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Simple like their name. Great and simple

Their app is really easy to you. Their customer service is responsive and quick.



I had a Simple card and got paid $25 from an online venture. I realized I had lost my card so I ordered another one; was told it would arrive the following Tuesday. Then all the sudden I get an email saying my account was closed. The message told me it was because I didn’t “meet the requirements of the account agreement”. I then reviewed the account agreement and didn’t see anything I did wrong so I called and the lady could not tell me why. I asked to speak to a supervisor so I was put on hold for about 5 minutes then the same lady came back and said they told her there was nothing they could tell me and that she was going to end the call, and hung up. This is the worst debit card/bank ever. Do not join them


Warning. They are the worst.

I deposited a check for 2000.00 which cleared key bank. We have the emails from key bank with the photo of the check going through the account and the money going to simple. So I had that money in my account and started using it four days. Yes, four days after it had cleared the issuing bank. They have but a hold on my account. Will not tell me why and when I called them they said, I wasn’t eligible to use their on phone customer service. I was hung up on three different times. I even asked to speak with a supervisor they wouldn’t even let me do that.
I had key bank email me all the info that the check had cleared. So I sent that to them. I have spent most of my day today trying to get my money sent to me and close my account. I will not do business with a company that treats their customers so disrespectfully. My company is a non profit and we rescue child and women from sex and human trafficking. We are closing all our account that all our employees have as well as the orphanages we own. They have no right or reason to be doing this. They have been giving the money. I have turned to our corporate attorneys to know handle it.
I do not want anyone else to ever go through this nightmare. Please do not use them unless you want major headaches. All I want not is our account closed and they won’t even communicate to do that.


Perfect for no-frills debit…

I wanted a straight debit card account similar to Green Dot but without the fees, and that’s Simple. No fees. Friendly customer service. Simple reps and the interface seem to reflect a true desire to serve and to provide bank service that works. I feel welcome and wanted and respected. Too often, debit card services act as if I’m doing them a favor by letting them handle my money. The reps (at some other services) are uninformed and they don’t show enthusiasm for their product. Simple is a better experience. However, Simple is NOT a full-service bank. You can’t write a check or make a deposit at a branch or local ATM in the same way that you can with most major banks. Similarly, while Simple will handle money transfers and payments like a bank, the Simple system is clearly focused more on card transactions because that is how Simple earns money, via processing fees paid by vendors. Judging Simple against full-service banks, it comes up short. If you want a full bank, try something like Wells Fargo. But judging against debit-card services, Simple is a champ and far superior to competitors like Green Dot. For this reason, I recommend it.


Not too bad

I use it as a second checking, one to just have some extra spending cash in a different bank account. Almost use it like an allowance. Overall the website and app are awesome, the whole no depositing cash is not so much.


Future of Banking

I have had Simple since January/2013 when one of my co-workers reccomended them to me and I have to honestly say that this is the best bank I’ve ever had. I have recommended people to get an account and speak positive word of mouth any time I can! I have had an account with Citizens, M&T, and Bank of America and have had so many issues such as Customer Service, Ease of Access, Fees, etc. This is the first bank I have not had one complain about! Their customer service is spot on with being courteous and understanding, their online and mobile interface are spectacular for making check deposits, setting your “Goals”, or simply sending a support message. I look forward to buying stock in Simple in the coming years as I gain more money, their success will be mine as well.

Simple Absolutely Deserves 5 Stars


Best bank evar

Not too big to fail, no scammey fees whatsoever. Im not even sure how they are profitable. Only issue (and frequently cited) is a lack of cash deposit however you can deposit a money order so its just an added step. No big deal. Support is fantastic.


No Money Orders Allowed

This bank states on their support page that you can buy a money order and deposit it into the account. I deposited a money order when I opened the account by phone. Then a month later I tried to deposit by phone and they made me mail them in to deposit them. The month after that they told me no money orders allowed, even though their support page allows it. So clearly they do not know what they’re doing. There’s no other way to deposit money into this account so it is worthless to me. I plan on closing it.


Not as advertised or promoted

Simple card promotes itself as an aid to keep you within a budget. On the app it evens has a “Safe to spend” banner letting you know how much you have on your account that is safe to spend.
Well recently I went to make a donation to a charity. My safe to spend amount was $242.00. I intended to donate $25.00. Somehow $250.00 was entered. Shouldn’t be a big deal because I didn’t have $250.00 and the transaction should not have been processed. Well Simple processed it. Ultimately the transaction can’t go through due to lack of funds, but during this time They have frozen the funds on my card. Their customer service said that this shouldn’t have happened but there is nothing that they can do. I got a polite “Sorry about your luck” response from them. Now I don’t have access to my money with bills to pay and no one to help me. I got the card to keep me from accidentally over spending.
They told me that if I didn’t want to overspend then I should use a pre-paid credit card. Which I will now be doing


Inconsistent Policies, Consistently Bad Customer Service


I’m closing my account with Simple this week because of their arbitrary and inconsistent application of their policies, and don’t give notice to customers when they decide to change their policies (or in this case, enforce an unknown policy that was never enforced before).

I normally have a direct deposit split between my traditional credit union and Simple. Pretty frequently over the past year or two, I would write a check from my credit union and deposit it in Simple with their app. Easy, secure, never had any problems with deposits. It is also much faster to deposit a check than an external account transfer, which is usually a couple of days late if they work at all.

Three days ago, I went to do the same thing and my deposit was rejected. I was informed because my name was on both accounts I cannot deposit that check. Now, this normally wouldn’t be a big deal, although frustrating, but I just switched jobs and my direct deposit has not been set up yet. In my budgeting timeframe, I had planned on that deposit working, just as it has in the past. That means all my automatic payments - think housing payment, student loans, car payment, everything, will be late and I’ll be hit with late fees (and probably a credit score drop) because their customer service flat out refused to help me out with depositing this check and told me it was impossible. They have taken a “hard line” in June 2016 with this policy that I’ve never heard of and was never informed of. Well, it’s November I have certainly deposited many of my checks since June. Impossible? No. Stubborn? Yes. Completely unwilling to help a customer? Absolutely.

So if you want impersonal, canned customer service (“I’m sorry”, “I understand that must be frustrating”, “Have a great day!”), you will never change jobs or direct deposit methods, and you’re OK with external transfers that always complete two business days after the date they quote you, then go ahead, sign up with Simple.

And this was all to put a few thousand dollars INTO the bank. That’s what a bank wants their customers to do, right?


3 week wait, still no account

Opened an account 3 weeks ago with no hassle, transferred over my direct deposit per Simple’s instructions, only to have the account frozen a week later because they requested additional personal information. I submitted all the requested information. After repeated inquiries with Simple, my account is still under going a ‘review’ with no ETA on when it will be ready. My direct deposit has bounced in the meantime. I walked into my local credit union this morning, and got a checking account opened within an hour. For a company called Simple, the process to actually get an account as been ironically anything but.



Held up money I deposited for two months while demanding a number of documents over a deposit, demand after demand. Blocked on customer service, time difference made it impossible to settle things. Still have my money.
Web site down a lot, accessed to my money denied, no bank to go yell at!


worst ever

App did not work, site often down. West coast customer service way late. Took my $5000 deposit hostage for 2 months until I produced countless documents on their secure download, it did not work! I have worked daily to get my money back, still don’t have it!!!


Anything but simple

Worst experience ever. Web site down daily. Customer service on west coast, did nothing until I was already at work. Customer service stopped responding. Demanded extreme proof that the money I transferred in from my bank of 20 yrs was mine. Haughty attitude about stealing my money. Still haven’t gotten it back, please pray for me. Do not try this, tricky and dishonest.


Shady Company

This is a shady company. Stay far away from them. I opened an account to replace my Google Wallet. I wanted to use it to quickly transfer money to my son in college. They opened the account without any problems. As soon as I transferred in $1000, they held the deposit and will not release the funds until I give them a bunch of personal information. DL, a color copy of my Social Security card and 2 months of bank statements. Why didn’t they ask for information upfront? I refused and they won’t release the funds or close my account. All they say is please give them the information before they will release my money. My credit rating in over 800, so I know it can’t be that. This is not legal and it’s a pain in the but. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.


great banking experience,

I enjoy the ease of banking with the android app. Have found customer service responds fast and politely. Have had no difficulty in adding or removing my money. Would recommedn and often do.


Used to be really fantastic actually…

This bank used to get the highest of praises from me and my fiancee. Recently, they’ve changed their partner banks and since then their customer service no longer exists (they’ve adopted the customer is always wrong attitude, so often seen today), their website is atrocious, and they no longer show you instant updates with purchases made - which is the whole reason I switched to them in the first place from other big banks. Please save yourself the grief and find a different bank.


great user interface

love the app and the goals features


Has great potential

Fee free checking is great. The “safe to spend” feature should really be optional, but isn’t. If you set up recurring transfers, the “safe to spend” will sometimes reflect out to two months out… You are now able to (finally) see available balance if you keep tabs in some external program. You are able to export .csv or .json files of your transactions, if the feature is working. (It’s not working as I’m typing this review.) The “reports” feature is handy for showing cash flow in an easy to read line graph with weeks on x-axis and amount on y-axis, balance on the right y-axis, with three lines representing earned, spent, and ending balance. This feature also includes categorized spending percentages, as well as who/what is taking the most money. The main page of the site features your “safe to spend” balance under the menu at the top, and a searchable account activity list below. The right side of the page features options for “Payments and transfers” and “Support”, as well as a mini menu showing a basic cash flow analysis over the past 90, 180, 270, or 360 days. This includes viewing total cash flow during that time, average monthly, average weekly, and average daily. A map showing where the transactions took place is also in this menu. Options in payments and transfers include “Instant” - Simple customer to Simple customer, “Pay Bills” - Typical bill pay, “Mail a check” - Similar to Pay Bills, and “External Accounts” - transfers to external accounts using routing and account numbers. Users are able to set “Goals” to budget their money. For an example, you can create a grocery budget for a “goal”. This will “move” money from your “Safe to Spend” into the Grocery Budget, although the money doesn’t actually leave your account. Then, when you make a transaction, you have to open the app, select the transaction, and change “Spending from Safe to Spend” to “Spending from Grocery Budget”. You have to have money in your “Safe to Spend” to fully “fund” your budget. All that being said, setting up recurring transfers for months ahead will eat your “safe to spend”. I’m not entirely sure on how far out this looks for scheduled transfers. For an example, you currently have three scheduled transfers of $200 each, two this month, one late next month. If your account balance is less than $600, “Safe to spend” is at $0. You cannot “fund” your goals at all. Spending money will just come from your available balance. Your card will not be declined if either your safe to spend or goals are at $0. This can come to a surprise to new customers of Simple upon opening the app or website and seeing $0. The app does have some nice features, such as quick access to account and routing numbers, as well as an ATM finder. Overall, I think this account has great potential. If it were up to me, I’d make the “safe to spend” feature optional, and allow funding of “goals” even when safe to spend is at $0.