Purchases aren't showing up

Purchases aren't showing up
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Why am I not seeing my recent purchases?


I’m sorry you’re not seeing some of your transactions in our tool. I’m happy to offer some guidance and help get this figured out!

First, I want to note that pending transactions might not show up until they are posted with the merchant. A pending transaction isn’t considered completed until it is finalized with the merchant’s bank. This usually happens within a couple of days, but may take longer. To check if the transaction is posted, you’ll want to log into your financial institution’s account and review your recent transactions.

Our tool updates nightly, so some transactions that post during the day will not show up until the following day.

If the transaction is posted and it isn’t new, then I would suggest re-connecting the bank account to our tool.

If the posted transactions are still not showing up after taking the above steps, shoot an email to support@nerdwallet.com with as much information as possible (i.e. screenshot) so that we can look into this further!