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Oppisite of Simple

About 6 months ago I signed up for Simple. Their advertising was targeted to someone who had a big life event coming and need to save. That was me! I am getting married. After a few months I was able to save a little. Then tax returns came! Perfect Ill save that! Then I cashed out a few stocks from work! Then Simple froze my account. Currently, I have all my funds being held. The refuse to send the funds back to the original bank and also refuse to un freeze my account. Which is why Simple + Saving = Not Simple.


Best Bank EVER

I have been with SIMPLE since they started and have nothing but great things to say. I have had them help me on the spot with issues-EVEN on a Sunday. They are always friendly and super great at all of my questions. I recommend them to everyone. I like to withdraw large sums of cash and just do the cash advance at any bank. I do have direct deposit for mostly everything so no issues there. I adore them and so much less nonsense than with a regular bank.


Simply Amazing

So here is honest review of Simple bank. This is a real review, I am of one of those people who get disapointed with one aspect or one customer service rep and decide to leave the whole company a bad review.
I have now had Simple bank for almost 2 years. I have had zero issues with them. When I have had issues with other companies committing unauthorized withdrawals, Simple has been responsive and fixed the issue the same day. Via their message system responses are always fast(literally within the same hour or at most 3 hours during business hours.) Via telephone you get to all to REAL person. I have called with simple inquiries regarding app usage, change of info and the like and my questions are always easily answered.
In addition to excellent customer service Simple is free to use and they don’t charge you to have your own money in an account. There are no fees of any kind and they don’t do overdraft services so there are never overdraft fees. Plus you can have multiple savings folders, also for free, to help you manage your budget and save up for stuff.
So I rate simple 10/10.
I have no regrets in choosing them to bank with, especially after dealing with so many crappy banks.


Not so simple opening an account

I tried opening an account using their website. Teh website says ‘upload a document , picture or scan’ but doesn’t support PDF format? What age are we in where a upload feature doesn’t accept PDF for document uploads! I get a message saying that they are 'Pretty traditional with the processes, and only accept .jpg or .png formats". Not the simple, anti-bank that Simple claims to be. So I printed out to .jpg and uploaded the document Thursday. Waiting…I get an email Monday that there was something wrong with the document I submitted and need to upload/submit again. This time I called the 1800 number and vented my concerns that the company should upgrade their app/website to accept PDF documents, and took help of the agent in capturing the RIGHT kind of jpg image and uploaded using the mobile app [cause as opposed to their claim, website is just a hosted site and not much functonality is available as far as application processing/troubleshooting]. This was Monday. Waiting again…It’s Friday and I get an email that there was something wrong with the document /image I submitted and need to re-verify again. Called and asked my application to be rescinded.
No way I’m going o bank with such a bank where the application process is so technologically backwards, that it’s almost back to the Dinosaur era.
Just so it’s clear, I’m not a technologically challenged user, but one who has been using mobile apps/ websites for the past many years, I’d even say that I’m one of those early beta tester kind of a guy. Also, I design and develop Web Applications for a living, so I know what I’m doing with these apps.

Save your time, and don’t be enticed with their marketing strategies…and ratings and promotions on sites like etc… Not at all worth the time.

You are better off with Chase or BankOfAmerica, since their apps have evolved to a greater level of usability and at quite user friendly compared to most major banks.


If your needs are simple


  • no ATM fees. This can be $20 a month in your pocket.
  • mobile app is exceptionally good. - If you pay most/all of your bills by phone/desktop this will work.
  • in general, if customer service is very good.
  • security is excellent


  • depositing a check by mail is a total nightmare now with new banking backend (BBVA). Figure on 10-15 days minimum for your check to clear with little to no communication.
  • in special situations, customer service can suck.


I don’t know how I manages money before…

Seriously. I was previously with BofA and overdrafted constantly. I was not good at managing my money. Combine that with a paycheck to paycheck living and I always seems to be $10-20 short, resulting in overdraft fees.
I was hesitant on switching to Simple, not having that brick and mortar building felt like such a leap, but I was seriously sick of not managing my money well. A friend had just switched and she showed me how she was using it to budget. I’ve now been with Simple for over a year and a half and still really enjoy it.

Some issues I’ve come across…
-checks. I use to live in an apartment where I had to mail the check. It was such a pain, and took at least 5 days to process before sending out, so I always had to schedule it like two weeks in advance. I now live at a place where you can pay online so no longer an issue.
-cash deposit. There have been a couple times this has been a pain. I do conventions where I sell my art work sometimes, having a large amount of cash I always had to turn it into a money order vs just depositing it.
-changing bank providers. At the end of 2016 Simple changed from Bankcorp to BVCA. It was a pain, not going to lie. Everyone had to get new bank account numbers and cards. I also seemed to not get my email on time…I had my friend who also had Simple get hers two weeks earlier than I did. Luckily it was before the cut off date, but still a huge pain.
-savings. Not having a savings to instantly fall back on isn’t the greatest. I bank with Ally and they have a pretty quick transfer, but still not instant. To solve that I just have a goal set aside with an a couple hundred to cover emergencies in case I can’t transfer right away.

The reason I’ve this bank with all those issues listed above is seriously this is the only way I’ve been able to manage my money. I have a huge amount of student debt + regular bills. Having the safe to spend really helps me see how much money I have left over from paying bills and how much more I can put to my loans. I’ve sort of considered being with Simple like financial training wheels. The goals are great too. Every year after Christmas I’ve started a new goal set for the year a head so I actually have money to spend on Christmas presents. When I have any goals hit $100 I transfer it to my savings for better interest rates. Specially if it isn’t something I’m going to touch for a year. Simple interest rates aren’t that great…

I’ve never really had any huge issues with them in which I needed to contact customer service. I only had a fraud charge once. Someone used my card for $30 at a doctor’s office across the country. They canceled my card and notified me immediately. When I wrote back to them though asking what the fraud charge was they didn’t write back till the next day. Luckily it was only $30 which was probably why I’m letting the lack of response slide. I also rarely get cash out so the ATM’s aren’t a huge deal.

Overall this bank isn’t for everyone. They have some cool app features, but if things like having checks and instant access to savings is something you need…it might not be the right fit.


Zero Stars If Possible

Do you love having a bank freeze your account? Do you love being ignored by customer support when you ask the status of your account? Do you love asking a question and no one on staff including managers have no kind of answer for you? Do you love an inefficient bank? Do you love the same regurgitated answer over and over and over?

Then this bank is for you!

You know how people say “It’s great until it’s not.” I would say reserve judgment until you run into your first problem. See how it’s handled.

As for me, poor customer service, poor account management, and poor management–period–will hopefully result in this bank going under.

I am a “current” customer, but trust me, once my account is available, all my money will be going elsewhere and the account closed.


My bank since 2012

I’ve had my personal checking account with Simple since 2012. They’ve been at my side through external payment disputes, account transfer to their new holding bank (BBVA Compass), and some tough lean times. I’ve also been a customer with Wells Fargo, Chase, and a local credit union during this time, and none compare to Simple.

With all that said, of course I wish there was a way to deposit cash and have paper checks, but I’ve gotten used to working around those easily.

At the end of the day, I trust Simple Bank, something I cannot say for any other institution.


Had potential

I really liked Simple. Really did. When I moved, I contacted them, changed address. Even contacted Customer Support to correct that they had wrong zip. Fixed it. Was told everything good to go. This was on October 2016. Now I get notified that they have to close my account because they couldn’t verify my new address? This is the first i’ve heard of it. Called Customer Support when I got the message. First call, was answered and promptly hung up. Awesome job. Second call answered. After being on hold a bit, rep came back and said they should have asked for documents and didn’t. Sorry. But we have committed to closing the account, so we will. But you can open a new one after. I’ll pass. You guys had such potential but have turned out to be garbage.
Marked current customer. Soon to be past.


Stay Away

After using them for 3 years, I get a message out of the blue that my account is being closed. I was informed that there was a mistake on there end, but there was nothing they could do and the account was going to be closed from an error THEY made… Never banking with them again. Terrible service, terrible company, terrible experience.


Simple and automatic budgeting!

I can not say how much I love this bank. It is streamlined to automatically help you budget your life and expenses. There was obviously a lot of thought going into creating Simple.

I hate big banks and didn’t bank with anyone for a long time. My idea of a bank did not exist in a long time. When I stumbled across Simple I realized it was the type of bank I was looking for.

No FEES!!! 0, nada.

I’m always on the go and rarely need to go to a bank.

The “goals” feature has put my life budgeting on autopilot, no brainer.

I know the recommend this!


Application process way longer than expected turnaround time frame

I was excited to open an account. After singing up online, I received an email the next day asking for supporting documents. After uploading and sending the needed document, I received an email 3 days after asking me to re-submit my documentation with the reasons of either the image quality wasn’t high enough or the document didn’t meet their requirements. So followed their instruction to re-submit documents. After that, I never heard back from them and 3 weeks have passed. I had to take initiative to called them to find out what’s going on. I didn’t receive any emails or calls from their side regarding the status of the application. Instead, I had call them at least 6 times to find out what’s going on. And almost every time the customer relation rep couldn’t give me definite answer besides telling me to wait for their email when the application has been approved.



Simple is everything. The customer service is great, the dispute team is amazing, they keep up with trends and is a super cool and perfect bank! I love the new android pay option. Zero complaints.


Terrible Transfer

The app itself is great, but the way they handled the transfer was abysmal. They transferred partners right as my license expired and closed my account. Never had a more painful experience in my life and nothing is more frustrating than having no money and no way to reach it.


Regret keeping this card.

I regret I chose to keep this card when the previous bank informed me they would no longer be servicing it and gave me the option to have it transferred over to a new bank. I was informed I would be receiving a new card issued by new bank in plenty of time to begin using it before the old card stopped working on 2/28/17. I did receive new card, followed all links to transfer card over and even received messages stating new card was activated. But on 2/28 when I went to an atm to use the new card, it didn’t work. I tried the old card, it didn’t work either. The message on atm stated I needed to contact the institution that issued the card. When I called customer service at simple, rep apologized and stated reason I wasn’t able to use new card was because I needed to upload additional documents. Told her I’d already went through the process and received messages stating I’d completed everything and that card had been activated. She said she was sorry but I would have to do it again or card wouldn’t work. I uploaded everything that was requested once again and it was several days before they contacted me to let me know I could start using the card. All that time I could not access any funds in the account. Then almost 1 month later, I receive a message from them informing me they plan to debit my account in the amount of the attempted atm withdrawals during the time I didn’t have a card that worked. I contacted customer service but found out disputes are only handled through messages on their app. I placed a dispute through the app which I was sure would be easily resolved since they obviously had to know the cards did not work if the old one was cancelled and they were asking for more information before they activated the new one. Wrong!! Today I get a message telling me they are still going to debit my account for the attempted atm withdrawals! I have asked them to look into this further because it is 100% a mistake on their part. I wish now I had just cancelled this card when I found out there was a new bank taking over. This card is not worth the trouble it’s causing much less the amount I stand to lose if this isn’t resolved. There isn’t even a credit card with an annual fee in the amount i may end up losing. Cutting the card up and throwing in trash where it belongs.


Feeling ripped off!

I am only a current customer because my account is frozen! I added a prepaid credit card to the account in hopes of being able to add cash to my account. HUGE MISTAKE! They decided the needed to verify my account A SECOND TIME! So I uploaded the documents they wanted and as of today all the customer service reps I talk to can only tell me “I’m sorry” over and over and they do not have a timeline as to if or when I will ever get access to it again!
I would say if you want to use this bank go right ahead but beware! It takes 9 business days to deposit a check if it is within the first 31 days the account is open. Not just your first deposit but any made within the first 31 days! I really hoped this would be my bank from now on but I feel they cannot fix their issues fast enough. Their customer service is rediculous they can’t answer your questions nor do they act like they even give a crap to! If there was a choice of less than poor for a rating that’s what I would give them. I am filing a consumer complaint with the attorney general against them!


STAY AWAY Simple Screwed Me

In June of 2016, I needed a new debit card to replace my worn one. I called customer service to get a new card shipped to my university address. I was told that for that to work, my address would need to be verified. I said “never mind, send it to the address on file,” and they did.

Last month I received a support message telling me that my account will be closed on May 1 due to an unverified address on my account. I called support and was told that there is nothing they can do. I can’t even open a second account to transfer my money. I have to be entirely removed from the bank and re-added. With mailing checks, the application process, and mailing a new debit card, the whole process could mean up to a month without a bank from which to pay my bills.

Apparently, according to the support representative, they are switching partner banks and did not realize this would be a problem until it was too late. If they can mess up this badly and force myself and others into difficult positions, do you really want them holding your money? They were great until now, but this is so egregious of an error that I cannot overlook it. TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!


"Anything But Simple" Bank

I’ve been a customer with Simple for over a year now and I’ve had mostly positive experiences - until this last month. First, someone withdrew $100 from my account while I had my card on the other side of town. Instead of giving me a temp credit to my account as they investigate the fraud claim they denied to this time. After 7pm they have on-call customer service where you have to leave a voicemail and the associate calls you back. Because of the fraud my card was locked and before I could get a new one sent I needed to use the old card and withdraw money to get me through the weekend before my new card arrived. To do this, you call the bank when arriving to an ATM, they unlock the card, you withdraw the money and then they cancel the card and send a new one. This particular night I called and the associate went to sleep on me mid-call as I was driving to the ATM - for 23 mins. I kept yelling hello but he was knocked out. So I wasted my time and still had no cash. The next morning I wrote customer service Telling them about the sleeping associate and how He wasted my time for nothing. Instead of replying with a courteous and apologetic “sorry, how can we make this up to you” the reply was instead “you said you went home instead of the ATM - here’s how you properly withdraw money from simple bank” and gave me a refresher on the process! Never even apologizing or mentioning the sleeping associate who wasted my time and was the reason why I couldn’t withdraw my money in the first place. I did what I was supposed to do but they blamed me. I replied sternly and management stepped in and apologized saying they will look into properly making sure their associates are trained. Ok, thanks, we’re good. Or so I thought. Less than 2 weeks later I get messages from fraud dept about a claim that wasn’t even mine! It was another customers. The next day I get another message about my account being 15 days overdrawn. Once again - wrong. There are tons of mistakes and oversights at Simple. They lack basic customer service skills like an APOLOGY for their mistakes! It’s to the point where I wouldn’t trust them with Monopoly money let alone mine anymore. It’s a wrap.


NOT Simple

Too many hoops to jump through to be simple. I get it, security is a concern, but when you’re required to send picture of driver’s license, social security card, and bank statement PDFs, all online, it starts to feel weird and not worth the effort. When you write to support with your concerns, emails go unanswered. I’ve been waiting for a response, even if just an acknowledgement, for the past three weeks. In the meantime, I’ve already opened a savings account at my local bank and tied it to my existing checking account. In less than a day I was up and running. Thanks for nothing, Simple. Your app, website, and card are pretty to look at, but that’s pretty much all you’re good for.


Awful service, questionable security practices, locks up your money for no reason

A few months ago my card stopped working and they removed the ability to transfer money from my account. They say they are moving to a new bank and need me to verify my identity (my identity has already been verified with them). About four times I’ve sent them documents, each time they change where I need to send them too, what documents I need to send, or they say they can’t read what I sent them ( text looks pretty clear to me coming from my iphone 7 camera… ). 6,000$ locked up while I try to figure this out and now they won’t move to the new bank, very frustrating