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Customer Service is Horrible

As stated, their Customer Service is the worst. Friendly voices who tell you what they think you want to hear and then move onto the next customer. If you need to interact with your bank, look elsewhere.


Bad Simple experience

Hi eveto new I use started a account with simple and I decided to go ahead and put money in my account …our I uploaded a check through the picture method and 2 days later they sent me this message :

Your account has been closed because the check you deposited was not valid. We are no longer able to offer you an account at Simple. Your card and account are blocked so no further deposits, transactions or transfers can be made.

Once all transactions have settled, if your balance is currently greater than $1.00 you will receive a check to the address on file. Any balance lower than $1.00 will be forfeited.

Thank you,
-Simple Support

So after I seen this message I called immediately andelete they told me they weren’t allowed to speak with me over the phone andied that the only you way to receive help will be through support message so I send them like 3 or 4 messages and no one has responded it has been about 5 days sinnice this happenday. .I was afraid I started to think they were a scam …so I called my school since they were the ones that sent me the check and they said they sent me out another check because I told them the first one was lost butin didn’t know so right after I told them I lost it I found it a couple minutes after and just decided to upload it onto my new simple account I did not know my school cancelled it and plus I sent out a email as soon as I found it telling them …but simple is making me feel like a criminal and they started to make Mends feel like they took my money because they didn’t even call to check and see what as happening and they kept hanging up in my face and never responded. Luckily I didn’t have any bills to pay that day! SO BE CAREFUL NOT TO MAKE ANY MISTAKES!


Money missing, no support

I have called all week about money missing and they tell me it’s not their job after they told me to send it to the people responsible for not just misplacing my check but apparently a lot of people’s checks.


Stupid Business for Stupid Customers

Don’t think for a minute that this is a bank. It’s not even close. They put your money into BBVA Compass bank then retrieve it when you spend.

External transfers between Simple and a real Bank take much longer than between real banks because the funds move between three entities instead of 2. An ordinary overnight ACH to Simple takes 4 days. And, instead of those transfers being available in the morning, they show up anytime during the day. Makes it impossible to tell someone I will pay them when my funds are available because I never know when that will be.
Totally useless entity. Well, the only good thing is that you are lesss likely to overdraw at Simple. It can still be done.


horrible company

Nerd Wallet obviously takes up for this company as they deleted my review… this company doesn’t care about customers. In fact I just went through a situation where they banked off of their personal rep’s error of holding everyone’s mail for nearly two weeks… imagine the late fees they charged everyone who had checks sitting and waiting. When I ask them what’s going to be done, they just ignore me now… no support from these people when you need support.


Worst bank! Poor support!

They transposed my name somehow, but still opened the account. I now had a bank account in the USA using a name that was not real!
I asked to fix it and they stated that’s how I opened it and they would need documentation to correct the issue. Wait, you can open an account and verify a name that does not exist but you need every ID I have to fix your mistake.
Now I had to call them to close the account and they were rude!!
Wait for it… and my account is still open!
I hope that my account will be closed soon but now I know how to open a bank account with a fake name.


Best Online Bank

So, this is the best Bank I’ve ever had. Simple’s customer service is quality! The reviews are likely bad because people usually only leave reviews for bad reasons. I’ve dealt with them 3 times, got a human quickly, and they dealt with my issue in a timely manner.

On top of the amazing service, Simple cares! They send you “fun” email updates full of animals and human language on privacy policy changes and regulation e.

You can also send a check through their app… or deposit a check… All the regular banking stuff.

And if you overdraft, just submit a money order to them and Bam, issue fixed! No overdrafts!

You won’t regret banking with Simple.


America Online for banking

Everything seems beautiful and convenient up front, not the least of which is that there’s simply no overdraft or other fees of any kind. But there is a lot of weirdness that isn’t communicated well.

For instance, if I want to schedule a transfer, they space them out to one a day, often two or more days after I submitted the transfer–yet I also can’t change any of them once they’re submitted, and they take FOR-EVER. (For one example of a repeated thing, I submitted a transfer two days ago, on Dec. 4. For some reason, they scheduled one to not happen until Dec. 7, and the other not until Fri. 12/8–and that’s just when the funds get drawn from the other account. It won’t be available for another 3-4 business days, adding up to like 8-9 days to have access to my own money. In 2017, with online transfers under $200!)

In addition, there’s the weirdness of “oh, haha, yeah, we don’t do e-checks despite being an electronic bank.” So you have to allow them to mail actual checks for you–and this is modern?! It’s just weird, and I haven’t even had the maddening experience of other customers here, who claim that Simple just never sent their checks.

I appreciate the concept, but the extended duration of transfers due to using a third-party bank, and the limits on bill payments and functionality of their services as a result, should be more fully disclosed. This feels like America Online for banking.


Transactions take too long to post and app needs work

App issue: App needs to show all related details to the transaction history. Transaction history may show that a payment was made to Citibank but does not show which account or card # the transaction was made to. Also does not indicate whether it was an electronic transfer or mailed check.

Deposits sometimes take over a week to post.

Otherwise, customer service is friendly and knowledgeable


Really? Wow…

Wish I had known about the irrevocable check clearing process before I deposited my check. Industry wide, typical check clearing takes 1-2 business days —- 3 days max. For reasons known only to those in the “checks department” —according to customer service rep— Simple hijacked my money/put a hold on my check for 5 business days (7 days total due to timing with the weekend). This unnecessary drawn out hold did more harm than good given the dire need for those funds. When I questioned Simple reps for the purpose of the hold and (on the 4th business day) begged the manager for at least partial funds released they decreed “there’s nothing they can do”. Even if it is entirely true that the check clearance protocol is etched in stone (which I doubt) the only source of help they could provide me with were the instructions on how to close my account…: once the check clears. With that being the case, I’ll simply take my business somewhere else. Not recommended.


No longer great after being bought by BBVA Compass

I’ve been a customer of Simple for a few years and at fist I loved them. They had a new thing going and had great customer service.

Over the last year, their customer service has gone down the toilet.

But first, the good:
The best thing about simple is their website. It is modern and easy to use, and has a special feature built in that allows you to automatically and mindlessly save money.

Thats about all they have going for them. Even that money saving feature is half-baked and I’m waiting for them to build in functionality that I need, rather than features I have to twist to fit my needs.

Simple likes to throw around branding that they are NEW age and COOL and hip. Unfortunately, they are in the dark ages when it comes to banking process and policy.

I have bank accounts with 5 other banks and have had bank accounts with 2 others previously. Simple is the SLOOOOOOWEST when it comes to online deposits and transfers. I cannot understand why it takes 8-10 days for a transfer to clear from one bank to another when every other bank I use, the longest is 3-4 days. Most banks these days are implementing deposit technology that is nearly instant, clearing within 24 hours or less.

Their customer service has been combative and non-existent the last 8 months.

We recently moved and I had to change our address. Instead of being able to just fill out the address settings on the website like EVERY OTHER BANKING INSTITUTION IN BUSINESS - I had to submit a “request” and it had to be reviewed and approved. It was rejected because I had a 2nd line address (Apartment, Unit, etc.). This took 2 weeks to resolve by email and they were very uncooperative and incompetent.

Worse, they like to use a “cool hipster” tone when replying to emails about technical issues with their product which is just annoying as hell. Instead of writing 3 paragraphs of brand-fabricated muck, just fix the problem.

Recently I had a problem with a fraudulent transaction on my atm card. They shut it down and promised I’d get a new card within 14 days. (Really? Most banks will deliver a new card in less than 48 hours. My GOD how did they get so bad at this?) 14 days later, I still did not have a new card. I sent in a new email ticket… no response. 3 days later, I poked them again. Still no response. Almost 2 weeks later after no response I called them and found out the person who ordered my card never finished the process.

I won’t even get started on the time they stole $10 from my account with no explanation and no cooperation because I can’t even explain it myself.

I am just flabbergasted at how bad Simple has become. All I can say, as that when BBVA Compass bank bought them, I think that’s what did it.

I’m looking for a new bank that can help me save like Simple does without the rage.


I wish I liked them…

If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have signed up with them.

I’ve tried to deposit 4 checks using their snap a picture portion of their app… and none of them have gone through with NO explanation. They just tell me it needs to be mailed in. I called, and asked over and over and over why that would happen, so that it could be fixed and I wouldn’t have to mail it in, waiting the extra time for my deposit to go through… and I was given zero answers as to why. I’m not happy with their service, and just opened another bank account today because of it.


New account sign-up process is extremely annoying

My SSN card keeps getting rejected and never email me about it. So, I’m constantly checking the application by signing in and finding out I need to re-upload the SSN card. This has happened three times now. I’m about to give up. Simple used to be a fantastic bank, but now, I honestly can’t say they are likeable.


Great experience, but still needs some tweaking

I’ve been a customer with Simple Bank for a good 3 years now and I’ve had nothing but great experiences with them. They are convenient when it comes to direct deposits and also check cashing. Their customer service has helped me with several instances with possible fraudulent purchases and reimbursements. Now all that needs to be added is just a cash back rewards option and a separate savings option and they will be the complete package.

Also if they added a customize card option that would be great too.


Big Mistake

When I first opened this account a couple of years ago I loved it! No fees, no hassle. The website/app were great. Not being able to deposit money outside of my direct deposit was a pain but I just stayed on top of my balance. Since the take-over, or whatever, the site is terrible. I live in a very rural area with no cell service, so I cannot receive the texts with a new code EVERY TIME I want to sign on to my account. If I want my balance I have to CALL and jump through 20 hoops to get it. I haven’t had time to look into a new bank but I need to ASAP. I type this as I wait on hold for the past FIFTEEN MINUTES to get my balance. Really, such a huge mistake not jumping ship months ago.


Not worth it.

They put a 9 business day hold on checks. There is no way to bypass this. They do not list that anywhere. Leaving as soon as I can get my money.


Simple, is not simple

As a college student, my university physical address was an unacceptable “residential address.” Over two months of back and forth on 3 phone calls w/ multiple emails to customer service and submitting two separate address verifications with various documents, was still told by customer service that all documentation supplied was unacceptable. This seems completely absurd, and ironic in the end in that I am unable to receive mail at my residential address anyway.


Terrible customer service and practices.

9 days waiting period for checks which was never mentioned. Customer service is clueless about how to fix problems. They charged me extra money with no answer as for why, customer service guessed why but don’t know why it happened and don’t know how to reverse it. Save your money and time, go elsewhere. Trying to get my money back so I can close this account asap.


Closed my Account

Made a check deposit using Simple App.Checked cleared.Made a withdrawal 1 day later they posted a hold my account.Told me there would be an investigation.The next day my account showing closed.Tried to call them someone finally answered the phone and told me they are not allowed to speak to me and hung up.WHAT KIND OF BANK IS THIS


Incredible App and Support

To start, the idea of safe-to-spend is life changing. I can create one time budgets (goals) for my bills and create other goals to save up over time for things like travel and fancy gifts.
I have been able to save money more easily with this tool than i’ve ever been able to before.

The customer support team is second to none. Just having the ability to text into the team is really cool, and the responses are so helpful and they have always been able to resolve my concerns right away.
Calling is also an option, although i’ve never needed to because the experience is so seamless.