Reserve vs. AmEx Gold?

Reserve vs. AmEx Gold?
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Has anyone compared the Chase Sapphire Reserve to AmEx Gold? Or do you have both and what do you think of it?

I have the Reserve, wondering if I should get the Gold too.


Of course I would have both - I’m so glad you asked!

I feel like they are two cards for two separate occasions. I use my Gold card at Restaurants and Supermarkets, and I use my Reserve card for travel. The Gold offers 4X on Dining and Groceries, while the Reserve offers 3X and great travel insurance benefits on all travel purchases (not to mention the $300 annual travel credit).

In my opinion, having both cards only works if you plan on transferring all your points to a program that overlaps between the two for mainly international trips (and occasional domestic trips using one of the foreign rewards programs). But if you favor one domestic program over another (United/Southwest vs. Delta), then the card may not work 100% in your benefit. I haven’t decided which program I want to focus on yet (Delta or American), so I’m not sure which card I’m going to focus on this year.


This is super helpful Joe! I am leaning toward getting it now…

Anyone else on here, please weigh in!


Like @jcortez mentioned, the two cards are really for different use cases. The Gold is really useful if you eat out a fair amount and visit the supermarket often.

I picked up the Gold card because I feel like I should get extra points if I buy extra broccoli and it makes me feel a little less guilty about eating out. Also, I’m invested in the AmEx system with the Platinum, and I feel like they have a big range of airline transfer partners.

I think you can max. out the sign-up bonus on the Gold via CardMatch to 50,000 points.


I like the flexibility of having points in both rewards programs…and of course Amex’s customer service is pretty awesome.