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Everything about the PNC vehicle loan payment website is horrible. Never used anything so sketchy and awful. Please don’t make the mistake I made.



Just yesterday while in line at PNC the disorganized and rude teller who was helping me had left paper at her station so that I could read another customers social security number and account number. It would be very easy to steal all their information considering all you need to access their banking through the phone is a social security number and account number. Told the teller she might want to cover it. She laughed. They then refused to serve me. I’m transferring my account over tomorrow. I don’t want my social security number getting stolen. Honestly shocked some people ranked this bank so high. However, I do have to say I always had a good interest rate. Never overdrew. But, I can no longer trust this bank. I even called the phone line about this, NO ONE I talked to cared. Sorry if your identity got stolen fellow customer


Worst service ever

Two different branches and the service representatives would rather hide then help. Closing the account and moving to a people centered bank. Ugh.


Awful Bank

This bank is terrible. Misleading online banking, then they want to charge you fees based on the incorrect information they presented. Horrible, unhelpful customer service. Soon to be a former customer.


Terrible banking experience

Have an auto loan through them, EVERYTHING has to done through the mail which delays things i need done for weeks. If you want to make a payment over the phone they charge you 10 bucks.


Do Not Bank here

Very unsatisfied with the way they handle dispute cases that had a stop payment history BEFORE hand and they still allowed the company to overdraft my account!
They denied my account to be credited even after I spoke to representatives on multiple occasions! And given a different story each time!
I even had a security call asking if I authorize this transaction and I specifically said NO and yet hours later the transaction still went through!
Very poor communication skills and not very helpful at all!
This was something that should have been avoided for my security yet I have to wait for my own money!
And now behind in other bills that I set up to be taken out of my account!
I do NOT recommend this bank!
Stay Away!


Employees NOT Informed on services

Employees at TWO branches assured us we could use deposit cards for our residents, and we would be able to see the last 4 digits on the card to identify deposits. So, based on that, we distributed these cards. THE INFORMATION WAS WRONG. You cannot identify who made the deposits, so now we have to UNDO all the information sent to residents, and go back to the old way of using deposit slips. I do NOT like jerking residents around like this. It is Unprofessional. And it has wasted a HUGE amount of my time trying to figure this mess out. You would think that employees would know what services the bank provides! Obviously better training is needed!!!


This band went downhill fast

I have had the absolute worst experience. It is taking a month to close my account. I initially called a branch to get a teller who told me they didn’t know answers instead of getting me to someone who could, so I called another branch where the employee who didn’t even look up my account told me that there is nothing Pnc can do for me and that I should go to members first and bank. That was February 7. It is now March 4 and I have been trying to close the account since. I finally got all my auto withdraws and money out of the account, I call yo close it and was told they can’t close it due to a pending transaction (my ending balance withdraw) and I needed to call back. I call back today and was told that it will take 3 days to close my account which means another 2 fees will hit my account. Pnc has the worst customer service reps on the 800 numbers and the most unknowledgeable and rude employees in the branches. Not to mention noone told me the account I had for only 1 year because they switched me to it last year for a free account (after 10years of banking w them) was no longer available and it will now be a fee’d account. These big banks are no longer good for the regular working class. They are greedy and are just trying to make money off of the people who are working hard and living week to week


Very difficult to work with

After using a PNC credit card without incident for 15 years, I lost my card and had to replace it. It’s virtually impossible to get through their automated-response system without a PIN number, which I did not have with my credit card.

After I ordered a new card, I tried to log into their website and was required to go through a new account setup procedure – which refused to accept the email address I’ve used for 15 years.

When I eventually reached a phone representative to seek assistance with the website, I was told that their system will not accept my private-server email domain, and that I would have to use a standard email address, such as Gmail, instead.

So I need to either get a new email address or a new bank. Easiest choice I’ve made all day.


Search for a reputable bank

Highly-recommend you save yourself time and the headache(s) of banking here. Talented personnel either transfer out (or resign?)’. And it starts from the top. Maybe time for new management.


Love it for students

PNC is a great bank for students. They have a variety of options and allow for easy management of money for people who are just getting started out with an account.


Rude customer service

People are mean and rude
Changing bank because of poor and rudely customer service


good for checking

I’ve used PNC for at least 7 years now. I have a Virtual Wallet account setup; includes Checking, Reserve(short-term savings), and Growth account, and PNC points credit card. The phone app and online banking make transferring and managing money between accounts and cards fast and easy, and ATM and branches are plentiful where I am; so I am happy with my checking account. The savings account has a low APY, even after you reach the second tier rate (0.1%) for having maintained a certain balance; there’s definitely better options out there than that. The PNC points credit card offer 4 points per dollar on all purchases, which sounded great until I became a member and saw that the points are much lower in value than other cards offer (20,000 points (or $5000 in purchases) gets a $25 gift card?) and there is no introductory bonus or anything. I now primarily use just my checking account, have opened a savings account with another institution, and am shopping for a new credit card.


Completely worthless

I moved out of state and I closed my account. Or at least I thought I did. Tried calling them back to get information for my taxes and I’m locked out of my own account. Nothing anybody can do for me unless I can remember the exact amount of my last few transactions. This bank sucks. Go somewhere else.


Location & Relationship

I see a lot of negative reviews here about excessive fees but I don’t see the problem. Their requirements for Direct Deposit are fairly low and waive the monthly service fee. OD fees are everywhere you go and you shouldn’t be spending more than you have anyway?

Additionally, the mobile apps is easy to use to keep track of everything. Their ‘Relationship Rate’ on Money Market accounts are top notch for brick and mortar banks (they rarely use promo rates either so it doesn’t go away).

Ultimately, you get the maximum value with this bank if you go all in. All their services overlap to help you avoid fees and maximize interest rates.

The ideal situation imo (and the one I currently use) is to pair a Virtual Wallet account with a linked Credit Card. I have incurred zero fees and I get .80% on my savings. Plus their CC rewards are tight imo.


Business Account Review

I run a small business. When I joined PNC, they rolled out the red carpet. I even opened a personal account, which was to be free per my business account. When I realized they were charging me for my personal account, I had to contact multiple people to even be acknowledged as a business account owner to get these months of fee charges reversed. When I had a business question/issue I had to make an appointment with a “specialist” as they do not cross train there employees.
Basically, if you run a business and bank with PNC, be prepared for hidden fees and you will be banking on their time!
Also, when I canceled my accounts and moved to a credit union, they contacted my merchant gateway provider and told them not to do business with us anymore.
For the record, never had any issues with our gateway provider prior nor financially with PNC.
So, they’re petty too.


satisfied customer

Having moved from the So Cal to the east coast, I got a perk from PNC people while at work. Their bank staff have been very nice and answered all my questions. I once did something very stupid having withdrawn money from my account at an ATM but forgetting to take the money. Instead I thought I had lost it. A friend told me to call the branch which I did. My money was returned to my account that day and it was verified in a week. Unlike other reviewers, the staff at the bank always are able to answer my questions. I have had issues with online banking but they have been very kind to help me sort things out. They make me feel like a valued customer.


Customer Service is non-existent

PNC misapplied my last payment. I have called their customer service number numerous times to discuss the issue but finally give up after listening to hold music and messages for for over 30 minutes. No way to contact them by email either. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced form a bank.


Great service at a big bank

I moved my business accounts to PNC after a failure with the original bank I was using. Service at most branches is more personal, without the customary teller windows and lines. Accounts, cards, etc all pretty much on par with other competitors. After almost a year with them I’m still pleased with the service and haven’t really missed the previous bank.


Rude employees

Terrible customer service experience on several occasions