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PNC Stole my income tax refund

PNC stole my income tax refund and the government had to go after them to get it back. They also charge NFS fees on positive balances and charge 150% more on merchant accounts. STAY AWAY IF YOU WORK HARD FOR YOU MONEY


Worst Bank Ever

I have been a struggling student for a while, and recently got a good-paying job. Nonetheless, PNC constantly charges me inexplicable fees all the time and for no reason. I don’t have the time to sit on the phone every day to complain about them and get them removed, but if I don’t, they just keep charging me. I even signed up for daily alerts of my account status hoping that would help but it is completely inaccurate, misleading, and unhelpful in every sense. I’ll go to sleep with hundreds of dollars in my checking account and by the time I wake up, I have hundreds in overdraft fees bogging me down! I can’t wait to switch banks! Their customer service team are cold, unforgiving, unsympathetic people that would rather get you off the phone than help you resolve your issue. Their branch managers are just as bad. I feel completely alienated and ostracized. I honestly hate this bank.



I opened a savings and smart access account with PNC 3 months ago. It took them 3 weeks to send my card in the mail which it was supposed to be 7 business days. I had to call several times to figure out where my card was because I couldn’t pay my bills or get money without having to go directly to the bank. Then they charged me for a replacement card which put my account in the negatives, I had to call to have them remove that fee! Then my direct deposit did not go through for whatever reason and they couldn’t tell me where my money was. so I had no money or access to money for 3 weeks and the entire time it was extremely difficult to get someone to help! The so called smart access account apparently is so complicated that they have entirely different department for it that even the bank teller has to call to get any information about the account! Worst of all today all my money was STOLEN from my account by God knows who. My transactions showed multi charges from multi states within minutes of each other. No flag was placed on the card for these obvious fraud transactions! The bank allowed these transactions until ALL MY MONEY WAS GONE from the account! I called them to cancel my card and try to get my money back. They said they couldn’t do anything about the transactions because they were still pending! So i have to wait til the transactions are approved and they scam artists get the money before these idiots can make a claim, then i have to wait 10 business days for that claim to go through! This is the very worst bank, stay far away from them! After I get my money back I will be closing ALL accounts!


The new virtual wallet app is awful!

The new virtual wallet app is awful! The new set up is just terrible and so poorly designed. I do not like it at all.


Worst experience

Payroll checks take days to clear. I will be closing my account with PNC immediately. Staffed with the most unhelpful group of individuals that cant do squat to assist you. Seriously, stay FAR FAR AWAY from PNC.


Worst Bank Ever!

Worst bank ever. They cannot keep track of accounts, payments or account closures. Lost all of my home equity and their response was “get a lawyer”. An identity thieves paradise.


Go there last if you go there at all!

Let me tell you, do not use PNC Bank to get a HELOC. The outfit in McLean, VA does a total ‘Bait and Switch’ operation. They pull you in with a low rate and then after they’ve done everything, all the paperwork, credit reports, etc., they change programs on you! We had TONS of equity. We had an EXCELLENT credit rating. The ‘suit’ behind the desk told me that he has never missed an achievers trip and that he was the ‘best’ at PNC. He tried to get us to take out a whole new mortgage even though we had already paid off more than 7/8 of our house, and only needed some CASH to finance our child’s college education. When we shot that down and chose a modest HELOC instead, he changed the whole perimeters. We had discussed ALL options beforehand and I have all the emails. It was outrageous. We didn’t even write him back when we got his offer. We went back to our current bank and they honored everything they told us verbally, even after all the background paperwork was completed. It was a complete joy compared to the horrendous experience with PNC bank. This loan officer is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is not who PNC should be touting as their “best” loan officer. If they really knew how he was jeopardizing the financial lives of their potential clients, all to line his own pockets, would they really still be rewarding him? Maybe it’s their culture? I hope not. I hope he gets the boot soon. This should have been a hidden camera investigation. Take it from me, don’t be allured by the gorgeously decorated bank (Think Gringots), or the over-abundant customer service (three suits asking who you’re here to see), just skip PNC all together. I’m sure they have a refrigerator upstairs with bottles of champagne in them and they toast to each new idiot they close because people didn’t do their homework. Go there last if you go there at all.


Worst bank i wouldn’t recommend it my worst enemy!!!

The bank makes you pay for there mistakes, their mobile app is trash basically and they over charge your account everyweek…i have been a customer for 6 months it’s basically the worst experience I had wit a bank


nothing to complain. Great bank, fantastic online presence

very flexible bank with great online presence. App is very easy to use and very customer friendly.


Joint Checking stinks

If my husband and I log in under different user names, then we each pay a bill, we can’t see what the other person is doing! I can’t even modify a payment that he made.
Not good


Don’t use this Company

They charge 7$ per month if you ever drop below 500$ on the account balance. I dropped below 500$ for 5 days, and they still charged me the fee. They tend to nickel and dime with little fees here and there that add up over time. I set this account up several years ago, and I would never consider using this bank again. My plan is to close this account as soon possible


this bank is crap and the employees are rude and without education

this bank is crap and the employees are rude and without education


No loyalty at all.

Been with them 8 years now and can not even get looked at for a card. Heck I even considered a remortgage with them.


Free to Not Free

They had a really good program for virtual banking - Zero human interaction with zero cost to you!!

Lasted a few years then they updated their program to charge you a fee regardless of interaction…

This is silly as the purpose of the program was to be free for NOT using their personnel …

The application and website were really easy to navigate and had good setup… Unfortunately fees are still fees…


Not permitted to retrieve MY money

On November 18th 2017 I went into the PNC on Colerain Avenue in Cincinnati Ohio. I went to withdraw $8000. The teller asked me what I would be spending my money on. I told her that was none of her business it was my money. She proceeded to tell me that the manager would be asking me the same question. I told her the to let the manager know that it’s my money I could spend it on what I want. The teller told me the reason she asked that was because older people are getting scammed and she wanted to make sure I would not be scammed. I am not even in my forties and people mistake me for 29. I explained to her that I was not that old and she agreed and said it was just for my safety. After 10 minutes of her speaking to the manager, I did begin to record what was happening. The manager came out and told me the reason I was asked the question about what I was spending my money on was because they needed to know if I wanted a cashier’s check or cash. Again none of that made sense and I told her To just give me my money that I worked for and saved. The manager apologized and after 22 minutes I was finally able to receive my money. As soon as all of my transactions are complete I plan to find another bank. I did call corporate office because that was the most ridiculous thing I have ever been through. On a side note every time I go into the bank they asked me for my bank card if I want to withdraw money. I don’t know if this is common practice but I thought it was until now. I am wondering if it is just me?


choose any bank but PNC

Absolutely horrible customer service.
Rude tellers.
Exorbitant fees.
I will bury my money in a coffee can in my back yard before I will give it to PNC Bank


One of the worst

Incompetent people.



Everyone at the northside branch in muskegon michigan are slow. line always long they act like your a burden to them want you to use atm always talking about how much work load they keep getting from HQ overall attitude the bank is useless…





awful customer service

Business cards - if you wish to dispute a transaction, or in fact do anything which requires speaking with an actual person - requires one to wait on the phone for a very long time. One cannot use the chat function to deal with business cards. Nor is there an email address available. Hence, one must wait, sometimes for 30 minutes or longer - and only during the hours the lines are available to be answered.

I also tried to close a business checking account. Closing the account took 2.5 hours at the bank, simply because the bank could not figure out a record from 7 years prior, which was nothing more than some sort of a mistake on their part.