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Better than Wells Fargo

I recently left Wells Fargo due to their scandalous behavior and opted to reapply for a bank account with PNC and I am glad I did the fee of 7.00 is fair, minimum balance requirements are easy to maintain, and as for interest and overdraft fees I hate to say this but all banks do this in regardless of the name or reputation so if you want a free account go with chime, chimpchange, or Mocafi


Worst Banking Experience

I have called their customer service multiple time due to their system error not allowing me to make transactions. They have not followed through with my requests.


Worst Bank Ever

I have never experienced such unprofessionalism with a company. Absolutely the worst bank I have ever been a member of.

Charges on my account that weren’t mine and the teller in the bank shrugs his shoulders. People work hard for their money and put trust in the bank they are a member of. PNC is not to be trusted and I would never refer anyone to open an account here.


Total incomptence.

If you bank at PNC, withdraw all of your money and run as fast as you can. They accidentally closed out my checking account and lost the money for the last 19 days. It would have been longer but I staged a 2½ hour “sit in” at the Plainfield branch and told then I wasn’t leaving the building without my money. A half hour after closing time and they finally came through.


biz credit is awful

The Bank is ok. however their biz credit card is terrible! i have had it for less then a year and going elsewhere. you cant pay your bill with the automated system. the online account is hard to work through…the whole user interaction is terrible.
Discover is excellent i would recommend staying away from pnc and using discover card…discover card is much more customer friendly with less problems


horrible experience

Horrible experience with this bank. I opened a checking. It had money in it just enough to cover the fees. I called the bank automated service it said I had -$2.65 cents. So I made a PAYPAL deposit Friday Jan 26, 2018 to the checking of $100. PAYPAL said the transfer went through. I called the bank Saturday it said balance was 0.00 cents. Then I called customer service who said the account was opened but couldnt tell me where the money was and what happened to it. Apparently this bank has only an answering service on a Saturday. On Monday I got an email that PAYPAL took the PNC card off my account. I got the $100 back in my paypal. I called the bank again and it seems like they close my account without even informing me. What good is a debit card I cant make deposits to or use or a bank that cant even tell me where my $100 is? I am glad I didn’t entrust them with more than a few dollars. You shouldnt trust them with your money either. Imagine if this was thousands or tens of thousands of dollars that you needed to close a deal? I would avoid this bank and use CHASE bank its way more stable and reliable and top notch service. Sorry PNC bank you failed the test at all levels I give you an F grading on customer service and even just basically informing customers


Terrible Customer Service

Poor communication and bad advice from the branch manager lead to a delinquent account I had co-signed on, but had no access to. Rather than contact me and work with me to remedy the situation they added $5000.00 in late fees and penalties then put negative entry on my credit history. Never again. Beware!


Worst bank ever!!!

Don’t bank here, terrible customer service, and they take your money!!! They deserve no stars!!!


Hold in my account

I had a lot of issues with pnc and I don’t recommend this bank at all, unprofessional lies slow they put my account in hold because I deposit a check and they told its need 5 business days, wow !!! , and while I need to wait for 5 business day I can’t do any transaction at all and that what the customer service told me twice and when I reach to the manager she told me your account is not in hold I called back again then they told me your account in hold, who I should believe and why should I stock with bank like that people making stories and she is saying I’m the manager, hah she’s the manager yes and she have the right to do anything in my account, that’s my money it’s not their money and they doing this to me



Had an account here since it was Ohio Citizens. Husband was upset about something. PNC banned us for him being upset. That isn’t what pissed me off. Now they are threatening to ruin my credit score (no late payment since I have had my mortgage with them) because they tried to draw money from my CLOSED account. Mind you this account was CLOSED by PNC. THEY closed it. I called to clear up the confusion and the MANAGER said that I had committed fraud. She threatened me and called me Irresponsible. She implied that I was incompetent. I feel uncomfortable seeking advice at the branch because the last time I was there the teller said “Thanks for being nice today” while the other staff laughed. I just got off the phone crying to my children, because I do not know what to do! I have made 3 Payments in 3 weeks on the Mortgage to make sure there are no issues during the transition to a new account. I feel so stuck, alone, and lost. I feel like no one can help me. Explain to me how that is the “Great Customer Service” some people on here have experienced. I am never going back again unless this MANAGER apologizes.


Do not get a loan from them

Trying to set up an online account for my loan was almost impossible.



I had an account checking for 2 mths switch everything over to them for direct deposit couldn’t log on called said they closed the account I was in shocked no notice nothing said they can close account anytime per there underwriting


Five Stars

I am pleased with this bank. I’ve never had a problem, a hold, an issue at all. I’ve never overdrawn, and earn 1% on my savings. Good bank for people who save and who don’t lose track of their finances and bounce checks/overdraw accounts. I’ve never done this once so I’ve never had a problem. I highly recommend this bank!



They have a cut off time of 5pm to make your online payment or else you pay a late fee; sorry, if I pay my payment on the day it is due, and I make that payment online, it should be accepted anytime on that entire day! It’s just a bs way to scam customers out of money! I’m a current customer, I won’t cancel my card cause it will affect my credit score, but I sure won’t use it again – too many other credit card companies who treat their customers so much better!


Virtual Wallet Not So Virtual

¬¬¬¬¬¬PNC Bank cannot compete with the technology of other major banks or even some smaller credit unions. I have their Virtual Wallet account and the only “virtual” aspect of it is that you can SEE account details, you can hardly DO anything with the app and must CALL customer service for many things. I’m not writing any computer programs, but I consider myself moderately tech saavy. Once you call customer service the reps walk you through MANY steps. For example, I could not figure out how to permanently cancel automatic payments, so I had to cancel the payment every single month. One month I forgot to cancel for 2 accounts and had 2 overdraft fees for $36. I have a credit card with PNC bank. I do not receive online statements or any indication when the bill is due. I went to the app, saw that it was due that day and transferred the money from my checking account to the credit card account. (This is the only way I know to pay the bill besides writing a check and mailing it). I received a late fee for $25 and two days later the transaction is still PENDING. I called the bank they told me that payments must be made before 5 PM and that I must set up ALERTS to receive notifications that my statement/bill is ready. It took about 5 clicks just to set up the alert. On top of that the representative was very condescending and told me that receiving PAPER statements would be better for me. HA even if that’s true I don’t recall STOPPING them. I’ve been a customer for about 8 years I’m DONE.


Bank that does not know banking

PNC bank has quickly developed a reputation for poor products, miserable customer service (you are better off to go to a foreign language restaurant and ordering food at random) and basically borderline crooks. I have a mortgage account with them and was interested in setting up a bi-weekly payment. No only does the depart no understand their own program they have Zero interest in helping the customer. They have no clue how their online system works. When you try to make payments through their online set up for external account transfers it will reject your payment stating the account is invalid (it works for every other transaction ) but PNC Bank feels the account is invalid. So now the options that are given to you is get your bank on a conference call with them or send them your account info on chase bank letter head (I thought a physical check payment serves the same purpose). This is not just a rant against PNC bank. I believe this is a disastrous situation waiting to get out hand. I wish I can just pay my lown off upright to get ridden of any association with PNC bank. If you have choice DO NOT look at their offers superficially. There is a serious issue with actual delivery of the product they are promising customers.






My fiancee and I are new PNC customers and I truly regret switching to them. Customer service is horrible. Anytime I’ve tried to call about an issue and get it changed over the phone the representative refuses and states I have to physically make that change online myself. The problem is when I go online to make those changes myself, the online banking system will not allow me to do it. I proceed to call customer service back and they then inform me that there is an “issue” with that feature of their online banking and their “IT Department” is aware of it.


forget about PNC in investments

amateurish assistance; failure to disclose extra fees; account earned pennies. do not, do not, use this service.


High fees, low rates, and terrible customer service

High fees, low rates, and terrible customer service