Pre-qualified, pre-selected or pre-approved credit cards

Pre-qualified, pre-selected or pre-approved credit cards
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For the past 3 years I have gotten many credits cards( 15 +) that I have applied on my own. However, since I belong to several credit monitoring sites such as Credit Karma, Nerdwallet, Wallet Hub, Credit wise, etc, etc, I am always being offered pre-selected, pre-approved or pre-qualified offers to apply for credit cards based on my excellent credit profile I have with all these sites.

However, FYI every single time I have accepted these offers within the last 3 years and applied for any given credit card that I was told I would have “Excellent approval odds”, or “very good approval odds” over the past 3 years, not once have I been approved for a single credit card under these offers. Not a single one.

I have a Fico score of 800, Experian score of 850, Transunion score of 789 and owe less than 1% of my available credit lines(over $200,000) since I always pay my bills in full. I also make over $300 K per year .

However when I have applied on my own for many of these same credit card offers, I have gotten approved instantly. So the moral of the story for me at least is that if I am offered any pre-selected, pre-approved or pre-qualified credit card offers, I know not to even try as I know I will automatically not get approved. Go figure!!


Hi, @Ravelo344236, and thanks for posting!

I’ve been turned down a couple of times as well–it’s so irritating. Sometimes when your scores are high, etc., you can appeal the decision and get the card you want, unless you run into something like the Chase 5/24 rule.

But I mostly use articles and reviews to decide which cards to get, and ignore the pitches.