I am navigating $350,000 of medical bills and $20,000 of student loan debt. What should I do?


They have long gone to collections. Former orphan, no family support, suffered an 8-yr break up which led to being homeless for 2-yrs, depression, diagnosed with lupus Nov 2010, BA in theater Aug 2009, worked nonprofits & under-the-table at $200/wk for 60-80hrs, lupus nephritis (destructive inflammation in kidneys) May 2013, applied for disability Dec 2011 & denied consistently because of young age (1987) & lack of “work credits” for Social Security, no insurance before “ObamaCare”, unemployed since Feb 2012. Currently on dialysis 3x/week from kidney failure, with a supportive partner & his family, in an apt. Finally able to address all my bills & get my credit in order, but confused at where to begin. I could definitely use professional advice. I am so far down the hole. Bless you.


Hello there, I am so sorry to hear of your medical problems and recent history. I wish you the best in the future.

 I would strongly advice meeting with a certified credit counselor at a non-profit organization located near you. You can visit www.nfcc.org in order to do so. If the location is too far, most organizations will offer a phone consultation. They will be able to lay out all of your options and give you their best advice.

Good luck!

Robby Dunn
Certified Credit Counselor


You should consult a bankruptcy attorney.  Period. End of Story.


When it rains it pours and you are soaked from way too much rain on you! It pains me when I hear of tales like yours. The issues you are facing requires professional help and are not well suited to help on the internet. I would contact a bankruptcy attorney in your area. In your situation, there is virtually no way that you could ever pay those bills. 

Best to you!


I am sorry that you have had all these things happen to you. Glad to hear that the Affordable Care Act provided you with current coverage.
Three things I’d like to share for you: Statute of limitations for your state, charity care applications (even retrospectively) and submitting a consumer statement to the credit bureaus.
Before you contact the collection agencies directly check the statue of limitations for your state here. Scroll down to the links for When Is An Old Debt Too Old? http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0117-time-barred-debts . Were you offered the opportunity to apply for charity care when you incurred the initial medical bills? I bring this up as a major health care organization in the Puget Sound/Seattle area recently lost a class action suit over this issue. After a client of mine became aware of and part of the lawsuit, they were awarded a 90% reduction in their debts. We don’t know your location, so cannot be more specific about what could be available. If you wish to place a consumer statement on your credit report to address some of these issues, please visit this http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0058-credit-repair-how-help-yourself site in order to see how to do it.
Good luck with this process and your health.


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