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Terrible experience

I opened an account online 3 days ago and neither the branch nor the customer service people can find my account. They had no problem taking my money though. They keep telling me it takes 24-48 hours for the account to upload to their system but it’s been more than 72 hours. This bank needs to get it together. As soon as my account shows up I am gonna take my money out and run the other direction. I have opened accounts online with other banks and was able to go into a branch a few hours later and withdraw money so their explanations make no sense to me.


Mortgage Fees

They adjusted my mortgage payment due to having my taxes adjusted. I was unaware of this adjustment, made my regular payment but was short by $140 dollars on this 1 payment. I paid the $140 2 weeks later when I was made aware of the shortfall. I have now been charged $122.97 as a late fee…



Customer service not helpful online banking is a joke auto pay they take out multiple times a month and every time you call them for help or understanding they always say " that’s not my department not sure who u need to talk to try a local branch" closing account today


nightmare deceptive dishonest

out of the country & had $XXXX in my accounts & asked for help but the help people actually lied about services and Locked my accounts! But told me my accounts were ok and had $XXXX in & encouraged me to have more deposited into my accounts so I could easily access it from ATMs! so, believing their toll free help people who actually literally lied, $1X,XXX was deposited into my account BUT now they say available balance is $0 & ‘cant[wont] give me any information’!?! And now I see ‘pending transaction’ of MINUS my $1X,XXX Deposit MINUS what my accounts had in them before their toll free help people lied to me! They have stranded me here without any money nor means of obtaining transportation; they were very deceptive & deliberately lied, they couldn’t[wouldn’t] help me & couldn’t[wouldn’t] give me any information, however, they ‘hope everything works out’ & apologize for any convenience I may be experiencing! And for me to stop in at a Local Branch! and someone ‘might be able’ to talk with [me], and I could discuss it with them then: they have to do a personal inspection of me to know who am!! it’s the bank rule in these situations!! theyre a very big bank so its legal for them toks to simply take my money, or individuals within the bank with sticky fingers and they look the other way and cover for each other: advanced help line messed up my accounts further!! horrific unreal nightmare: Why can’t we have our own money? You have to come into a local branch and appear in person so we can determine your identity, its the rule in these situations. Why did you urge me to deposit $1X,XXX more and then accept my deposit when all transactions were closed on the account? I cant answer that, you need to come into a local branch and discuss it with them. Local Branch: hi, I know you: how can I help you? Can you check my account for me? No, I’m unable to see any of your information! Who can help me? You’ll have to speak with cusomer service, no one at a branch can help you! Thank you for being a valued ___ customer! Have nice day! I need to ask you a few more security questions to verify that its you I’m speaking with! oh okay; … You’ll have to come into a local branch so we can verfy who you are. You said you have a bank account somewhere else: why can’t you just get money from that account? You’ll have to open all new accounts and create new passwords, and then you’ll need to submit some paperwork for review and then if its all approved your balances can be transferred to your new ___ account! Well can I please just get my money? No I’m sorry thats not an available option. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing you! Thank you for choosing ___! Can I please just get my money? no I’m sorry but thats not an available option. Why would they violate depositor trust this way? How can them stealing $2X,XXX be acceptable? they call it their Retail Escalation Department, recommend you NEVER let them transfer you to advanced assistance, apparently all they do is get more personal details from you to ‘make sure who you are’[or maybe they just are making sure be sure it wont be easy for you to have Authorities check into them] & tell you ‘everythings just fine’ while locking your accounts & locking you out of your Own information, encourage you to have more money added to your accounts, and then withdraw it all to no place listed: take All of your money without even a transaction record!! it just disappears :frowning:
Youre account has been compromised!! When? I cant tell you that! How? We dont know! It hasnt been compromised. Do you have antivirus software: do you know what malware is? yes, and I have very good antivirus software. How often does it check? several times a day! Well, that doesnt matter! why doesnt it matter: it works very good! No it doesnt work very good! How do you know that? because nothing works very good! anything can be defeated! then can I please just have my money? No, thats not our policy! but its my money! That doesnt matter: its our policy! but its my money! That doesnt matter: we have to do that to protect your money! but I need my money! I understand your inconvenience but theres nothing I can do! Who can help me? I dont know, but theres nothing I can do! those are the rules… have I helped you with everything today? No. Theres nothing I can do! Thank you for being a valued ___ customer!


Worst experience

Applied for an auto loan and it was actually painful- the process center. The worst dealings with any bank in all of my years


Poor Communications, Poor Security Practices

My mortgage got sold to them. I found that out after my monthly payment wasn’t debited and I started calling to try and figure out why. Imagine the experience of calling your mortgage company only to be told you don’t have a mortgage with them.

I finally got a letter from PNC dated 6 days after my payment was due telling me they now owned my mortgage. Obviously I’m in a panic about the missed payment and there was no communications at all about that. I had to setup an online account with them before I could even get through to customer service. Choosing a password was easy because their password standards were basically letters and numbers only. Nothing like not meeting industry standards in regards to password selection to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Oh but they use SiteKey, you know that technology that has been continually demonstrated to not add any real security and worse, not prevent fishing attacks.

On login they try to push you to sign up for bill payment service and a checking account to pay your mortgage. I had to call customer service to walk through getting setup to use an external account. Oh, and they don’t validate the external account. They just try and debit from it.

If I didn’t have a rate that is no longer available in the market place I would ReFi out of them in a heartbeat.


They’re crooks

Fraudulent bank. Crooked. Will lie to your face with a wink and a smile. Customer service is filled with parrots squaking out prewritten scripts just like any other large banking system. Be prepared to provide DNA to get access to your account.


Mortgage sold to PNC, a nightmare worse than BoA!

I didn’t think a bank could be any worse than Bank of America… until my mortgage was sold to PNC. My mortgage was sold, the communication on the part of PNC was inconsistent at best.

The first representative I spoke to on the phone told me to wait until my first coupon book came to make a payment… well the book came 18 days after my payment was due. Three months later, they sent me to a debt collector because they wanted another payment; they claimed my previous lender never received my May payment (they did) and even though my coupon book started in June, they demanded I pay May as well. When I told them I paid my previous lender, they insisted I pay them right away and settle with my old mortgage lender on my own.

A month later, I discovered PNC sent someone to my house to make sure I was living there and issued me a $15 fee. No notice of this fee or visit was ever provided in writing, before or after. This was all related to the May charge, which, again, was not present in my coupon book.

The mobile banking website is a joke and ripe for phishing. It is not clear, streamlined, or easy to navigate. Confirmation numbers for payments are not logged on the website, or if they are, they are not readily available. Customer service representatives can be described as surly and uncouth.

There is literally nothing satisfactory or redeeming about my experience with PNC. I look forward to the day when I am able to switch to a new lender.


Thieves, the bigger they get the more they take

I have been a member of Pnc Bank for 20 Year’s now. The past 4 year’s I’ve been charged for more Bank fees than ever. They have charged me over $1,000 in the past 3 month’s. They have bounced my account with their fees. This is insane. It doesn’t matter if you call them because they won’t admit that they are wrong ever. I just looked at my account which should have been a balance of $32.00, I purchased$10 in gas with my debit card and it doesn’t even show it pending but has a $15.00 purchase from a week ago. WTF. I will be finding a new bank. This is completely unacceptable for a major business as PNC is now and as I said before the bigger they get the more they’re going to take from your account, Good luck to anyone that decides to stay with them. Sooner or later you will be broke.


False advertising

They don’t keep there word when it’s comes to getting your referral bonus. I referred like 4 people through my job the lady said that it was $400. I never received it. Every time I call the lady who agreed to it. It’s some kind of excuse why I haven’t received my money. I’m switching banks.


Crooked theaves

I inherited an account here, the worst bank I’ve seen. Compared to Vanguard these guys are in the 1950’s. Snail mail rules. Support just repeats, over and over “I don’t make the rules” Whoever does is a crook.

I can’t even access my account- the stupid “security questions” are impossible. I finally guessed right one time and closed everything. The charges were obscene. They wanted $375 to close just one, Vanguard charges $7 for same thing.

Support was polite but almost useless, so different from Vanguard or Schwab- two other services I use. So called Sicurity prevents me from accessing my own money, I suspect crooks would have no problem.


8 hours later and issue not fixed.

Pnc put a hold on my card. I called in to get the hold off, they wanted to make sure it was me using it i understand that. They said the issue was fixed, it was not. I called in a second time and the guy said he cant even look at it for me. I messaged in and they said it was fixed, it was not. I called again and was hung up on when i was on hold. I called back and spoke with a “manager” who said the issue was with Paypal. So i called them only for the nice lady to tell me that it was Pnc who could not transfer the money. So she stayed on the phone with me while i called pnc and spoke to a “manager”, who said the issue was fixed. I tryed again to transfer the money and no luck. I called paypal back who is now on the phone with Pnc for me to understand what the issue is. Its been an hour now. I cant use my card to get lunch. I have been with Pnc for 5 Years. As soon as they are open tomorrow I am going in getting all my money and closing the account. Thank you Paypal for trying to fix the issue.


Easy and organized

Virtual wallet is great for young savers and established employers alike. Easy to organize and transfer funds, both within your account and among other banks. Calendar features allows for a visual representation of spending. And customer service was fantastic when I called. I was locked out of my account, and they weren’t able to resolve it on the phone but she so helpful and nice.


Worst bank

So their overdraft protection to “avoid” overdraft fees actually charges you a 10$ process what a joke. And if backed by a cc and you have available credit you can still be charged an overdraft fee if the tiny “cash” amount is depleted. And if you are negative for 1 or more days you get a 7$ overdraft fee for not having $ in the account. They will never turn down a purchase even if you are already in the negative because they can charge you 36 more dollars and then a 7 dollar fee. What a fucking joke.


Sincerely your now broke/robbed college student

I first liked this bank because it was manageable with 3 different accounts to have money in. As a teen, this is extremely useful when it comes to saving for college, managing my job and a little spending money. Now I am in college and my funds are always limited because I don’t work anymore and I have to pay for school here and there. Tell me why I got an email for overdraft fees 4 FREAKING DAYS LATER AFTER ALL OF THE MONEY IS DRAINED FROM MY ACCOUNT. I don’t live near a pnc bank; where I live would not even make sense to have a car because it’s nothing but the city! So I was in class when I read the email, after class, I called the bank and they said that they couldn’t help me over the phone so they transferred me to a new customer service guy. I explained to him my situation and how no pnc bank was near me and that I just wanted to cancel my card before it reaches FREAKING -200 DOLLARS (its only 30 bucks away from it) and all he said was that I needed to go to the bank in person. yeah duh. no sht, I already explained that I couldnt. This is a freaking Wednesday by the way; what college student you know has time to walk 30 minutes OUT OF FREAKING TOWN TO GO TO A BANK. I DON’T HAVE MONEY FOR UBER OBVIOUSLY. I DON’T EVEN HAVE ENOUGH SPACE ON MY OLD PHONE TO DOWNLOAD THE FREAKING APP. Basically, he tried to teach me how to be a millennial and google pnc locations like I didn’t already do that. I was so mad that I just had to get off the phone. He didn’t even give me tips on what to do in the meantime while someone was out there with my freaking information. WHAT MAKES IT WORSE, IS THAT NO ONE CALLED TO ASK WHY I WAS MOVING ALMOST 400 DOLLARS OUT OF MY GROWTH ACCOUNT FOR FREAKING CAR PARTS. WHEN TF HAVE YOU EVER EVEN SEEN ME PAY FOR FCKING GAS?! I DON’T HAVE A CAR; I DON’T EVEN HAVE A LICENSE BUT YOU KNOW, LET ME JUST PART FOR A F*CKING CAR PART REAL QUICK (sarcasm). What a trash bank. 0/10 never again. Monitor your account EVERYDAY because these people sure as hell don’t protect you from actual theft (but they will tell you if you’re trying to deposit a freaking hard earned check that they think its fake). way to go.


Horrible Bank won’t cash your employee check till next business day

Bank is the worst ever in customer care and fees , make you wait a day before your employee funds are available how obscure smh sorry I ever waisted my time with this bank


Moving banks soon

Their fees are the worst!! I’ve lost over $300 in the past 3 months because there “app” is not in real time. I am a full time student and I work part time. I don’t always have the time to take out my laptop and check my account online…that’s what the app should be for. They will not refund any overdraft fees. I am signed up for overdraft protection, but that doesn’t seem to help anything. I will be moving to another bank.


Bad costumer service

I went to the PNC branch located in Tucker GA, and I have to wait 30 minutes for somebody to endorse my check because exceed the cashier limit what is $3500.00 finally I LEAVED AND PASS FOR ANOTHER PNC BRANCH TAKE 3 MINUTES TO CASHIED MY CHECK


Stay away

Opened a PNC checking account right after getting my first paycheck. Ever since then, it has been nothing short of technological nightmare. The entire premise of virtual wallet is mobile/technology based banking. PNC utterly and completely fails at delivering a reliable mobile app and online website. The mobile app NEVER works, despite having the most up to date phones and software. The website is even worse, and does not allow you to instantly transfer money to other checking accounts outside of PNC bank. PNC will also charge you for any time you deposit a check with a person, rather than using your phone or atm. And to top it all off, depositing a check by using the mobile app NEVER WORKS.


Banking shows error and no customer service to answer emergency calls outside of their "normal business hours"

My bank accounts all show zero balance, clearly there is something wrong with their system but as a bank that I daily use and depend on? This is very poor customer experience and I cannot depend on them to provide me quick quality service. To make things worse, they won’t even answer my calls for emergencies outside of their “standard business hours”