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PNC are thieves!

PNC is the worst bank. They robbed me of $1,300! CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNTS today. The Retail Escalations Department and Corporate offices DO NOT help at all. They point fingers elsewhere and give you asinine excuses. But they are sure quick to take your hard-earned money. This is by far, the worst experience I’ve had with a bank.


Unprofessional mortgage department

While I have no complaint about the branches. Their mortgage department is very unprofessional. While trying to resolve an issue Maureen Carricato felt the whole thing was funny and was laughing. We will be closing all our checking, savings and annuity accounts with them going forward.


How can we rip off your account today

Paperless statement it’s a rip off , they will charge $1.00 per check image to look at or print it after 60 days and they don’t even disclose it when you sign up for paperless.
I haven’t had one good experience with this bank even when it was their fault. For an instance the mobile/online banking for some of their services like line of credit , Flex visa , etc is never up to date on the payments you make which many times leads to overdrafts/late payments and/or other undisclosed fees , you make your payment in cash and it will not reflect online as a payment until 7 days after, if you make a transfer over the mobile it takes up to 5 days to take effect which still will lead to late payments.



As of today, PNC has charged us almost $2000 in fees. Most of these are OD charges the bank fabricates They will move transactions around, hold these amounts for long periods of time, then tell you that they all posted before your paycheck was deposited. Now they are holding my payroll direct deposits. The worst part is that when you call them, they are mean, rude, and try to make you think that it is all your own fault. A supervisor once told me that after I swiped my debit card for the first time, I agreed to allow them to have full control of my money and gave them permission to do with it what ever they wanted. I see PNC as nothing more than skid row thieves. We are in the process of leaving PNC and they have made it hell for us. Make the right decision and don’t bank with them in the first place. They will take your money as they please and laugh at you when you call to complain.


Always a good experience

I am shocked at all the negative reviews. I have banked with PNC for years and never had any trouble. In fact, I walked into a branch the other day and someone who had transferred there from my regular branch walked up to say hello and I hadn’t seen her in 4 years!

I have a Virtual Wallet account and I love it. I guess I keep a high enough balance in each of the 3 accounts that I am never charged any fees. I am always reimbursed if I use a non-PNC ATM machine within a matter of 2 weeks.

I use any one of 3 local branches depending on where I am and one is even open on Sundays. One of them can reissue ATM cards on the spot if you lose your card.

I have always been treated very well by all the employees I have encountered. All in all, it’s been a very pleasant experience.


Can’t Recommend Anymore!

As of June 18th, 2017 PNC will be charging you 7$ per month in fees, unless you meet the the Following Criteria:
– $500 combined average monthly balance in your Spend and/or Reserve accounts
– $500 in qualifying monthly direct deposits to your Spend account during the statement period
– Provide proof of STUDENT STATUS (requires active enrollment in a qualifying educational institution and
expires 6 years after the account is enrolled in the student banking program)

I will no longer recommend PNC and strongly disagree with this policy



I filed a dispute for a payment on 7/27/2017. The total charge was $195. I requested to dispute $125 of it however, PNC filed the dispute incorrectly and disputed the entire $195. This was the first issue. I was given a $195 provisional credit while the dispute was investigated. On 7/30/2017 I no longer needed the charge disputed because I was able to get in contact with the merchant and everything was taken care of. I called to cancel the dispute and was under the impression that it was taken care of. It was never cancelled. On 8/15/2017 I check my account with the merchant and see that $195 was reversed. This caused me to incur a $75 fee. I immediately called PNC and was told that the dispute was never cancelled and that the dispute was filed incorrectly. They told me that they will cancel the dispute and everything would be reversed and that they will also reverse the $195 provisional credit from my account in 5 business days. They also filed a complaint in my behalf due to the error and negligence on their part, causing me to incur a $75 fee. The next issue occurred the following day. I was just told that the $195 provisional credit would be taken from my account in 5 business days. But THEY TOOK IT THE VERY NEXT DAY! This REALLY frustrated me. All the while I have been checking with the merchant to see if they had received the payment back since it was reversed. They still had not. 8/18/2015, 3 business days after the dispute had FINALLY been cancelled I see that the merchant STILL had not received payment. This outraged me because PNC wasted no time reversing the $195 credit from my account, yet is taking their precious time rectifying their own mistake. I call PNC and basically asked them “if the merchant does not have the $195 and I don’t have the $195 then where is my money???” At this point I need to know why this still has not been taken care of. Mind you, this is a deposit for an apartment so it is a time sensitive issue. The representative I spoke with tells me that they do not show that the merchant reversed the $195 and that they do not have it either. So the merchant does not have it and now they claim they do not have it either and I surely don’t have it and I don’t even have the provisional credit that was provided. So in all I am out $270 because of PNC’s mistake and they act as if they do not even care to rectify the issue. I am HIGHLY upset. This has caused so many issues. I have been a PNC customer for 6 years and as soon as this issue is taken care of I will be taking every penny out of my account and I will be closing my account with them. PNC used to be a great company but they have really gone downhill in service as well as in their customer service. PNC has lost a loyal customer. This has been reported to the BBB as well.


great bank for online/mobile banking

I’ve been a PNC customer since 2010 and have been exceptionally happy with them. Due to direct deposit and keeping relatively high balances on everything I have not noticed the fees and don’t really care about the rates. The things I care about most are online/mobile banking and customer service. The online tools are stellar and have kept me from needing to go into a branch for the last five years. Even after moving out to the west coast where there are no atm’s or branches close I haven’t found a local bank with even remotely useful tools so I’m sticking with PNC. I’ve also had great customer service anytime I’ve called them. The budgeting and money management tools they provide rival Mint and other services but are built right in.


Horrible Service and Fees

I started banking here about a year ago, thinking that a major bank would be better than the credit union I used to bank with. Boy, was I wrong. PNC charges me overdraft fees on days when there is plenty of money in my account. Customer service denies being able to pay back these fees. I even signed up to get daily alerts of my account activity in hopes that I could avoid the fees, but the daily information is not correctly reflecting my account activity so the fees are unavoidable. Worst bank I have ever dealt with, and I will be switching asap.


Not perfect, but better than other options



Mortgage Service

4 months ago my mortgage company sold my lone
to PNC. I have talked to customer service 3 times to
have them send us a mortgage statement.
I’m 68 years old and have owned 5 homes including
investment properties. This is by far the worst
mortgage company I have delt with. I just spoke
to customer service again and was assured I would
receive a statement next month. Stay tuned!!


Unreasonable Fees

After my experience with PNC bank, I will officially be taking my service to a different bank. I’ve been a PNC customer for over 3 years, and I now hate them. I was charged overdraft fees in a total of $98 because this shitty bank charges $36 a day for overdraft. Supposedly all of my transactions hit “at once”, and I did not have enough transfered from my savings. I did not receive any notifications about my account being overdraft, or my account being charged overdraft fees. The thing that confuses me is that PNC knows that I have money in my savings, but they will not take money from it to cover overdraft protection fees, instead they charge you. I’m even more pissed off because I always make sure I have enough money transferred into my checkings when I go to buy something, so it is not my fault that PNC transactions do not go through over the weekend. I hate this bank, and that $98 they took out of my account will be the last that they get out of me. I’m removing all of my money TOMORROW.


worst bank ever

They messed up my principal only payments on my auto loan. They would not fix it for weeks. Customer Service is terrible, so I am refinancing my loan through Bayer Credit Union. Worst experience ever and I regret not going with Bayer.


Absolutely THE WORST BANK !!!

Most of the people who work at this bank are quite nice, BUT PNC Bank, in my experince and opinion, has some of the MOST PREDATORY and MOST UNFRIENDLY customer service policies. The worst!

Please dont get screwd. Find an other bank!!!


Horrible experience

I choose to opt out on my account. If I don’t have the funds don’t let it go through. Here it is my balance is $100 they let a transaction go through for $145 and several others. Then had the nerves to say we’re going based off your balances Friday. So you mean to tell me that you guys don’t count the balances over the weekend and you just let ppl go into debt thinking they have the funds. I’m done with PNC. No means No. No I don’t have it so No don’t take it. It’s just that simple.


Left for good

This bank is a joke. They up-charge on all fees (never accrued any, but comparing to other bank rates), and when I cancelled my online bill payments they sent checks anyway! After calling them to point out the error, they encouraged me to call and resolve all the accidental payments myself because they couldn’t resolve them after sending out MY money by accident. Lazy, no-good, money-grubbing crooks!
I have already set up an account with another bank and have loved the customer service infinitely more, their online bill pay is already easier to use and more reliable (although carrier pigeon would be better than PNC Auto Pay), and I FULLY intend to transfer all funds out of PNC to my new bank. Oh, and since their investors haven’t actually had their annual call to me to discuss their use of my money from my investment account, I plan on pulling all of that as well. So long, and thanks for nothing, PNC!


Annoying Fees And Unhelpful Customer Service

PNC used to offer free checking accounts but now they require a minimum balance of $500. I was charged a $7 monthly fee without warning three times even though I took corrective action to have the minimum balance in my account. Customer service reps were totally unhelpful and refused to refund the service fee.

There are plenty of banks out there that offer free checking accounts and a much better interest rate on savings accounts. Greedy banks like PNC that charge us to give us their money don’t deserve people’s business. You are better off to avoid PNC and look elsewhere for a bank that cares about its customers.


Simply Horrible Service

Banked with a local bank that through a litany of mergers & acquisitions, eventually became PNC. I was a good and financially responsible customer for ~20 years, but made the decision to move away from them because they were randomly putting holds on deposits I made without informing me. There was no rhyme or reason to it. A $10K deposit would get credited immediately, but a $3K deposit drawn from the same bank would get a 10 business day hold put on it. They also replaced PNC VISA several times, which also serves as my overdraft protection, mostly because of security breaches. But they would without fail forget to link the new card to my checking account, something I would only learn when overdraft protection failed to kick in weeks or months later. I only kept the account open because I had a few automatic drafts that were difficult to move to my primary bank. Recently I paid off my PNC VISA in full, but 5 days later they have yet to credit the payment to my account because it was a large one, something they had never, ever done before, despite my making much larger credit card payments. I “kind of” understood the need to do this, but I think they were obviously obligated to inform me just like they should inform me when they delay crediting deposits to my checking account. I had the two aforementioned automatic drafts hit my checking account, and they charged me $36 in overdraft fees instead of providing overdraft protection. So far they have refused to refund it, despite acknowledging the disconnect in their organization, and have behaved as if their credit card group is a separate entity from the bank. This was the final straw for me. Despite the difficulty in doing so, I am moving the last to auto drafts to my primary bank, and have said good bye to these inept and clueless automatons forever.


Awful online service

Terrible online banking service it is always offline and always says retry


Scam Artists

I originally opened a PNC account in 2012 which was no fees. In June 2017 they changed that policy to charge a $7/month fee unless you met certain requirements. They never notified me of that change, and only noticed 3 months later. PNC is just another disreputable bank that steals money from its customers.