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Rude Company

I just submitted an application by recommendation of a friend and misunderstood how to go through the proper recommendation for their $20 bonus. I called their customer service line told the representative what happened and that I applied less than 12 hours ago. Then came the, “so you’re only applying for this card for the $20…” That is NOT the response I should get from a company I’m about to store thousands of dollars at! They know nothing about me and yet choose to accuse me. I’m not going to put my money in a bank that doesn’t have a customer oriented business strategy.


Long time customer with no plans to change

I’ve been using Simple since they were invite only and I’ve yet to have a bad experience. If I send a message to customer service online I get a reply the same day (never had that with the big banks). When I call the customer service line I get an actual human.

I’ve had suspicious activity in the past (thanks to a breach at a retailer) and Simple gave me time to pull out some cash before closing the card and issuing a new one. The new card arrived two days later via FedEx. Very impressive as when I had a similar issue at a big national bank in 2011 I had to wait two weeks for a new card.

The only issue I have is the low interest rate but it’s still pretty much on par with what other companies, even large national/multinational banks, are offering these days. Interest rates have been miserable for well over a decade now.

The protected goal account (Emergency Fund) is a wonderful feature that I wish they’d come out with sooner and I couldn’t be happier with their site and app. I plan on sticking with them for a long, long time.


Dont loose your card

I got my debit card stolen from me from a friend. He watched me unlock my phone and guessed my PIN. Simple did a 1 day investigation and told me “no error has occurred” and pretty much just told me to go figure it out. Absolutely terrible.


Not Simple at all

I tried using a web browser to open a Simple account. It would fail when submitting the application through their website. After several attempts, I called Simple. I was the one who figured out that my extensions were messing it up. So I disabled the extensions and was able to create the account.

Next, I downloaded the Simple app to my Android phone. I then wrote myself a check from another major bank, and used the app’s Check Photo to try to deposit the check to fund my new account. A short time later, I got messages that Simple REJECTED MY CHECK! As it turns out, Simple does not allow me to deposit a check written to myself. Being a new account, the check would have been held for 9 days, which is plenty of time for it to clear. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY OTHER BANK NOT ALLOW ME TO WRITE A CHECK FROM ANOTHER ACCOUNT TO MYSELF TO FUND THE NEW ACCOUNT. This is completely bizarre.

I called in again to Simple. The woman I spoke with could not tell me why Simple refused checks written to yourself. I kept asking her, “How is this Simple?” She then wanted me to link my other account. I told her I do not want to hand over the keys to my other account to Simple.


Best bank.

Amazing customer service, tons of atms, a beautiful app, and no fees! I wish they had a saving account option, but the experience has been so amazing, it barely matters.


Not worth the effort

Tried to make a joint account with my fiance. After my account creation was very pain-free, I was excited to use this service. However, he was continuously rejected for their failure to verify his identity, even after sending multiple forms of identification and many many phone calls to unhelpful customer service. After receiving a rejection with an email saying they couldn’t tell him the specific reason he was rejected, I am closing my account.

This bank was not worth my time.