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legally stealing from people

They charge overdraft fee in less than an hour your account is overdrawn and they keep charging you throughout the day. The most useless bank I have ever come across. Their customer service is the poorest and rudest you can ever see. When you have complain, they’ll tell you to go close your account with them if you want to. Everything about them is poor. They are a bunch of thieves



This is the worst Bank ever they put a hold a cash deposit i made in my account leaving me with no money over the week enk and when i went to close my account they charge me 25$ for closing my account what a rip off . that was the worst experience ever i don’t know how they stay in bussiness .


Take Business Elsewhere

I cannot wait until I can close this bank account. They, being the Chase Bank Chain not the individuals who work for them, try to get a quick buck off you Whenever they can. The mobile app you think would be handy, but it’s not because they don’t keep your AVAILABLE balance up to date. OTHER BANKS DO. Even if the transaction is still pending, other banks show you the balance of your money that is unused. PNC will keep your balance as is until the merchant pulls the funds sometimes days later; So when you think you have money because you see clear as day your available balance is $50, so you buy a $45 meal. Then the next day you wake up and are expecting to have $5 available, but the shirt you bought 3 days before finally cleared overnight putting you at -$5 then add those great $36 overdrafts and now you owe $41 to your bank account. Boom. A bank made money off you. So you pay it try not to let it happen again, but it does anyway.
Other banks make it so you never have to go through and do calculator math on the app to see if your balance is true, don’t make you keep your own checkbook (because the app should be replacing the written ledger while also being accurate), and you don’t get stuck with $36 fees when the pending charges clear late at night and you thought there was more money in there than there really was.
Also, PNC’s cutoff time to make your account positive is 10pm. I didn’t know because my other bank allows until 12 that night to fix your account, so when I put money in PNC at 10:21pm and woke up to -$35 because of ONE DOLLAR and 21 minutes late, I’d rather start handing $40 to every homeless person than let this bank have any more of my money. Life gets crazy sometimes, I want a bank who handles all my hard earned cash to not only understand that, but care about it. That is their JOB. Everyday. Just like you and I have to do our due diligence at our jobs, every day. SO tired of money scavenging corporations.


Worst Bank Ever

They have a stupid system which keep lagging , which overdraft my account everytime I do a transaction because it posts after few days . Its really stupid to use this bank for anything, I’v been with them for almost 5 years but from last year they really stress me out. Switch ASAP


Virtual wallet is a SCAM

Virtual wallet is set up into three separate accounts: saving, reserve, and spending. Supposedly one feature of virtual wallet account is to protect from overdraft. Bit really it makes it easy for pnc to cause overdraft and collect overdraft fees.

Despite having more than enough money to cover my bills in my “spending” and “savings” account an online payment was somehow taken from the “reserve” account causing a significant overdraft. I was not notified of this overdraft until after the payment was rejected. SURPRISE! While my other accounts (the accounts with enough money to cover my bills) had overdraft notifications the overdrawn “reserve” account did not.

It was NOT an automatic debit withdrawal which the customer service rep told me would be withdrawn from the reserve account. I don’t know why that would be the case if the other accounts have enough money, but fine, whatever. It was a one time payment which should be taken from the “spending” account.

The customer service rep said it was the fault of the website where I paid my bill and my fault, of course. My payment was returned which means my bill was not payed and PNC gets to collect an overdraft fee.

Basically a payment was needlessly taken from the ONE account without sufficient funds, overdraft protection, OR overdraft notifications set up, thus causing an overdraft fee.
I will close my account and each family member’s account at PNC.


PNC Games

Yesterday, I was at PNC and requested a copy of a document I had just signed. PNC said it was their policy not to provide copies of certain documents. Why? What are they trying to hide? Service rep was rude and talked down to me just because I wanted a copy of something I signed for PNC. As soon as my mortgage is done in a few years, I will be long gone. Too many games for me to deal with them.


Horrible Customer Service

Customer service is AWFUL!! I’ve called twice for different reasons talked to two different people and received a lack of every skill necessary to be successful in serving customers. When I report a lost/stolen debit card attempting to sell me a credit card is the wrong move to make that shows no common sense whatsoever. When I call to ask about a pending withdrawal that I don’t see on my mobile banking app simply saying that you don’t see it and calling it quits shows lack of effort to serve those who you are employed to serve. I can deal with the minimal gains of the savings accounts but poor customer service is a problem that shouldn’t exist. GET IT TOGETHER!!





Do yourself a favor. Bank elsewhere

Moved to Pnc bank with my checking and saving account. First experience with them. My paycheck is currently on it’s 4th day of “pending” I call and ask why? Maybe something happened with the company I work for. No they just drag their feet at Pnc. The customer service reps were rude and constantly talking over me not letting me get a word in.


Horrible bank

My account was hacked into and I had to pay the fees along with a hold on my own personal money. They told me there was nothing they could do about it. I talked to multiple different people and got told something different every time. GO ELSWEHERE!


Worse bank

Night banking is terrible. You receive messages around 3am stating your account is overdrawn after you’ve checked your account and balance. They back date items they were behind on.


Great Bank

I have been with the bank for a decade, and they offer a great product. They are friendly and dependable.


Best part is the Website

Terrible and unhelpful customer service when trying to acquire on accounts. Customer service is only trying to sell. Inconsistent with transaction timing. Seems the timing on debits from accounts is convenient to acquire overdraw fees. Dont ask for a supervisor, you WILL wait 20-30 minutes.


Worse Bank Ever

Very BAD Bank will not even release one cent. Worse bank ever closing all accounts there they don’t care about you I know I used to work for them and they are closing lots of branch WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


inconsistent transaction timing

Last couple of months consistently processing the charges before the deposits resulting overdrawn and charging fees. Called customer service couple times, no solution!


Avoid PNC like the plague

PNC will use any means necessary (transaction re-ordering, account holds, fuzzy math) to extract fees from your account.


Best student bank

I am well aware of the problems PNC has when moving to a “normal” account with them, but by far they are the best bank for students (unless your school has a better local bank). No fees until after you graduate, overdraft protection and their mobile banking app is better than any bank I know. I even get ATM fees reimbursed at the end of the month. However, I will most likely be leaving them after I graduate.


Approved for a Heloc - then 6wks later a NO !!

The local branch is great but one must realize that they have no say so whatsoever. We applied for a heloc, got the letter saying approved. The bank ordered the appraisal ( they paid for it) and weeks go by they keep telling me it’s in legal - over and over. So 6 full weeks wasted when we need critical foundation work done they email me and I call them to find out it’s not approved afterall. NO WAY we are staying with this bank.From now on we deal local with community banks and credit unions only.


Bait and switch!

I just applied for my second HELOC with PNC. After my first negative experience (I got the loan but it was worth the hassle), I decided to give the Bank another try because they had good rates and I had moved to a town with fewer banking options. I was promised that there would be no loan fees, closing costs, or per payment penalties. I was also told that my line would be based on the appraised value of the property. After many delays and multiple requests to resend identical information, they informed me that they cannot use the appraisal (they claimed that they made a simple mistake) but that I am responsible for paying for the appraisal that they are failing to consider unless I keep the loan for at least three years. They also lowered the loan amount and raised the rates. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Reserve. I recommend that find a more reputable organization for your banking needs.


Horrible customer service!!

Our mortgage was sold to this bank and we were taken off of autopay and this bank failed to inform us. I called and was treated like garbage. I hate this bank.