she end of that week for decision I still haven’t heard anything from them and now it’s the fifth week


Has went downhill

I used to enjoy PNC because of the ingenuity it had. But as the years have progressed they have been lacking. I’ve made several purchases and have had them take days to clear with my virtual wallet account. With my old PNC performance checking account all my purchases cleared immediately. They charge over draft fees even if you have opted out of the service. I asked to have any transactions declined that I did not have the funds to cover to keep me out of the red. Small transactions like Netflix or Hulu bare in mind. Things I may forget about. But instead they still let the transaction go through. As far as the banking experience it was greater for me when my city had two branches but they closed one. So now I have to travel to the ATM. I will be switching my account over to cap one 360 soon because I like having more ATM options


Over draft fees/customer service

Some people that work for PNC has horrible customer service this one man talked down on me and belittle me because I was upset about a 36.00 over draft fee for 8.00 that’s ridiculous to charge someone 36.00 for 8.00 they refuse to work with me and take the fee off this one time and they have done this before to me and I never asked for a refund before I’m taking my business else where


Over draft fees/customer service

Some people that work for PNC has horrible customer service this one man talked down on me and belittle me because I was upset about a 36.00 over draft fee for 8.00 that’s ridiculous to charge someone 36.00 for 8.00 they refuse to work with me and take the fee off this one time and they have done this before to me and I never asked for a refund before I’m taking my business else where



Just ordered some checks again and even showed them one like I had., however they proceeded to print entirely different ones with my husbands name on them with our address (which I do not ever want)
Apparently you are hiring people with little or no education.


Love my PNC

Been with PNC for over 10 years and love them. Their fraud department is right on top of things when anything suspicious happens, and is always responsive to helping it’s customers resolve issues. I will be a customer for a long time! Their fees I don’t necessarily think are fair but everything else makes up for it!


More Fees, Less Service

I’ve been a PNC customer since they bought my previous bank about 7 or 8 years ago. I have multiple checking and savings accounts with them and a credit card that I opened with them directly.

Over the years, PNC has gradually rolled out various changes to my accounts, lessening the perks and benefits and upping the fees and potential to incur charges.

Customer service? Not so much. If I use a teller, they charge me. Beyond that, the phone “customer service” is a cluster F. Poor training. What should have been a simple request turned into multiple lengthy phone calls, disconnects, conflicting and misinformation from one agent to the next, and in the end, when I thought the issue was taken care of, it turns out it was not, resulting in more time and expense on my part.

Rather than make the situation right, PNC escalated my call to a representative who tried to up-sell me another PNC product/service. Ridiculous.

This is the latest of several frustrating experiences over the years. Meanwhile - just a few days ago, I received yet another letter from PNC notifying me of more new changes to my checking account. More “no longer offering X” and more hoops to jump through or I will start paying additional monthly account fees.

As much of a pain as it is to switch banks, it’s past time that I do it. PNC has been an unbelievable frustration for the last time.

Also noteworthy: So odd that PNC has disallowed reviews on their Facebook page. Could it be that their rating was low? That too many customers or former customers, like me, came to leave a 1-star review?


Poor Customer Service and outdated technology

On two separate occasions I was requested to provide documents that the bank already had. I called in to inform them that they already had (for example as part of closing documents), and they were able to manually find them (Although it was their mistake I had to put in a request to cancel the erroneous charges) . It seems to me that their internal system don’t integrate with each other, causing erroneous fees to their customers.

In addition their online banking user interface seems outdated, not comparable to other banks like Chase or BoA.


Awful rates

I bought a new car and got a really high interest rate. A few day later, they lowered the rates but wouldn’t give it to me unless I paid them a huge fee. The fee was more than I would pay in interest in two years. I won’t ever deal with this bank again.


Menomonee Falls Branch

Menomonee Falls branch is horrible. 3 people will greet you but only 1 person is working a window. But saying it is a window is a over statement it more like a island. There are no deposit tickets out they need to get one to you. When there are to many people for the 1 teller they will take you to a cubicle to do your transaction. Drive up telling is worse. 10 min to get in and out. This is if you are the only car in line. I am sure this is because they teller inside is busy working the island and the other 3 people are saying hi to people. Do not bank here if you want fast service.



Virtual wallet is designed to make you overdraft, it will tell you an available balance and show the transactions as well as pending transactions… If you take your calculator and and add up all pending transactions it will give you an available balance… But as soon as the pending transactions clear, the available funds will be completely different… When PNC is confronted about this they will get rude and hang up on you or disconnect chat… They say, you should keep your own records and not depend on virtual wallet… This is true, because its garbage and will help them charge you fee’s… Avoid


Learn to understand banking

PNC has many opportunities for its customers to really dive into finances. By utilizing my checking account on a monthly basis, I get a boosted interest rate in my savings (%.27 on $10000). The more money you have or the more your direct deposit, the better the rate can be. The online and mobile banking have a lot of really neat features and PNC will reimburse ATM fees depending on where you live in the USA. Customer service is excellent every time and bankers do not product push. Meet with your banker to really understand how to get the most out of your accounts without feeling pressured.


Worst bank when you owe however however they never pay you when they owe you

I know banks are not the most endearing entities around but PNC Bank takes the cake for being unprofessional with your money, yelling at a customer when they owe the customer, not very nice. It got so fraustrating I gave up on the idea of getting my money back. Sad but true, never conducting a single cent transaction with these grease balls again, proceed at your own risk.


Stuck at home with no power with newborn because I was given wrong information

I was told that if I deposit a check through the mobile app that at least the $100 would be available same day as the same when you deposit through the ATM so I deposited the check through the mobile app on a Saturday at 10 a.m. I called the bank to see why the $100 was not available it turns out this was the wrong information it does not clear until the next day so I go borrow money for my grandad that is disabled and I told him I would pay it back the next day so the next day are power gets cut off because we on prepaid so I go to pay the power bill online and it declined my card so I called the bank once again to see why I have no money on my card again I was given the wrong information it does not clear until the next business day I explained that I’m at the house with a newborn that is a month old with no power and no way to pay back the money I borrowed and the representative tells me there’s nothing that she can do for me so ask to speak to the supervisor she tells me that one is not available that she would have me call back to speak with one or she will have one call me in 1 to 2 business days which does nothing for my current situation they care no more about their customers than this I will be changing Banks



Very inconvenient when it comes to paying loan since I do not bank through them. I do not bank through them since the closest one is 45 mins away. I have to send checks and they do not get taken out of my account until 3 weeks later 50% of the time. The customer service can never resolve my issues. I do not want another loan through them