QOTW: How do you use your credit card rewards?

QOTW: How do you use your credit card rewards?
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Credit card companies offer plenty of ways to cash in on the rewards you earn :credit_card: The way you choose to use them depends on personal preference, whether they can expire :alarm_clock: and how important it is that you get the best value.

Do you stockpile your points or miles to save up for a big trip? :lock:

Redeem them for statement credits as soon as you earn them? :arrows_counterclockwise:

Spend them on gift cards, merchandise, or cash back? :moneybag:

:money_with_wings: How do you spend your credit card points or miles? :money_with_wings:



All of the above! I use my Venture One card to wipe out (or offset) travel purchases as we incur them. We’re stockpiling Chase Ultimate Rewards to upgrade to business class on an international flight next year. We have a couple of other cards that don’t get a lot of use, because the rewards aren’t as good, but I cash them out once a year or so for gift cards for teachers, etc.


My husband and I do our best to max out our β€œChase trifecta”. Between our Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom Unlimited and Chase Sapphire Reserve, we transfer all of our rewards from those cards to the Sapphire Reserve to use for travel. As a family of four, we’ll take whatever savings we can get on flights and hotels!

We also have a Blue Cash Preferred which we use on groceries and gas and take the cash-back as a statement credit.