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Not worth the hassle

In theory, the idea behind Simple is great. As someone who travels consistently for work, it seemed like a great option for me to not have to have a “physical” bank branch. Little did I know it would be close to impossible to have a successful interaction with customer service in the event I ever needed assistance. The most frustrating experience was trying to close my account, which they froze due to a change in my mailing address. After 8 months attempting to verify my address (which changed every 3-6 months due to my job) they simply stated they could not help me.

My account is technically still active, containing money, that they will not assist me in resolving.

Worst experience I’ve ever had with any financial institution.


They are Simple. then simply unexpected

I have had the best banking experience with them mostly…
there are a few rough spots -

depositing cash

  • can be difficult but you can buy a M.O. from the P.O. and then deposit it… after your first 31 days, deposits are credited in 1-2 days

no checks, only bill pay but i knew that and almost never need to write a check.

otherwise they’ve been great, customer support has always been helpful. on one occasion when a gas station put a hold on my account for a purchase they went as far as crediting my account the amount of the hold until it was lifted.

then the unexpected -

somehow someone had started the process of linking my account to an external bank. i found it before it had completed so no money was transferred nor were there any fraudulent charges. I called Simple to tell them what i found and asked how to proceed?

obviously changed my user / pass - then they blocked my card and “as a security measure” they are closing my account and I cannot open a new account!!!


I have more than $20,000 deposited in that account.

I was told they would put me on a waiting list and let me know when I can open a new account.

i doubt i will open a new one. this is not simple it’s retarded.



I have been banking with simple for nearly 4 years without any issues. In the last few months, they have partnered with BBVA Compass and it has been a NIGHTMARE! Suddenly my account was frozen until I could “prove” my identity, after providing all of the required documents, they then decided that my account wasn’t secure and forced me to change my online banking. Even after all of this I am still unable to access the money in my account, “for my security”. I also mailed in a check according the deposit my mail instructions on their website and while I have a copy of it and have provided it to them, showing it was endorsed and cashed by BBVA compass, they still refuse to credit my account. They refuse to respond to secure messages and customer service is non existent, all they will say is it is under investigation and they will note the account. I had to call in 5 times today and speak to 2 managers who each gave me conflicting info regarding my account. One told me they have reached out to BBVA Compass and they have no record of the check, so they are now contacting Bancorp. The next manager told me that they forwarded the check copy to BBVA and it is still being investigated. I have finally reached out to the bank the check was sent from and I have disputed this check. I have sent a copy of the endorsed check to Simple and they still refuse to credit my $300. I have contacted BBVA Compass and after 2 hours on hold, they cannot speak to me as I am not their customer, but a customer of Simple. BBVA told me to contact Simple and explain to them that the check has cleared the bank it was drawn on. I told the lady I spoke to that I have explained this to Simple no less than 5 times and sent a copy and they are advising me that they spoke to BBVA and BBVA has no record of the check, the lady told me they have NOT reached to BBVA. This is absolutely absurd that my account is locked and I have no access to my money and not one person at Simple can explain to me why or allow me to close my account. I have never dealt with such unprofessionalism from a financial institution in my life.


not a bank. dont count on any help with complex issues.

Simple was great until an erroneous freeze was placed on my account. They could not tell me anything about the 2,000+ dollars that were missing, nor could they assist in getting the mistake corrected. Their excuse was that they aren’t actually the bank (so they could not provide information), but could not put me in contact directly with the bank(who could provide information). Simple is actually just a software company that opens debit card accounts at their “partner” bank, so expect that any assistance you will get will only be for “software” related issues.


Not ideal for the traveler

Had a positive experience with Simple for a while. Then called to notify them that I’d be traveling to South America, and was informed that I wouldn’t be able to use my debit card there. European and other American banks have been operating in those countries for years. Simply unacceptable to not have access to my funds while traveling. Luckily still had my credit union account which was more than happy to provide access to my funds in “high risk” countries. Chose not to transition during the BBVA Compass switch, and from other recent reviews, this travel situation may have saved me some headache in the long run.


Bank that doesn’t let you take out money?

I wa so excited to try this bank. After the excitement of waiting for my card to arrive. I immediately direct deposited my jobs money to my account with simple. It was time to pay rent & I needed to put a little extra money in my bank account (with simple) I go to the ATM and I wasn’t able to put money inside?! I called them and they said yeah you can only take out money not put cash inside unless I have a money order?? what’s the point of having you guys then?? I was screwed with no way to pay my rent! Thank god I borrowed money from my sister. I immediately transferred my money out of Simple bank and put it in my Chase account that I was about to close! Thank god I didn’t!
Lost a customer


Horrible customer service

Even though I followed all the steps in order to transfer my simple account to the new bank which is now servicing the card, I had no way to access the funds I had deposited because the new card they sent wasn’t working. I attempted to use an atm at my local bank and a message popped up on screen stating card does not work, please contact your financial institution. I tried again thinking it must be a mistake but got same message again. I called customer service and was told card was not working because they needed me to upload documents to prove my identity. I informed rep I had already followed all steps and remember seeing message stating your card is now activated. Was told unless I upload the documents requested the card wasn’t going to work. So I did as they asked. It was days before I received a message back stating I had been approved and could start using card. In the app, this entire time I could see my balance and that it was correct. I began using my funds then about 10 days later receive a message stating I am overdrawn which isn’t even possible. Well, when I looked at transaction history saw 2 atm withdrawals and knew I had been at the atm machine since the card began working. Then I get a message from them explaining those amounts are being deducted from my balance because they claim the atm did dispense funds on the 2 occassion when it told me card is not working. I believed this could be easily resolved and that by them doing a little research would conclude that this is a mistake on their part. was i WRONG!!! I was able to file the dispute with customer service but all they can do is take the information. It isn’t possible to actually speak to anyone to actually resolve the dispute. The only way to communicate with them is through the app message system and it is obvious they aren’t capable of resolving even the simplest of errors. Even though I insisted they reopen my dispute after their initial conclusion that they are right and I’m wrong, they still cheated me out of a large sum of my hard earned money. I feel like I totally got scammed. Closed the card immediately.



My name is jose abreu a few months aprox 9 months ago i opend a ( simple ) bank acount a 3 partY bank from BBVA COMPASS BANK ,about 3 weeks ago after 9 months of being there client ,they freez my acount stating that they cant verefied me ,watttt after 9 months ,well they askd me for( driveres license ) social security card ) proof of adress ,i sent them all they askd and still a month later i cant acess my funds, know they are asking me for a linkd acount that i liknd wich is a pay card from my UBER job ,i only have 2 weeks working there and they are asking me for a 3 months pdf statements ,its not posible to get that i contact gobank and askd if i can get them statements and they told me its inposible if i only have 2 weeks with them ,and that i start printing after 3 billing sicle,so know am stuck i even gave ( simplebank ) copies if all i govermet id and even copies of other credit cards in my name ,i know am taking a risk giving so much personal information but am desparate i need my money,i need help does any one knows of a good atorney ?
Desired Resolution: Other (requires explanation)
Desired Outcome



I chose to open an account with Simple. BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life! My husband and I needed an account that would make transfers from his account to mine, “Simple”. He started transferring money into my Simple account, no problem. I had well over $4000 in my account, so I could take care of our expenses while he was away. After one transaction, Simple locked my account! Over a TWO WEEK period, I was sending over personal documents requested as they stated they now “needed to verify my identity”. After daily calls to customer service, sending over all documentation, they STILL had my account unlocked. They refused to close my account and put the funds back in my husbands account. Stating they can’t do ANYTHING while my account was being reviewed. The only way to speak with anyone on the “review team” is through email. After now, THREE WEEKS of sending over the requested documents MULTIPLE TIMES, having ALL OF MY FUNDS LOCKED AND INACCESSIBLE, while my husband is away, I received an email stating the only way to unlock my frozen account was to file all transfers as “Unauthorized Transaction” at my husbands bank, due to my name not being on his account! So basically, if you want to receive money from anyone to put into your Simple account, they’ll verify and accept the transfer, but then freeze your account and make you go through weeks of hell as well as file fraudulent “Unauthorized Transactions” with the original bank?!
I emailed them back, asking them how lying to my husbands bank, filing an unauthorized transaction, when it was in fact authorized, was a solution. If he could simply add my name to his account and I could send them the updated account information, I could add him to my Simple account to remedy the situation. As it makes NO SENSE to pay associated fees as well as basically flat out lie, to receive our money back?! That email was over 4 days ago, no response! I feel as if I’ve been completely scammed at this point! I’ve also been forced to borrow money from friends and family while this has taken place, as this was all of the money my children and I had to live off of while my husbands away. We had an eviction notice on our door, as we had no way to even pay our rent! Luckily, my landlord has been understanding, and feels horrible for us after I showed him the communications between myself and Simple, trying to resolve this issue!
I can’t warn people enough, DON’T DO BUISSNESS with SIMPLE!


Simple is…terribly simple

Not good. Lacks basic functionality you’d expect from online banking. My account was hacked - which happens, sometimes, I know - but then they froze my accounts, and I wasn’t allowed to “reinstated as a customer” for some reason. The accounts are still creepily open after months of requesting they be officially closed. I don’t think they’ll last…Ally is way better and has much better interest rates.


Punishing the victim is terrible policy

I was a happy Simple customer for four years, but my recent experiences have exposed some horrible policies.
I’d been saving money into a Goal for months, toward a big purchase. I called Simple on a Tuesday to ask the best way to make a withdrawal. Two days later I made the withdrawal. The next morning I got a notification that my account had been frozen, and they needed to verify me. I’d been a customer for four years, but suddenly I was not real? I called customer service and was told the following: the team that does “customer verifications” does not take phone calls. They also do not work on weekends, and they have no set schedule regarding how long an account can be frozen/locked/inaccessible. It could be a few days or a few months until they get around to verifying you,. They could not tell me why the account was frozen. I called again on Monday and asked if there was any way I could get access to my money. Same song and dance, I had to wait for the “verification team”. I spoke with a supervisor, who said he’d contact the verification team on my behalf, and ask them to please respond.
The next day I got a response. First they required me to change my username and password. Once that was done, they told me that since someone else had attempted to verify as me (I have no proof of this) they were closing my account.
So apparently their policy is to cancel customer accounts, rather than try to figure out what happened. I have no idea if someone actually tried to pretend to be me, but wouldn’t a company with reasonable customer service at least try to help the victim of attempted identity theft, instead of just randomly closing accounts? And as a final kick in the teeth - if they throw you out because someone attempts to gain access to your account, and you still have any interest in keeping your account, don’t bother. They claim they have no way to make a new account for a person who used to have one. Ridiculous.
So now I have to wait for them to get around to sending me a check, in the mail, to get my funds back.
Horrible experience. I will no longer recommend them for anything.



I used Simple for 3 years and at first it was amazing. However, over the past few months the company has gone completely downhill. They randomly decided to closed my account due to some paperwork issue with no apologies, no solutions, nothing, even though I submitted everything they required. Simple was a great thing, but not anymore.


Not So Simple when you have been defrauded

Like a few Others, had the mistery over 2K transaction hit account. Simple Closed and put on waiting list without explanation of what fraud was committed. Escalated to Legal System.


Great concept, stillBeing refined.

I’ve had Simple since they first rolled out and recently also started utiliimg their new shared account feature. Overall, this banking concept is phenomenal, but there are drawbacks. I’ll just name my top two here, but be aware there’s multiple. Getting money into/out of Simple is a pain. Transfers take nearly a week, and even my paycheck gets deposited a full two days later compared to my old bank account. While it’s nice being “check free” and I do like their bill pay service, sometimes you just need to write a check. Like when you unexpectedly have home repairs or other issues. Society isn’t 100% ready to have absolutely no checks, so I find that I’m keeping another account open “just in case”


Worst online banking Company!

Beware!! Nothing convenient about it! They love to withhold your money and take days to transfer. Easily hacked, my account was hacked without my knowledge! I didn’t get any verification via email or text letting me know someone linked their account to transfer my funds! Then they tried to close my account and would not send me my balance! Worst experience I’ve ever had!!! Never again!



Closed my account for absolutely no reason. I’m reading other recent reviews looks like I wasn’t the only one. All I have to say is stay away from thins bank!!!



Wouldn’t post this if not for the abysmal reviews but I’ve been with Simple for at least 2 years now and it’s great.

A few months back they were bought by another company and the bank account numbers for everyone had to change. They sent out letters by email letting people know and what to do. I got mine and it was just a matter up signing some papers and setting up a new routing number.

As for why so many people had their accounts close, I’d venture to say it was because of this. The letters did let people know accounts would be closed if the there was no response. People are either not checking their email or didn’t get it for some reason.


Less than 0

Avoid this bank at all costs! I have been using it for years and suddenly they have decided I can no longer have an account with them because of my temporary overseas contracts. Talking to them is like talking to a wall…they won’t listen and have decided to close my account without all of the facts, when I called them about it they just kept saying it is impossible to reverse their decision. This has caused me more problems than I can count. Simple is a lie…not simple, a huge headache. RUN!!!



I’ve had Simple for three years and have never had a problem. I’ve always received prompt and polite responses to my email inquiries and phone calls and the app is user-friendly and clean. When I issue a money transfer or send a check, it’s instantly taken from my available funds vs. other banks that wait for the money to be withdrawn. The latter is bad (and I believe strategic) practice that invites overdraft fees.

I’ve been using Ally online bank at the same time because they issue paper checks, which although nearly antiquated, there are still a few people out there who don’t know any other way to exchange money or who are confused by/ distrustful of money transfers. That is Simple’s only drawback-- no paper checks. Ally is comparatively awful with a corporate, Bank-of-America feel; an old-fashioned app and way of doing business, which is that they hide fees, hold your deposits for no reason and are generally dishonest.

It seems that the millennial business model is trending toward minimalism, which Simple has in spades. They are transparent and, well, simple. I’ve recommended Simple to two other friends and they also have had no problems. We’ve also connected our accounts so that we can instantly transfer money to each other’s accounts. If my friend needs twenty bucks, it’s seriously just a 5 second click away. I’m impressed.


Closed my account?

Been a customer for a year with only a few issues around verification but went to deposit a check today and received a message telling me there would be a 9 day hold because my account was new! Then called customer service and told my account was closed yesterday because the picture of my I.D. was too dark! This was the first I’ve heard about it…no message no warning just closed and nothing they can do! Absolutely unacceptable unprofessional and utterly ridiculous…I’m still in shock! These people should NOT BE IN BUSINESS!