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Great for the 2+ years I’ve used it!

I love the phone app and have gotten fantastic, speedy customer service whenever there’s a problem.


Love. Love. Love.

I’ve been with Simple for I want to say 4 years? Probably more. They’ve been great. I was looking for a new bank, the one I had previously was charging way too many fees. If you don’t like fees, Simple is where you want to be. They are SO easy to deal with and there is always a human on the other end of the phone when I call. Even if I don’t want to call them they have a “messaging” feature on their app. I can shoot them a quick question and I hear back within 24 hours.

I rarely get paid in cash so not being able to deposit cash was nothing for me. I withdraw cash either from a store or an ATM. Only down fall is their ATMs can be tricky to locate. They do have a GPS map so you can locate ATMs around you. They aren’t “Simple” ATMS per say. They are ATMs from other companies that Simple partners with to provide you with cash for no fees.

The features on the Simple app are amazing. I can send checks to anyone, save account numbers/addresses and my monthly pay bills in no time, create savings goals, put money towards them when I choose or on a monthly basis, and deposit checks.

I had a fraud case once where money was taken from my account. Because I check my account on my phone almost daily I noticed it right away, sent them a message and followed up with a call. They had credit for that amount in my account after a few hours and a new card was on its way. I was able to spend that if I needed while they were reviewing my claim. With in a few days they had resolved the issue and the credit was made permanent.

For me, Simple is perfect. If you’re looking for something easy to understand, even easier to use/manage, and want to save some trees and go paperless; you should look into Simple. In my mind Simple is the gold standard for all banks, mobile in particular.


Poor Service!

I am the employer of a customer of Simple. A deposit was sent to her account. The incorrect account number was used, but the routing number was correct. Granted, it was my fault that the account number was incorrect, but when we tried to contact Simple to find out if they had received a deposit, because it did not go into the employee’s account and had not been returned to us, there was no help whatsoever from this “bank”. It should have been “simple” for them to check their incoming ACH deposits to see if that amount had been received, we would have given them the correct account number and everyone would have been happy. My payroll person was treated rudely and even my employee had to call them 3 or 4 times to set up a conference call. They told us that they would get back to us that evening and we never heard from them. I would never recommend this company to anyone!


Great Bank

Banking with Simple is super convenient. No fees at all is the best feature



I’ve had simple for almost a year now and haven’t had a problem, except for the fact that they HAVE to have a residential address to send your card to for security reasons(makes no sense to me since every other card has come to my PO Box). When I initially got the card this was a minor inconvenience that didn’t matter since everything else is so great about it. However, now that they’re switching banks it has become an extreme pain in the neck to verify my address. They can’t verify the address I’ve had on file since opening the card so I have to send a photo of my ID(which has my former residential address) or I can send a bill(all my bills are addressed to my PO Box) or I can send a lease agreement or mortgage statement(I own my home so I don’t have either of those). I really want to keep this card but I’m really hating the hassle of switching banks. I’m really frustrated that the address I’ve used since the beginning cannot be verified. Please make this easier or I may need to find an alternative.



Worst bank ever!!! STAY AWAY!!! Customer service reps are horrible and not helpful at all. After being a customer for two years they froze my account for no reason. I had $1,000 in transfer from BofA and they would not give me access to it unless I supplied 2 months of bank statements from my funding bank and a copy of my social security card. They wanted me to send them this info digitally which made me uncomfortable. Keep in mind I already used this account for two years. My money got stuck in transfer for over a week. I had to dispute the transfer with BofA to get my money back. Then I get a message from Simple yesterday. This account has been closed because your account use does not meet the requirements of Simple’s account agreement. Your card and account are blocked so no further deposits, transactions or transfers can be made. If your balance is currently greater than $1.00 your balance will be remitted to you by check once all transactions on the account have settled. Any balance lower than $1.00 will be forfeited. Simple Support


Simply Awful

The simple idea of letting customers know the amount that is safe to spend vanishes when customer support gets everything balled-up. I have never experienced such incompetence from a bank in which I had placed so much confidence.



The singular issue with Simple is that there is no easy way to deposit cash. My solution was to open a savings account at a credit union and use it as a physical branch to deposit my cash at. Once I made the cash deposit at the credit union I initiated an account to account transfer and my funds show up in the next day or two! Easy. Everything else is far and away better than any bank or even credit union I have held money with. No fees, no sale pitches or confusing terms, instant visibility of my balance and wonderfully effective budgeting tools all baked in to the app. It almost feels like I don’t truly bank anywhere and instead my money just lives on my phone, notifying me in real time whenever I earn more or spend some. The tech behind it is slick and responsive and I often receive phone notifications at shops and restaurants before the sales clerk has time to print the receipt and hand it to me. I’ve caught several billing mistakes and even a fraudulent double charge because of the immediacy of simple’s notification system. I’ve even turned off my debit card for an hour because i left my wallet somewhere and had to hunt it down, all without having to call customer service or wait for an automated system to finally recognize my account number. The app does it all. The times I have contacted their customer service the response has been quick, friendly, and knowledgeable. The staff is knowledgeable with what they do and both of my (self caused) problems were resolved rapidly and without any confusion or stress on my part.

Unless you earn your pay entirely in 10’s and 20’s I can’t think of a solitary reason why you shouldn’t have your primary checking account with Simple. Host your savings, CD’s, Credit Cards, Car loans, and whatever else wherever you want to, but if you aren’t banking with Simple for your checking you are missing out on the easiest banking experience available.

-I am a 10 year veteran of the Financial industry and readily advise my coworkers and clients alike to open accounts with Simple.


Best Decision Ever

After years of using nearly all of the big banks and most of the community banks where I live, I was still looking for the perfect fit. Tired of paying all the outrageous fees that came along with spending my money, I was scouring the internet once again trying to find yet another bank. By accident, I happened upon and decided to explore the website. That was the best decision I ever made. After 30 minutes of reading, I decided to open an account so I could try out their services. I kept my account open at the bank I was using at the time while I took Simple for a test drive, and after about three months of using Simple, I was sold. I immediately closed my account at Regions and transferred my money to Simple and had my direct deposits rerouted to Simple. Aside from a few hiccups that happened with the app (which were quickly addressed and fixed with a call to customer service), this has been the best banking experience I have ever had. My original Simple account was backed by Bancorp, so recently my account had to be migrated to BBVA Compass. Simple handled that migration with such precision and always kept its customers informed through every step of the process. I must say that all the behind the scenes work they put it made the process flawless for me. Never at any point did I not have access to my money. And, photo deposit also works quite well with money from photo deposits being made available quickly. The few ‘inconveniences’ that many people complain about with Simple are very much negated by the lack of fees. I’m glad I chose to make the switch and I plan on being a Simple customer for a very long time, or maybe until a bank called ‘Simpler’ opens up that actually pays me money. Doubt that will happen, so I think I’m gonna be with Simple for awhile.


Used to be great

Recently (in December 2016), Simple used to bank with Bankcorp, and everything was fine. However, late 2016/early 2017, Simple shifted all of their backend banking to BBVA Compass.

That change altered my account to where it was no longer useable. Under the old system, I could transfer money to and from other banks and accounts easily, however BBVA Compass would not allow me to easily transfer money around. After confirming this with the Simple support staff (who are great, by the way), I had to cancel my account. If I can’t get money in/out easily via ACH, the account is of no use to me.


Helps with spending

I’ve been looking around for a new bank, and stumbled upon Simple. I have been bad with money and trying to do better. Simple is simple, no there way to say it, and the Safe-to-Spend feature helps save without doing the math and memorizing numbers.


This bank is only available to full U.S. citizens

I applied to open an account with Simple. I submitted my application, and it triggered an issue with my name because I accidentally included my middle name in the first name box. I called to speak to a customer service representative to help resolve the issue. I passively mentioned I am in the process of naturalizing to become a full U.S. citizen and at that moment the agent was faced with the awkward task of letting me know they are not able to offer accounts to legal permanent residents (green card holders) or other resident aliens. I was looking forward to banking with Simple but unfortunately, I cannot.


Fairly good

I have had good interactions with customer service. With the Bancorp connection, I am easily able to move money around, but I understand that is not the case with Compass (which we are required to switch to within the next couple of weeks). Depositing checks via mobile works well, and the ability to send a check for free is valuable. The major drawback is that they take way too long to process international deposits. USPS First Class delivers in 2-3 days, typically. Yet, they claim it takes 7-10 days (depending on who replies to your support message). I have a feeling it sits in their PO box for days, as it sometimes take 14-21 days before they even begin processing the deposit, and another 45 days for the funds to clear. It’s a shame they are switching to Compass, as I am now having to shop for another online bank.


lack of technology and customer service

There app rarely works for check photo deposit. When contacting customer service, they respond by stating that no one at the company knows why it happens but they think it’s “magic”. They then ask you to mail in checks, cash, or money orders (with insurance and tracking costs) and will provide you the credit within a month. What is this 1880?


Best bank just keeps getting better

We started with Simple when it first sprouted. We each had to have separate accounts. This did make it a bit frustrating - having to move money around a lot, but it could be done easily enough.
We’ve never had an issue depositing a check through the app. I only wish I could deposit cash.
Since migrating to BVBA Compass, we have opened a Shared account and are loving it! I believe it is currently in beta, but we haven’t had any issues. They just recently added the Payments feature from the single accounts so we can now send our bills that way (a lot easier to use the Goals feature).
Customer service has always been great and prompt. I will usually receive a response within a couple hours.
The only complaint I have (which is a moot point for new customers) is switching from Bancorp to BVBA and trying to open a shared account. I had to wait a while for my direct deposit to clear to the new BVBA single account and then had to change it again to go to the shared account. But now that we’re here, I wouldn’t go back! They’ve got me hooked!


Indifferent Customer Service

Will freeze your account, refuse to help you directly over the phone and make you jump through a bunch a hoops that they should have required before you opened the account. Customer service really could careless if you like it or not. We’ll see how easy they make it to close my account.


Almost great

A friend recommended Simple, and I gave it a try. The app and the features are the best I’ve seen. The customer support people are very nice but as useful as a chocolate teapot. If you report some unauthorized payment, be prepared to not being able to access any of your funds and, since there’s no physical location to prove that you are actually you, is going to be hell. You cannot talk to the team that handles verifications, and the one you can talk to seems to be reading their own website and has no other information apart from that.

Customer service will be great as long as you ask something they can read from a script.


You can’t use this as a regular bank and forget about customer service

I NEVER write a review on anything. But I do hope that people read this before opening an account at Simple.
You cannot transfer money OUT of your account to an account that is not yours.

If you do something that sets off some sort of flag and you need to be verified you will have the worst time trying to unfreeze your account. It is the most un-simple process I have encountered. I have accounts in Citibank, HSBC, Banco Popular, Chase- you name it. None have ever given me such none-sensical requirements.

And customer support, very nice indeed but it appears they are not allowed to think.

I am completely disappointed in how they have handled my account and frankly I don’t think they deserve anyone’s money if that’s how they treat their clients.


Incredibly Bad at Banking

I decided to give Simple a try and did a mobile deposit for a check from a client that happened to be a starter check. I was sent a message with an address saying that it had to be mailed to their underlying bank. Okay, safety first, no big deal. After two weeks of not seeing the funds in my account, it was discovered that I was given the wrong address and the check had to be sent to their other underlying bank. Long story short, a month has passed, the check has cleared my client’s bank, and the funds are still not in my account. Run away from this fake bank.


OMG horrible transfer

Simple was bought by BBVA compass. I rec’d an email on the 14th that I needed to respond and move my account by the 26th - I didn’t see the email until the 2nd. Rather than move my account they CLOSED it and sent me a check. All my auto payments were stopped and I couldn’t do anything because all my money was in an envelope in the UP Post service. NOT the way to take care of your customer!!! LEaving them TODAY