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Stay away from PNC

This bank should be avoided at all costs. My mother-in law had her identity stolen at this bank. Checks were being written on her account. The tragedy here is that while my sister-in law was at the bank to clear this up the woman writing these checks appeared at the bank. She was way laid and arrested but the bank refused to even concede that it was their fault and she had to go through a lot of trouble to get her account restored. The arresting officer told us that he is at the bank several times a week to deal with the same problem even though the bank said that it never had this problem. The bank manager reluctantly gave her money bank but told her to close her account and find a new bank. I am also sure that the only way that this could have happened was because it was an inside job with someone at the bank giving out her information. She is a 101 year old woman who doesn’t write many checks. Stay away from this bank! Go to a credit union.



This Bank is nothing but a coward, nothing but lies and lies. They charge an overdrawn fees when we have $5.00-$25.00 when there’s still a “pending” transaction. Which gives me enough time to make a deposit, before the next day, but they went ahead and charged me an overdraft. After printing out a hard copy of my statement, I saw that they’ve been doing this multiple times to me.



Fine if you want to go to a branch, but if you’re in the 21st century and bank online the WORST. Only has phone service – not online chat or email – and automated system is dysfunctional. Website lacks proper functionality and ability to problem-solve. Once you reach a “consultant” after LONG hold times, he/she will be pleasant, apologetic and completely untrained (read: no help at all.) Credit card services even worse than bank division. Will soon be switching banks and not use PNC plastic.


Best Bank 10/10

This is quite obviously the best bank you can buy. It good with ur money and speccial services excel!

Best server ever experienced by me and I will stay wit this bank forever!

IGN rating: 11/10, would bank again.


Sry, very poor customer service

I regret banking with PNC. Their website, auto Er service, and policies are absolutely terrible.


Worst bank

I am a current customer at PNC, but I will be leaving very shortly. This bank has ridiculously high fees and on top of that, charge a daily fee if your account is negative from the first day your account is withdrawn. No help from customer service what so ever. Oh but if you have a lot of money in your account, they will not stop hounding you to utlize more of their products.


Customer service nightmare

So if you want to close an account i suggest you start doing it a month in advance, i moved out of state and have been trying to close my account for 2 weeks. I finally got it to where it could be closed and they asked for my new address to send me the $2 left in my account and when they got my new address they said i had to wait 3 more business days. Now I’ve called over 5 times already and they knew i had moved out of state so if it takes 3 business days to close my account after a address change then why couldn’t they have told me that in the previous weeks so i wouldn’t be waiting AGAIN! Pending charges also don’t show sometimes online and whe you call in so that can be annoying too when trying to keep track of monies. Also if someone has your account # & routing # you can’t have your account suspended, they wait until something happens and then take action. How on earth does this even make sense! I can’t wait for this nightmare to be over and i can go back to Wells Fargo! A real bank!



Worst Bank with unclear information in black and white. I was with them for seven years and left do to unfair charges


if i could rate them 0 i would!!!

Their app is horrendous! Always down! Their ATM rejects checks and then the customer service and teller are not only rude, but slow, do not know courtesy and look like they dont want to be there doing their job!! as a customer i have to pay for their incompetence. Managers are soooo arrogant, they do not want to help or work with customers!!! WORST Bank ever!!!


Left hand never knows what right hand is doing. I’ve gotten so much false info and mistakes over the last 5 yrs. Have taken all of my banking needs to First Financial! Super nice people a d Knowledgeable

They could not even give the correct payoff balance for the closing. Came back after, wanting more money!


Worst banking

I have been a customer since I was 16 years old. Pnc has only gotten worse over the years. Customer service is poor and every time I call I get some bitchy rep who have no interest in actually helping me.

This bank will do anything to charge you a 36 restocking fee. I would see my pending transactions and make sure I had enough funds and they would still charge me the damn fee some how. Recently I had a 3 dollar atm fee with no actual money taken out, and pnc couldn’t wave a fee that I wasn’t responsible for, so I decided to take my banking elsewhere

Never again pnc

From a customer who just got a loan with usaa for her car and home instead of pnc due to a 3 dollar fee. The rep had no idea I was calling to open up a loan and lost a customer over 3 dollars.

Took usaa 3 minutes to open up a checking account for me !

Bye pnc



Checking is OK. Maintenance fees, poor savings rates–I would rather work with Ally or Discover


won’t honor bonuses

just don’t open an account with them


very disappointed

Very high fee and low customer service


Used to be awesome. Used to be free.

They have changed there accounts to add fees several times while I have been with them. This cost me money and forced me to setup new accounts for my needs. They have had a downward trend in service over the last few years. They also have poor rates.
There is little reason to consider this bank. We are currently looking for a new bank.


PNC Corporate Manager

Spoke with a PNC Corporate manager on the phone today who was very unprofessional and tried to use her title to belittle and insult me over the phone. Will be going to another financial institution because of this.


UNhelpful loans

I have been banking with this institution since I moved to the state of KY in 2013. So far, I have been relatively happy with the personal banking. I was extremely unhappy when I tried to get a student loan. They apparently do not meet with you in person in the bank to give loans. I had to go to a website. They wanted a letter of unencumberance from my investment company. My financial advisor told me that my investment company would not be able to do that. PNC was insistent that they have the letter. I called my investment company, they said they have never encountered anything like this and did not have any such letter. Called back to PNC, the lady that I spoke to on the phone at this point was slightly irritated by my call. She also would not do anything to help me. I am so disgusted by the whole process that I am considering changing banks even though I am not unhappy with my personal bank only unhappy with their loan department and the way that I was treated. I would not have been as upset if I had been turned down because of bad credit etc…but only because my investment company could not supply the letter that they are demanding.


Not enough people working.

Just waited 40 minutes to make a deposit to only have the second teller close her window. So I left. This is horrible. The location is at Lake Worth Road and Jog Road.



I have been a customer for years. We have our main account for our family and personal accounts for fun. several years ago they started charging us for the accounts set up as free checking accounts. They are no longer free. So they changed us to free VW account. Problem solved right? NO. Now they started charging us for this free account. These changes in their policy are squeezing us for our money and offering poor rates in return. My money will go elsewhere!


Find another bank

Horrible customer service, employees don’t know what they are talking about.cancelled my card bc of fraud and said they had ordered me a new card and it was on its way.after two weeks I called and they said it had never been ordered…if you call the 800 number good luck…bunch of idiots!!! Go somewhere else