Shouldn't my 401k have an account number?

Shouldn't my 401k have an account number?
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My 401k is managed by BB&T, and recently I needed to put the last four digits of my account number on a form. I looked everywhere for one and couldn’t find it, so I finally called them and they said the account doesn’t have one and to “just use your social security number.” I’m already vastly underwhelmed by their lack of security procedures, but it makes me very uneasy that I don’t have an actual account number.

Anyone else think this is a problem, or is this SOP?


That IS a little odd, @theneatener. And it irritates me when companies use SSNs as identifiers (although so many do). That wasn’t what those numbers were intended for.

If you feel your account provider’s security is lacking, that’s definitely something to bring up with your employer. You might also ask your HR department to find out if the provider has insurance in place to cover these accounts if they get hacked. (The big providers all have it, and insurers typically require them to implement decent security to get it.) This will do two things: it will let your employer know you care about security, and it will alert your company there might be a potential problem they hadn’t considered.

Hope that helps.


Thanks! I’ll do that.