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There is no one to personally email or call there. No help or clarity.


Worst bank

Don’t bother there better options. Disputes team is rude and unreachable. Customer service team can not help


Easiest Bank I’ve ever dealt with

I started using Simple back in 2013 and used it as a backup account. I’ve sense made it my full time account. The app is easy to use and I love the goals/savings features. There is a lot of budgeting tools you can grasp onto as a way to help save or at least (for me) train you not to spend. I always know where my money is going now.

There is no real savings account option so if you aren’t careful, you can dip into funds you don’t want to and there is no barrier to prevent that other than using a different account. But once I got use to how the bank works, I changed my habits to work with the system. No (easy) cash deposit either. Sad but not a deal breaker.

I’ve had fraud on my account a few times due to site hacks and dealing with their customer service has been a breeze. You can call and always reach a human or text if you’re lazy like me. They can take up to 24 hours to respond sometimes but it doesn’t bother me.

I cannot recommend this bank enough. For the type of user I am, I think i’ve come out on top. No fees, quick transfers, great budgeting features and grade A customer service.


No fees, no service.

Online banks should have functioning phone lines. This bank has terrible support, huge delays in cashing checks (2 week delays) and no phone lines to dial into about issues. I suppose this is what you get if you don’t pay fees.


Simple for the newbs

Simple is …well…simple. This is good and bad (depending on the person). The keystone of simple is that you can have access to all of your money while depositing small amounts (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) into a “savings”.

Easy to use
Easy to monitor and guide your spending habits

Can’t deposit cash


Love this bank.

I have no idea what the reviewer is talking about with not being able to reach customer service. Customer service is so easy to reach, and they’re incredibly helpful. The only other customer experience team I’ve worked with who provide equivalent service is AmEx’s team.

It’s true that some of the features are limited. It’s inconvenient to not have a checkbook, for example, but those small downsides are really a matter of getting accustomed to a slightly different system than the norm. The advantages are a bank account with an easy-to-use app that allows you to save for multiple individual goals simultaneously. It categorizes your expenses for you, and you can even change the categories so that your finance reports reflect what you need them to. It’s a great system, a great app, and an incredibly helpful team.

It may also be worth noting for any of you out there who use a name other than what’s on your birth certificate for whatever reason - I go by a different name than my legal name, and they actually note that in the account and when I call customer service, they call me by my preferred name. This is a courtesy many companies, particularly those who need your legal name on file to offer their services (banks, medical services, etc.), do not provide.

They’re also rolling out new features all the time. When I signed up there was only one way to save toward a goal, now there are multiple ways. They’ve added joint savings accounts, too. Over the last two years they’ve continued to refine and improve their product and I’ll be pleased to keep being a customer as they roll out new features.


Best. Bank. Ever.

I have been doing my banking with Simple for going on five years now, and quite literally, it has changed my life. The way the banking works, the way the app works, the Goals feature, no fees WHATSOEVER, the customer service…I can’t say enough. I’ve never been able to so easily budget and save my money! And they actually treat their customers like humans, not just some faceless thing who makes them money. AMAZING.


Almost perfect

Simple is almost perfect. No fees, great customer service are home runs. Just wish there was a way to use paper checks for those rare, analog moments. Also wish the banking network it uses could also open us up to cash deposits. But those are my only “complaints.” Love this and have been so happy since ditching BOA for Simple


Simply Wrong

My husband has autism. He held a Simple account for about a year with zero issues. What I mean by this is that he managed the account flawlessly. He did not have a single overdraft or improper action of any kind whatsoever and it was for him, a source of pride as it would be for anyone. On January 24th of this year, he notified a business he was not interested in a product and received written verification of this and a written promise he would not be charged. Yet he was. Fraudulently. Both Simple and the company in question admit this was fraudulent activity. Yet my husband’s account is being closed with a negative balance as if he has culpability. He had not used the account at all during the period in question. How could he possibly expect someone who specifically informed him he would not be charged do so anyway? And how could he expect that for this, his accomplishment of having his own bank account would be brought to an abrupt end by overdrafts and a negative balance he had no part in and knew nothing about?
He doesn’t understand it.
And neither do I.
And Simple: don’t bother explaining it. Because anyone who “understands” your reasoning should hang their head in abject shame.


Outstanding All Around!

Simple Bank is fast, free, easy and FUN. No branches? No problem! The network of no-fee ATM service is vast, Direct Transfers from External Accounts is easy (and fast) and they do (of course) have Direct Deposit.

The APP is sleek, simple and easy to follow & use. The website / interface is also sleek, simple, easy to navigate (and fun). Even the Debit Card is “simple”, a stark, clean white card. It arrives in a beautiful little package.

As an added bonus, they don’t do a hard credit pull when you apply (I don’t think they even run Chexsystems). In my case, NO DING. I seriously recommend this Bank.



Online banking is a pain if you get paid in cash a lot. Simple doesn’t make things easier. If you’re gonna get an online bank, go w Aspiration. Also, simple won’t let me log in to my own account because I changed my phone number and can’t remember my last transaction. They basically said they can’t help me. What kind of customer service is that


Not so simple

I’ve been a simple customer for a while, so I don’t submit this as a newbie. I love the app, but Simple has some big issues. They aren’t a bank, they are a 3rd party that interfaces with a bank. Communication has been poor. I had to mail in a check to deposit because it was over the mobile deposit threshold. The deposit got rejected, but nobody could tell my why or where my check was and said it would be mailed back within 7 days. The check was endorsed and had my account information on it. As far as I knew, someone stole my check and they really didn’t care. I kept getting different answers each time I called in. They interface with BBVA Compass bank on your behalf. They can’t even transfer you to someone at BBVA who might actually handle your money. Managers will not call you back and just send messages through the app. I really wanted to love Simple, but simple they are not, it’s really complicated and the customer pays the price. Simple sounds great in concept, but there are deep flaws, and the customer is not the priority.


Simply Awful

I liked Simple for the most part, however their policy around checks is inconvenient - you have to request checks be mailed which could take up to 10 days. But they way they handled my dispute over fraudulent charges forced me to close my account. I woke up to no funds in my account, finding that someone had hacked and drained it, I filed a dispute and one week later they told me the investigation was closed and they wouldn’t be returning my money. They allowed my information to be compromised and in return I was punished for it! Terrible security and even worse “investigation” procedures.


Extremely Satisfied and Happy

I’ve used Simple for over a year now and I love it. I had family members get their own account and instant transfers between accounts is perfect for the pesky college kids and their constant need for more money. The goal setting aspect is fantastic for young, first time bankers. I’ve had a few dealings with customer service and every time, they’ve been timely, curious, and informative. I don’t deal in cash so the lack of cash functionality doesn’t matter to me. I’ve had too many hell-ish events over the years from the big banks and I’m tired of their money-grab policies. Simple is how banking should be done…its my money, let me control it - and they do. Highly recommended.


Great no fee banking but…

The bank is really great if you have had problems with fees from your past financial institutions although that’s about it. The bank doesn’t really pay any rates on it’s checking account and a savings account is not offered. Customer service is only accessible during specific times of the day. The bank doesn’t offer SMS alerts and relies on it’s mobile app to notify you which could be problematic for customers with data caps. The mobile app and the website are beautiful with a simplistic view although this isn’t a good trade off for their low rates, inaccessible customer service, and basically only simple banking.


Do NOT bank with them

I didn’t have a single good experience with Simple. I’ve been a customer for one month. I checked in with them because I didn’t receive my debit card by the day that they said to expect it. They finally contacted me and said that the card had been returned (though I had received a number of replacement cards at that exact address with my old bank). Since the card was returned they FROZE my account. This happened during the same week that I was moving, and since I couldn’t provide the address verification documents that they expect, my account CONTINUED to be frozen, so that even my direct deposit from my job was unavailable to me. Now I have a frozen bank account, no debit card, and multiple calls with EXTREMELY unhelpful service staff who told me there was nothing that I could do except keep working with the Support staff through messaging (they take 24-48 hours to respond to each message).

I cannot wait to switch back to my old bank.


really good i love it

its so good like cheesecake just service is bad


Simple is smart

The problem I’ve had with EVERY bank account I’ve ever used is that it’s not very helpful. For most banks the checking account is just a big ole’ bucket to keep money in. It’s not smart and it doesn’t help you save money or allocated funds for various bills. You just can’t plan ahead with these other banks and keep your account tidy. I know I sound like someone who work drinks the Kool-Aid or something but I’m just a normal guy who has finally found a bank that has some really good tools for me to use. For the first time I feel like I’m in control of my money and I can give my money a particular job to do. Thanks Simple for being a breath of fresh air in the financial industry!



Everything is made simple, the app and website are very easy to use, and there’s is no fee.


Simple is sometimes not so simple

Love the bank card design and enjoy that you can easily create a budget for bills or financial goals. You can two separate amounts on your bank statement; safe to spend and available balance. The problem if you want to stop or erase your financial goal, it seems impossible. The big problem is the poor customer service set up. A supervisor is not always on call and if you lose your debit card, it takes a week and a half to receive it. Suppose this was the only bank account you own. You are screwed!!!