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Simple is What you want

Just a quick note here. I agree that these negative reviews are possibly fake.

Simply put (pun intended) Simple has been everything they said they would be.

Customer service by email, live chat and phone have been 100% helpful and fast.

I can’t be the only person in charge of a $500 empire whose had this kind of experience with them!

Finally, I’d also like to second the poster who mentioned the bizarre billing practices at BOFA.

If you move to Simple you won’t have a monthly 15 minute phone call to customer service trying to discover why you have $100+ less in your account for mysterious reasons. This is real, kids.


Poor service

Had my identity stolen and did not help shut down the account or view the account. couldn’t answer my questions about where a card was sent. I asked to have the account shut down and for them to contact me to tell me it was closed. they said they would look into it, but said they cant contact me afterwards because “we dont know if its you or not”. i just want confirmation that the account was closed. now i have to wait and hope.


Lamest Bank Ever

Unctuous customer service. This overlay of banking is no better than a tin can buried in your backyard. They provide zero banking services, except to take your transfers or photo deposited checks and hold the funds until you use the only method for getting cash, which is the BVA debit card. Lame services for lame customers.


Outrageous reviews

Been with Simple for about 4 years and most of what I’m reading in these “reviews” is utter B.S. Unless you’re literally a moron, the app is EXTREMELY easy to use. Customer service has always been top notch and fees are almost non-existent. Unlike these…ahem…“anonymous” reviewers, I’ll actually put my name to this.


Customer Friendly, EASY to Use

Simple Bank is a fast, fun, easy way to save your money, pay your bills and have a “Bank” without the brick-and-mortar. The online interface is Sparse, Simple and EASY to use & navigate. Customer Service is OUTSTANDING, phone support is quick and responsive. Even the debit card itself is stark and “simple”. The android app is excellent, notifications are meaningful and fun. They are part of BVBA Compass, so you know they are here to stay.

Misgivings: Getting money INTO your Simple account takes a few days, as the best way is to link an external account and transfer from there. You CAN add money directly from a debit card (which is instant), but there are limits on the frequency of this.

Ongoing and current federal changes in the ACH transfer system will hopefully improve this, and make these transfers much quicker.

If you work for a company that has Direct Deposit, you’ve got it made. Simple Bank make setting this up VERY EASY for you, and you’ll never have to worry about slow transfers, etc.

This is a forward-thinking, fantastic little bank. Give these guys a try and have some fun with your banking.


Solutions to all your banking needs!

I am impressed. I was looking for a debit card without all the fees and strings attached. This has been perfect. The app is super simple and the online portal is simple too. I have not had to deal with customer service aside from setting up the card and that was, well, SIMPLE. I really do like this option so far. Keeps me on my budget and out of spending trouble.


Quick, Clean, Easy

Simple is fast, accurate, and well… simple. The app and online tools are very helpful for budgeting purposes. Their customer care and support are unmatched. I recommend Simple to everyone.


Nothing short of Fantastic.!

Ther overall experience is very very good. I’ve never felt the loss of the regular banking structure. There’s just no fuss while using the app and it’s services.


Worst Fake Bank Ever

Your Simple account is pending closure because your account usage does not meet the requirements of the account agreement you signed with Simple. Any transfers must be returned by the sending institution.

Due to the closure our team can no longer offer phone support for this account. You will still be able to send and receive messages by logging in on a computer, but any calls relating to this account will be ended.

-Simple Support

This is what I was told by simple after I deposited a money order in my account. Fine if you want to close my account for no reason that’s fine, how about my money that you have been holding for over a month. How about when I call and try to get information I get hung up on and because I called more than niece they blocked my phone number so I can’t call again. When I sent a message begging them for my money because I get paid every week and after paying my bills I purchased a money order and deposited it into my simple account so I can use my debit card to make purchases. They left me with no money till my next payday and not even the decency to message me back telling me when I will get my money back. I have reported this joke of a bank to the FDIC and CFPB and to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Hopefully they put them in there place and I am now filling a small claims lawsuit against simple and BBVA for thef. Take my advise Bank with anyone but this bank. I loved simple till they turned on me and now it’s like I robbed the bank I can’t even get a response from them.


Simply Awesome

The app + goals + bill pay is the bee’s knees here. A couple suggestions is they need to add recurring goals and it would be sweet if you could add priorities to goals so if you only have enough cash to meet some of your goals, the higher priority goals would be saved first.


Beautiful and easy

The account budget options are incredible and changed the way I manage money.


DOn’t ask them for help

Don’t ask simple to help you figure out charges all they will say is “we’ve blocked your account and your card is on the way”. I didn’t ask you to block it, i wanted help. Now i’m pretty much stranded , can’t get to work, or school BECAUSE UBER DOESN’T ACCEPT CASH.


Simply great

Overall have nothing but good to say. Keeps u on track with your goals, near design, Apple Pay compatible, and great for bills.



This bank is fantastic. I have alwasy had clear and friendly communication from them. One person just texted me back and forth on the app regarding how her day was going while I was “on hold”. They hire real people and really care. They have helped to resolve any weird charges from merchants within a day or so. Always upfront regarding any delays in processing. They have an incredible website and app, and I have reccomended so many people use it to budget their life. If you need to simplify your financial life get rid of all accounts and use this one. Has the ability to download your purchase history to be used in other programs like excel. Super-fab.
Overall incredible.


Best bank ever

I’ve never had a reason to complain, and anytime I needed to talk with customer service the experience is beyond impressive. Direct, courteous, kind… Plus no bs fees have ever hit me out of no where.

Sure, no frills and no loan dept, ect but I knew that off the rip. Simple has never pretended to be anything but what their title states.



Simple failed before giving me the chance to use them.

I opened my Simple account on Sept. 2016; I was given an account number which I didn’t like. Talked to tech support and was told to get a new account number by closing the current account, so I did. After the account was closed, I tried to reopen a new account with the Simple app as instructed by Simple’s tech support, the apps would lockup and goes in a loop. Called tech supports many times and said either try again in a couple of days or their’s nothing they can do to allow me to reopen my account.

Now over a year later (Oct. 2017), I would expect whatever technical issues they had would be fixed by now. The assistant said they are still not able to open an account for me and suggested that I be put on a list to be called when the technical issue is fixed. Does not sound right to me, seem like I’m blacklisted and not a problem on their system.

I heard many great things about Simple, would love to give Simple a try; apparently they don’t need more customers.


Not perfect but close enough

I have been using simple for a few years now and their customer support and mobile app is beyond great. The system isn’t perfect as depositing cash is a huge hassle but if you can get past that, everything else works and feels like a charm. No bullshit, simple banking. Just like it should be.


Garbage, just garbage

Tried and tried and tried and tried. Couldn’t link accounts to transfer funds, then it wouldn’t accept the code it was texting me.

Tried over an hour and their website would not do a fucking thing for me. Yeah, that inspires confidence in your online banking…


Really Amazingly Good

Simple has a beautiful app and is really fantastic for budgeting and tracking. It’s really a joy to use. The goals with safe-to-spend really gets the psychology of money just right. Almost all debit transactions post immediately so you can deal with them immediately (although the default categorization has been very good so far) and you always have an up to date picture of what is available. This is really much better than using a mint-like service for tracking and budgeting where you have to wait for the transaction to post and remember what it was days later.

Their shared account is really great for organizing your spending with your significant other. Both people have individual cards and you both have a shared account and debit card for shared expenses. You can then choose how much you want to use each depending on how commingled your finances are. It’s really very great.

The customer service has always been helpful and friendly to me.

It sounds like they had some issues when they transitioned their banking back-end to BBVA which I think generated some of the bad reviews.

Bottom line: I really love their service and can’t recommend it highly enough.



I love Simple. You don’t have to have a separate savings account to put money aside, I can manage everything through my phone and their customer service is accessible and incredibly helpful.