Score Difference and New Account

Score Difference and New Account
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I got an email saying I had a new account and to click a link to verify it. Instead of bringing me to something to verify, it brought me to a screen showing my score to be 822. But I couldn’t find the new account. So I went back and clicked the link again. This time it said my score was 796, but still nothing about a new account. Why is Nerd Wallet so hard to use? Is it actually worth the bother?

Credit Score Discrepancy With Nerdwallet

Hi Larry,

That does sound frustrating! We send a notification when new accounts have been added to your report, but we don’t highlight those items on your report. Our system can tell there are new things, but we can’t see your report, so we can’t say for sure what the new items are.

Have you applied for a new credit card or loan in the last three months? It can take a while for new accounts to appear on your credit report, so let’s check and make sure everything looks correct to you.

To start, sign in here. When you log in, click Your Credit Score to open your credit report.

Scroll about halfway down to the Your Accounts section and review for any new accounts that have been added. Make sure you look carefully at everything!

The variation in your credit score is super unusual however. We’d like to investigate that more closely. Can you shoot the Member Services team an email at so we can investigate?