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Terrible Customer Service

If you have an issue you will not be able to call and speak with a person you will need to go back and forth in the chat and get absolutly nothing accomplished. My card was stolen and the dispute process is long and drawn out for 1 gas charge the theif was able to make before I blocked my card. That’s not the part that is super upsetting though, I moved the week prior to the card being stolen and now I have to verify my address with documents that I do not have yet like a light bill. I sent over my lease agreement but apparently that is not good enough. I didn’t have to do any of this to set the account up but it’s been 7 days and they have not sent a new card. Not only that they claim once they send it, it will take 7-10 business days to arrive. I am so mad I chose this bank and how poor the customer service is, far from SIMPLE.


Best Bank Ever

Simple’s ‘Goals’ function has completely changed my budgeting for the better. I haven’t needed customer service for anything in the last year, so I can only say that any time I have needed to prior to that, it has been excellent. The only issue I have ever had was a card being shipped to an old address, but customer service quickly canceled the card and issued a new one priority mail at their expense.

Integrated and helpful budgeting software, great customer service, no fees–this is what a bank should be! I love my Simple account!


Pleasantly Simple

I love this bank. I was with Bluebird for quite some time and all of the features that are offered through Simple made my choise


Account closed

Closed my account suddenly, without notice. Returned my money (by check). No explanation, by email or on website (other than for “security”) or by phone. Unable to talk to anyone who could/would say anything.


Big bank move over

First this is a checking account, not a bank. With that said, what simple offers is the best checking account, one that is actually all about the customer and not about supporting big bank operations. Easy to use, easy to understand, helpful money management tools, completely free. It is…well… simple. If you are looking for full service banking, this is not for you. But for a checking account it doesn’t get better.



Simple bank services fulfill my banking needs. It offers almost everything I expect from the checking account bank (except cash deposit - for obvious reasons. I love the instant booking feature (always know how much money I currently have in my account) and ZERO fees.



Zero fees and instant money transfer between friends is why I keep recommending this bank over any other!



They have been helpful, I read one review that say they don’t have a phone number, strange, don’t know who I just got off the phone will. They seem very knowledgeable, love the bill pay.


No fees

After banking with Bank of America and getting hit with fees every month I needed a new bank. I turned to Simple for the main reason of no overdraft fees. Since I moved to simple it’s actually been easier to save more money because of literally no fees. My money is my money. Customer service is great, they offer an in-app chat feature with a representative which is great. No need for a phone call. The whole “safe-to-spend” idea is still pretty new to me so I’m still getting used to that. They do offer a pretty low interest rate on the account which is 0.01% but they address the reason on their website. I’ve already recommended some friends to bank with Simple. Also being able to link external accounts is a wonderful feature. The one down side is no way for cash deposits but that’s not a big deal for me I’ve already found a way around that using the external link feature.


Service is declining

I have always had great experiences with Simple (disliked the delays to deposit checks, but it was worth it for fast service and lack of fees), but that has changed. I lost more than $200 a few days ago to a faulty ATM - four messages online and email later, no one has responded AT ALL after my initial phone call. A little while ago I also had someone erroneously completely block my card when I put a temporary hold on it. This is new, not sure what is happening but the service has really declined for me.


Great for what it is

If you aren’t looking for a physical branch, and if you wanta robust app, this is for you. The instant transfer feature is amazing. I’ve had no problems with the customer service, it’s always been spot on, although it seems others have.


Stay Away

It is hard to mess up a good thing but they did it. Made a online purchase and never received the merchandise. Simple’s response was, sorry we don’t help with that.


Good Modern Budgeting Tool

Let me start off by saying I like this bank and do not plan to leave anytime soon. What got me to try them and what has kept me is their seamless app software and their budgeting aka “goals” tool. While it has flaws it has really helped me to budget better and plan for future big expenses.

My main fear though is that like some other reviews I’ve seen their customer service is beginning to seriously decline. They have a beautiful tool of being able to message bankers in-app to deal with problems if you don’t want to call. A year and a half ago my messages were always being dealt with quickly. Now I’ve sent messages that were left unresponsive for a week + and I had to call to resolve the problem. While their software is the selling point b/c there is no physical bank/ person to see, customer service is all they have to keep customers confident in their services. I really hope things change for the better.


Simple, like it says

Love this bank. Its just Simple… no BS, no fees, nadda, just banking. Its great for someone like me who uses my card for everything, and the random times I do need a check, simple customer service writes and sends it for me. it really can not be easier or better! I have never been happy with a bank, but I love these guys.


Simple hassle free

While they do not have branches their support is easy to get ahold of and deal with.


Incompetent Bank w/ terrible customer service

Not a trustworthy bank in the sense that fraudulent charges are not protected. Yes they will open up a case after requiring you to cancel your card and wait for the mail; but it doesn’t mean they will protect you from charges. Can spend up to 10 minutes on the phone just waiting for someone to pick up.


Great Bank

I love the fact that you can text in your questions to customer service and they’ll text you back that feature in the app is awesome… The app is amazing and the goal and safe to spend are really really good especially after you fully understand them which isn’t hard. I recommend this bank to anyone who doesn’t want to be bombarded with fees


Great for young people

I’ve been a Simple customer for about four years and have only encountered a few hiccups. I opened an account in college—Simple is a great bank for students because it doesn’t charge any fees and there is no minimum balance. There were times where I would have been charged an overdraft fee in college, but thanks to Simple, I wasn’t. The Goals feature has helped me mindlessly save for future trips and purchases, as well as helped me budget for rent and bills. The app and website were what attracted me to Simple in the first place. The mobile app is beautiful and easy to use, and includes customer service instant messager. There have been times where I’ve needed to speak with a representative and they’ve always been prompt and helpful. The website allows users to track expenses and categorize them, making for easy budgeting. The only downsides to Simple are their low-interest rate and the fact that you can’t deposit cash directly. If you’re in the service industry and are hoping to deposit your cash tips, you’re out of luck with Simple, unfortunately.


Easy Banking - NO FEES

I have had Simple for several years now. It came as a replacement for my Google card. At first I only used it for special occasions and I only put a few bucks on it monthly.
As time went on, I eventually left my old bank behind and started using Simple as my main bank account. It’s insanely simple to share money with my friend and split expenses. Easy to send thank you money, and easy to receive emergency funds from my friend that uses Simple. I recruited her and she loves their Goals though I have never needed to use them.
Another upside is the ability to do everything from your phone. I can deposit checks, send checks, block my card and so much more with just the app. It even alerts me of any transaction which gives me a sense of security.
I had an issue at a store where my card was declined and within 5 minutes of calling and talking to a rep, everything was fixed in moments. Whereas my old bank it could take longer, and even days. They also don’t restrict my international purchases which is important to me, whereas my other bank would lock my card.
I’m glad they added Shared accounts because that opens a lot of doors. Only pet peeve is the inability to deposit cash, but it isn’t terribly an issue, I just carry the cash on the side and keep it as an emergency back-up.



There is no accountability. No reference number is provided to refer to past conversations.