How did my preventive pap turn into $900 bill?

How did my preventive pap turn into $900 bill?
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I’m 32 and a federal employee.
I was charged over $900 for a well woman exam. Haven’t had an abnormal pap in years, so how is it that a free service turned into $900? Are doctors THAT upset at the new law, that they are all using non-preventive codes? I ask tons of questions and tell office in advance that I don’t want anything that my insurance won’t cover. I feel swindled. What do I do about this bill? And should I continue seeing this doctor?


Sorry to hear about your frustration over something that should be simple. My wife had a similar situation recently, though the cause is probably different. She is not a federal employee and we do have a cost for this annual checkup. This year it was at least three times the normal amount. After following up with the doctor’s office and the lab company, the bill was reduced to the normal amount. The problem stemmed from several “admin” issues that resulted in an error.
My advise is follow up with the doctor’s office and ask for an explanation. Remind them of your original instructions. We are in a time of tremendous change in health insurance and billing practices, so be prepared to be very vigilant when accessing the healthcare system. Of course, that advice applies to everything financial.
Good luck!


That’s a really good question! How did that happen?
I would reach out to the doctor to find out why it was not coded that way.
I love how you say you ask tons of questions and tell office in advance that you don’t want anything that your insurance won’t cover. You should be commended for that!
You will also want to write that on the financial agreement that medical providers have you sign. Just put it in parenthesis below your name.
Best of luck!


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