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If you open a checking account with Simple, they may, and probably will, block your account at some time, especially if you make a large deposit, and you will have to jump through hoops to get access to your money. I had banked with them for about 8 months before I made a larger than usual deposit, about $5000. The minute the deposit hit their system, they blocked my account and said I was ‘unverified’. I followed every instruction they gave me and still couldn’t become ‘verified’. They had never notified me of any problems with my status until this deposit. The only problem I had before this was that utility companies and a number of other companies can not process payment through Simple because Simple does not process debits as many companies do. More than once, I received unpaid notices and penalties from utility companies because their charges came back from Simple unpaid. There was plenty of money in my account, Simple just wouldn’t pay because they later said they didn’t have the ability to process. They don’t tell you about this problem when you open an account with them. I opened my account on the telephone - I asked plenty of questions and they had plenty of opportunities to mention the problems with their accounts. The rep did not mention any potential limitations or problems, nor did they mention that Simple is notorious for blocking accounts sporadically. This has happened to each and everyone I know that opened an account with them. They even blocked my elderly mother’s account and froze up her only source of income - her monthly Social Security retirement payment. She was told by their Customer Service Supervisor that she was too old to understand how to do things their way and he recommended that she get an account elsewhere. A complaint through the Federal Reserve had to be brought into this. The folks at Simple quickly got to the point that they would not respond when contacted by phone or email. There is absolutely no way to speak with anyone above their phone support team, although they often speak of the ‘people who make their decisions’. Their representatives are rude, arrogant and generally speak in a goofy, childish vocabulary that is inappropriate when speaking to someone about their money. I also had to contact the Federal Reserve and other government offices (complaint still in process). Another financial institution finally assisted and retrieved my money from them.
BBVA Compass and Simple are bottom-feeders and should not be allowed to exist in this country.


I’ve had better…

This account was only used to be able to transfer money back and fourth between friends and family, and as a debit card. We previously had the Google Wallet card, which we loved. They stopped doing that and Simple was one of the cards we were referred to use in its place. When using the Google card, we were able to add money immediately. The Simple card takes multiple days to add money, which was inconvenient. I randomly got an email from them saying they were canceling my card because they couldn’t verify my address. Which I had changed, and got a letter saying they were able to change it 8 months prior. When I called to ask why this was happening, they had no answers and said it was too late to fix anything, even though I had contacted them within an hour of receiving the notification. I was told my only option was to spend or take the money out, and open a new account.


Not for nomads.

I work online, I travel. I opened this account because I wanted the flexibility of an online bank. When they found out I was calling from Mexico while traveling, they closed my account because “I spend significant time traveling”.


No fees and Envelope Budgeting

My wife and I have a shared account that we use as our only bank account. It’s awesome because we each have an individual account that’s linked to the shared account so we can have our play money in our individual accounts and pay bills and everything from our shared accounts.

We use Simple’s “Goals” for envelope budgeting and we’ve never had a better hold of our finances than we do right now.

Love Simple and love the app!



I opened an account with them a year ago and I’m closing it today. I had to mail a check for deposit because I couldn’t use the app. After paying for certified mail and wasting a week, they sent the check back stating they couldn’t “verify it’s authenticity”. It was a US BANK check and I was able to cash it at a branch down the street. What’s the point of using this if you can’t even put money into the account?


Awesome User Interface

I love Simple. There’s no other way to put this. Their customer service is always efficient and they treat me with respect regardless of what my balance is. This is something that Chase does not do, even as a Private Client customer. I only gave them three stars because you’re their rates are on par with other big banks (Chase, B of A, Citi, etc.) so nothing special there. What I like the most is that they’re built entirely in the cloud and they’re primarily a FinTech company rather than just a bank. They rely on BBVA to hold the funds, but Simple provides the customer experience, you’ll never interact with BBVA.

With this being said, there is a bit of “trust” that you have to have with Simple. It’s a psychological thing. Once you get past that you’ll be happy you switched. As for me, I’m still in the middle of switching. I bank 50/50 with Chase and Simple, but every time I call Chase customer service you better believe I’m ready to give Simple all my money. I hold back because of that psychological safety issue. One day I’ll bank 100% with them :slight_smile:

Give them a try. I don’t think you’ll regret it!


rude company

They refused to file unauthorized transaction on my account, then they stole $.76 from me.

Constantly give you the run around after they close your account for any reason, at any time.

Have filed complaints with VISA and New York State Finance.


Just don’t do it!

I have been with simple for over a year and at first it was great! But now it just sucks. They do not try everything that can do to help you. An ATM stole hundreds from me and when I filed a complaint no one could telll me anything on the situation. I couldn’t call the department, I had to wait for someone to message me. Now I’m dealing with no effort in mailing my card. They give you the run around on everything. I appreciated the no fees, but I would have liked to be treated better as a customer. Now I’m in the process of finding another institution, cause simple is just inconsiderate!!!


Awesome UI and Support - Unreliable Company

Was a customer since 2013. They switched partner banks and they put the burden of the requirements on me to continue my banking with them. It took me 5-10 phone calls and even more emails to figure it all out.

When I finally got an account created they put a 30 day hold on my account because I was a new customer. I cashed my checks and couldn’t see any funds for 9 days. Started to overdraft on accounts as a result.

If you’re going to use Simple, make sure it’s not your primary account. That was my fault.


Going downhill

I’ve banked with Simple since 2013. They have a lot of nice features that drew me to their bank. Their website and mobile apps are very well designed. The Goals and Safe-to-Spend functionality are great, you can “hide” money from yourself and save a set amount each day. It’s really changed my saving habits for the better.

They seem to be on a downward trend however. They recently switched partner banks and ever since, my balance has sometimes been off due to pending transactions that don’t show up in the transactions list. When I reached out to support, they basically said “sit tight, we’re working on it”. Having a correct balance should be an extremely high priority for a bank.

Also, the development of their platform appears to have slowed significantly. They announced a Recurring Goals feature in 2013 and they have still not implemented it, even though it’s highly sought after (check their Twitter). When Apple Pay was first announced by Apple, Simple said they would implement it within a month, it took well over 6 months for it to roll out. Anytime you reach out on social media or to their support, they respond with a generic, “we’re working on a lot of great stuff, so sit tight!”.

For an online bank, they also have very low APY on their savings account, 0.01% vs. 1% of Ally or Schwab.

Overall, I’m pretty much sticking with Simple because of the Goals functionality. It’s changed my saving habits that much. If that is something that appeals to you, I’d recommend it. Otherwise, I would look elsewhere, there are far better online banks.


Don’t waste your time!

I’m closing my account as soon as I spend on the money on there! Did a transfer from Chase Bank on a Friday here we are Thursday and it still hasn’t cleared!!! Why does it take a whole week??? I recommend American Express Serve it’s free too and the money is cleared INSTANTLY WHEN


Don’t fall for this.

I have been trying for over a month just to deposit money into this so called bank. You can’t deposit cash and you can’t deposit anything through ATMs. You can set up direct deposit but fortunately I didn’t. I wanted to see if they were trustworthy first.
Per their instructions I purchased a money order, made it out to myself, signed the back, wrote my account number and "for deposit only’ on the back. I sent pictures with the assurance the funds would be available the dollowung day. Instead I recieved an automated message declining to honor my submission. No reason given. I tried again and got the same message. They didnt respond to my inquiry through the app so I finally called and asked what the problem was and, get this! They don’t know!! They insisted that i mail the check. I declined. At this point I can’t teust them to credit it properly. I’ve been to the store I purchased the money order with, my bank and the bank the money order was drawn on. No luck. Everyone wants to put a lenghthy hold on it. So, thanks to Simple (ironic) I am now stuck with a money order and no immediate access to my own money. Rent will be late for ths first time in my life. Thanks Simple. Another word if caution, every legitimate bank I told this story too said it sounded very shady and advised me not to trust them. If I had this much trouble trying to DEPOSIT money, I shudder to think how I would ever get any back OUT. This is most likely a fraudulent business. DO NOT give them access to your money through direct deposit. You will likely never be able to access it. You have been warned. You’re welcome


Love it

I’ve been using this for over a year and I finally am able to save money and be able to budget my life, not sure if these other bad reviews are due to them just not really using it. If you don’t even setup direct deposit why would you even enjoy it? I have a bank of America account and simple and I never looked back. I’ve got multiple people on this and they enjoy it. No calling bank lines holding you can text a reply or just call. Full control of blocking the card if needed this made a world of difference I fill my goals and then don’t worry about using money I wouldn’t have. I also save goals for long term for a plane ticket each year to visit home. Don’t be fooled by people who haven’t actually tried it. You can put one foot In and expect to have the experience… It’s a great system and anytime I use my card I immediately know a charge was spent. Great job and thank you for making life easier money wise. Before this I dreaded logging into my bank account, now I look forward to it.



Was attracted to Simple because of their envelope feature (now I use Qapital for that) but I was iffy about putting my money with them so I transferred $10 from my Citibank checking account. Took a few days to be processed. I used my card only 3 times at fast food places I frequently used my Citibank debit card at (with no problems) and when I had $2.30 left in my account I got an alert that my card was used at a gas station in the Bronx (I’m never in the Bronx and I don’t drive). Immediately locked my card and the pending transaction was cancelled so my money was put back. I messaged customer service through the app and got a response 5 hours later and they froze my account and sent me a new card.

While I appreciated that customer service was somewhat prompt with fixing my problem, they mentioned that using a debit card at fast food places, etc is always a risk of fraud…but I had never had any problems using my Citibank debit card at either of these places. Thank God I didn’t deposit the $300 I was gonna start with. If you’re gonna use this app, be very cautious! I only wanted Simple as a savings account (don’t care about the very low interest) but I now just use Qapital which I haven’t had any problems with thus far.


Slow to adapt, long processing times

Had many signs that I shouldn’t put money into this bank but I have them the benefit of the doubt.
“Simple”(no pun intended)things like changing my address required jumping through many hoops and took unnecessarily long to do.
The bigger issue is there isn’t many ways to deposit money. One way they say is the fastest and easiest is through money order, so after being advised on the phone to go this route they end up denying the deposit for “no known reason”. This happened to be the last straw after realizing I’ll now have to pay a fee just to cash my money order back to myself. They also wouldn’t budge on reimbursement for the fee.
Initial thoughts were that this company was apart of the future but quickly the behind the curve attributes became apparent.


Same old bank, but online


  • No overdraft protection. Really? Every other bank does it. And guys, it’s a money maker. Even linking to a separate savings account would help. Nope, not at Simple.
  • Can’t deposit cash. Hard to believe for a bank that was designed to be completely online. Did they forget about cash? It’s a thing.
  • Takes longer to clear a check than other banks. You can read the horror stories in other reviews.
  • Can’t do person-to-person electronic transfers outside of their own network. Most major banks now offer Zelle. True to their name, these guys are just too simple for that.

Yes, their website, app, rates, and fees are fine. But the cons I mentioned go beyond that. Someone mentioned the childlike way they talk to you. It’s true, their customer service is geared toward someone with a 6th grade education. I find that annoying.

You would think a company like Simple would design their account to make use of the best banking features or at least be sufficiently nimble to adapt to new developments. These guys seems to have no interest in innovation.

Three years ago I asked about business banking. The answer: we’re working on it. No, you’re not.

I asked about transferring money to an individual outside of the Simple network. Their answer: try paypal or Venmo. Really? No one at Simple saw this coming?


NOT simple.

I created an account and then had to cancel it. A couple months later, my team and I decided to use Simple again for our shared account. I went online to re-open my account, and I saw my team member’s “shared account” request so I accepted it, got an e-mail saying I was good to go and our shared account debit cards were on their way, and assumed Simple had never actually canceled my previous account.

I called them to make sure everything was OK, and was told things were not OK, that my previous account WAS cancelled and that the shared account wouldn’t work (that it was in some sort of “limbo” since it was trying to link a cancelled account?) and I had to re-apply. OK, kind of confusing since my email said otherwise, but whatever, I’ll re-apply. I re-applied, and then was told my application was disqualified because I had closed a previous account and they wouldn’t know when I could re-apply successfully.

Sooo… I DON’T have a shared account and I don’t have a valid account and they give no solution as to how I can get one. My teammember’s “shared account” that she tried to share with me is apparently in some limbo that then keeps her from creating a shared account with anybody else. This is very annoying and there have been no solutions offered.


Truly Simple

For people like me who don’t require a bunch of stuff from their bank and have a hard time managing money, Simple is great. I’ve used them as my primary checking account for over a year. They’re relatively new so maybe there are still some kinks to work out (transfers still take a few days), but overall I’ve had no issues. If you try to compare them to other banks they’ll fall short because they really only have the basic functionalities, but I think that works perfectly for a lot of people, me included. I have linked my savings account from a different bank and move money easily. I don’t think it’s a huge issue that you can’t transfer to other people through simple, especially since most people use venom or google wallet anyway, and those are more or less instantaneous. Not being able to deposit cash doesn’t bug me either because I almost never use cash. The lack of fancy functions is made up by the awesome interface on the website and app. The budgeting tools work super well, and I get notifications every time my card is charged which is a great added security measure. Most banks today are really falling behind when it comes to app development and convenience. After being tired of fees from other banks, simple was a great switch.


stupid people

This card is a joke. My account kept being charged after i had no money in my account and they still allowed my account to be charged. I did a dispute and they said there was nothing they could do even tho my account kept being charged. My account again was charged which left me negative 142.50 and simple allowed the place to charge me again. I want to close my account, but again they are giving me the run around. I will no longer go with these ppl for the simple fact they are frauds its self. I suggest others not to go with them as well because they will allow ppl to charge your card with out your consent, then want to do a dispute which will take weeks to do and then tell you they found nothing wrong with the charge. BEWARE STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.



I am not happy with these people. They keep letting ppl charge my account that did not have my permission. I suggest you stay far away from this card