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Terrible Bank. No Fees are not enough to recommend.

This could be a good bank for some people. Not for me. Yes, no fees is a very good thing and they are serious about not charging ANY fees. That part is great but far outweighed by their overly conservative rules that in my opinion, are inappropriate and not competitive in a mobile society such as we live in today.

If you are a retiree planning to travel, a couple seeing the US from a motorhome, a digital nomad who can work anywhere there is an Internet connection or someone who works on a cruise ship or is a year-round tour guide, this is the worst bank imaginable. I can’t begin to describe just how awful they were to me.

I discovered that customers must live in a house or apartment to be a customer of Simple Bank. If you decided to travel and gave up a permanent residence and now get your mail (like I do) at Mailboxes Etc. Postal Annex, The UPS Store, Virtual Post Mail, or any of the myriad other USPS approved mail handling facilites, Simple simply does not want your business.

Because they would not send me a DEBIT CARD to access my own money unless I am physically living in a verifiable house or apartment.

I had to be prepared to send in pictures of me standing in front of my residence with the address visible, holding my drivers’ license for the camera. And since I live in a building that has multiple apartments at the same address, they wanted me to send a second picture of myself standing in the doorway of my specific unit, with the unit number clearly visible.

Or I could send in a copy of my lease or mortgage, as long as it was signed in the last six months. I have been here 6 years.

Been at your rural house for twenty years and have no residential mail delivery by the USPS? Sorry, you are SOL. No PO Boxes are acceptable.

Paid off the mortgage? A property tax bill is not an acceptable proof that you are living there. Neither is a mobile phone bill. Or a bank statement. But an NYC ID card is good as gold.

Maybe there is someone who owns millions in rental property spinning off positive cash flow with no mortgage debt, and an American citizen to boot but choosing to live outside the country. Sorry. No debit card for you from Simple Bank.

Then they have a whole list of countries where my debit card simply will not work. Now Cuba or Yemen I can understand. I have been to Cuba and American credit cards don’t work there. Nor do American cell phones. Only non-US citizens can use credit cards in Cuba. Only Greenbacks for American visitors.

But the people running Simple have been watching too many episodes of Narcos.

My card will not work in Colombia. A country safer today than many American cities. And a desirable retirement destination for Americans like me. What’s worse, I can use my card (which they won’t send me) in the corrupt and dangerous country of Mexico. Home of numerous drug cartels killing people in the streets. Mexico? Sì. Colombia? NO!

They cite fraud as the reason for letting the lawyers have a field day with the rule book. It was my experience that these rules were designed to protect THEM, not me.

In all my interactions with their slow to respond customer service, I never felt they cared about me and my needs and specific situation. They remained inflexible and doctrinaire in their responses. “We hear you,” they would say, but they were unmoved.

My recommendation: Stay away. Far, far away.


basic but simple

I had this bank for about a year. There are shortcomings like not being able to deposit cash directly but it gets the job done and does a very good job with it. The times I’ve dealt with customer service (4 times as of today) they have been a great experience. Very prompt, friendly, and respectful. I have never needed to physically call them but instead used the in-app messenger to contact them. The process for depositing checks through the mobile app is easy and quick despite the first one having a hold period. I lost my card once and was quickly replaced by another in less than 2 days. I don’t have any overdraft fees and I can save money (not through a savings account, though) through their “goals” which work for me as I can delete the goal and have that money to spend, if I need. It’s a great bank and I hope they continue to grow. I will continue to use them and hope people try them as they are really a great bank for those struggling to deal with bank fees and getting nickel-ed and dimed elsewhere.


Wow. They have turned around completely. They are a different company than they once were.

Okay, so after my phone call today 10:00am MST 12/28/17 (which i was on hold for 32 minutes before someone named Magaly L picked up) I have decided to close down my, and my wife’s, Simple account. This is largely due to the incompetent and inexistent customer service that I, and by the looks of it, many others have experienced over the last 3 months. My frustration started when I decided to try using Simple again by having a new card sent to me. I didn’t hear back from the support message until a week later, which was someone confirming my address before sending my new card, then i confirmed it, didn’t hear back that it was sent until 1 more week went by. Then they say they only send it USPS which takes a couple of weeks to get to me. I never received it. So this is a process that has taken about a month to take care of. If I was a bank, you think I’d want my customers getting my card and using it right away. When I message AMEX about needing a new card, i have one overnighted ASAP.

So I ended up communicating again by to a Sean J in the support section, expressing my of the website who mentioned that they were sorry for all the long delays with support and that they would be able to Expedite a new card to me with a tracking number if I would be willing to continue my journey with Simple. I eventually told them yes that i would be willing to give them another shot, because in truth, i really loved simple, they were a great company at the time i used them in the past. They offered great support, a great app, and a fun way to budget my money. Unfortunately, i never heard confirmation that my new card was coming in the mail.

Fast forward to today, when i have time to call them on the phone and get some verbal confirmation rather than waiting weeks for a reply on my support message. I finally talk to someone on the phone. I saw some light out of the tunnel. Once i get new cards, i don’t have to deal with their support again! (or so i thought). The support representative saw the message from Sean J about expediting me a new card and understood some of my frustrations and put me on hold to get authorization to send me a new card. She came back with bad news, I was going to have to WAIT two weeks for a new card to be sent USPS. I laughed and told her how blown away i was with their support. I then mentioned i was going to close my account. I heard back from the support rep, “Just because you are closing your account, it doesn’t change my mind on expediting you a new card.” I told her that I actually felt bad for them, I originally ranted and raved about them, but they are now a garbage company, with garbage support. All it would have taken was to send me a new card in an expedited manner due to the frustration with support i’ve received over the last few months. They weren’t willing to do that, in fact, they seemed almost relieved that i was closing my account down. In case you are wondering, I was never rude, belittling, or raised my voice with the support representative. I understand that I was talking to a low-level representative reading scripts and procedures. So it wasn’t my goal to make her day worse than it probably already was. But to have two support reps immediately move toward helping me close my account seems odd. You should always have some sort of retention with your customers. Unless all you care about is your customer-base dying, so you can be faster with your support messages. See this message from their marketing team : “If you can hold off on contacting us unless something urgent comes up, we’d so appreciate it. That will help us catch up and get back to our normal response times.” When you are a bank dealing with money, you can’t expect to send a message like this. Poor taste.

They are a different company after being bought out. They are not the same company I was used to dealing with. I will be closing my account and my wife’s account down ASAP. If you are reading this thinking it’ll be a fun company. Think again. They are nothing but a flashy, trendy app and website.


Simply Amazing

There’s nothing to hate about simple. Customer Service is as nice as they come, the app is absolutely stunning and frequently updated. No rates or fees.


Awful customer service

Couldn’t get an account to open despite all my information being accurate and calling support for help resulted in them saying there was nothing they could do to help since the process is all automated.


Stay Away

Complete waste of time. I have now closed all 3 of my accounts. I just spent 24 minutes on hold to get told that I had to use the messaging service which is now 3 days and no response. It’s just a bad bank. It used to be great. Customer service was fast and responsive but now it’s useless. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Can’t deposit cash. ATM fees everywhere and bad customer service.


No service!

I signed up for Simple bank over a year ago. I was supposed to get a card in the mail and never did. I contacted them to send another one… never got it. I feel like I gave my personal information to a sham. Never could get my account going but it’s out there in the cyber-banking universe somewhere!


if you don’t have regular phone service you can never log in

you have to have a phone number to use Simple, you can’t log in without two factor authentication which is crappy for someone between jobs who can’t keep a phone turned on, but still needs to access their account information.


Banking done right!

I have been with Simple about a year now. I have never been more satisfied by a financial institution. From the way they have had excellent customer service dealing with the few times I have had to contact them, to the fact that there are no fees, this is how banking anywhere should feel. To the people who complain about the USPS TAT for anything mailed in the USA, you don’t pay fees! It costs 30$ to ship just so you get your card faster. People need to realize how amazing Simple really is.


Great Start

This started out great when I opened my account 2 years ago, but the company has drastically changed direction the last 6-8 months. Support is effectively non-existent where it used to be a clear priority. There is a permanent message on the site for at least this many months saying that online support requests may not be responded to at all and to call if you need something. When you call, on average, you can expect 1 hour hold time during normal business hours. When you do get the representative, he’s clearly so overwhelmed or whatever that he just doesn’t care anymore. And that’s the end of your support options, good luck. This is all in direct contradiction of how this company was when I signed up, but it’s been enough experiences now to say it’s the new standard for them. If you have any sort of problem, including theft, you’re on your own.


Pretty Simple.

This is amazing for anyone who doesn’t like dealing with going to the bank to do simple things; such as opening an account.

Anything you can imagine and more you can do just from the app or website. I haven’t run into any issues with Simple yet, and their goal tracking works amazing for impulsive spenders such as myself.

The only downside is, maybe lack of understanding on my part, that there is no physical check book, so I cannot cut a check for someone to pay legacy bills.

Anyone who wants to do all banking from the comfort of their home; I recommend this


"Simply" Unacceptable

I banked with simple for almost a year. Their app is user friendly, they do have a Customer Service team that answers…sometimes after a week or 3. I closed my account after seeing a charge for $50 that I didn’t recognize. It appeared to be a merchant I often purchase from, but when I called the merchant and they confirmed they did not charge my account…I knew it was fraudulent. Simple sent me an automated message saying they were considering the case closed, and no funds would be credited to me. The “supporting documents” for their decision were nothing valid. There actually were NO documents! Only a statement someone wrote that obviously did NO digging into my case.

Absolutely unacceptable from a “bank.” When I disputed their decision, someone wrote back to me, but just haggled back and forth about my logic in my messages. Bottom line is, a bank should be aware of what transactions draw from, and go to. If they can’t see where your money goes, they shouldn’t be called a real bank.

I joined my local credit union. Also free. No fees, and has a user friendly app.

Bye “Simple.” Simply unacceptable.


It’s Cool.

My husband and I are both individual and Joint account holders for a couple of years now. I just have to say that we have never had an issue. I receive direct deposit into the account. If I need a check cut, I schedule it. If I need cash, I go to a bank and do a cash advance. It works. The safe to spend feature keeps us from overdrawing and helps us to budget. If I had a complaint, it’s nothing out of the ordinary for a bank and I can’t recall it at this moment.



I started simple last year and at first I was really happy with the bank. I really love the goals feature. They have no fees if your account becomes overdrawn which is fantastic. However, the last couple months they have started placing extended holds on my checks. My same employer has written me dozens of checks to deposit and not once has there been an issue with them. My employer sent me a $3,000 check to deposit Monday morning which I did. The bank placed an extended hold on it. Their reasoning was that I was$14 overdrawn which I rectified immediately with a money transfer from venmo. My venmo deposit took several days as well. It is now Friday and my employer expects me to be in Las Vegas tomorrow afternoon. Without the check in my account for my employer I have zero travel expenses. After being on hold for half an hour before to speaking with a customer service representative I still have no answers. I spoke with the bank manager who could not tell me where my money was. they could not tell me if the issuing bank had cleared the check or any reasonable explanation for why my funds are being put on the extended hold. The bank manager was extremely rude. When I asked if there has ever been an issue with my checks not clearing her response was “Heather, I think you know the answer to that”. When I tried to transfer $200 from my goals into my safe to spend the $200 just disappeared. I asked them where the money was and they have no idea. They started to explain how their goals feature works but had no explanation as to why I’m just short $200 that was there and now it is gone. It’s an absolute nightmare at this point. As soon as they find my money I will be switching banks ASAP!!! I would never recommend anybody sign up with simple unless they do some major overhauling of their banking system.


Anything BUT Simple. RUN!

This bank/app is absurd. They claim it’s Simple, but it’s anything but that. They constantly want you to resubmit your ID’s over and over and they freeze your account until then. It takes well over a month when you need a new debit card, and you again have to resubmit all your IDs. (I’ve submitted notarized copies of my passport, DL, utility bills, state ID, work iD, and college ID more than once. Over and over. Each time you submit these you have to wait at least 3 business days for them to review- and usually deny- these. It was easier to get my passport than this. Keep in mind, I had all these documents notarized by a public notary at a real bank.) Customer service is unhelpful, unfriendly, and incompetent. The site/app is ok for budgeting, but certainly not the best. It’s not worth it. RUN!


They closed my account without warning…

I opened a bank account with Simple Bank 4 or 5 days ago and I was just notified 15 min ago that my account was closed today! If you want to use this account for important matters such as… your taxes and or payroll, please don’t use the direct deposit option until you receive your Simple Bank card in the mail; that should be more than enough time for the bank to be able to alert you if everything is well with your account or not. Even if their were problems, the bank should not have allowed for the account to be opened, let alone for 4 to 5 days before letting me know they had to close it. However, while I do understand things happen, I just hope I can save someone the inconvenience and hardship that I was caused by this miscommunication by Simple Bank.


Simple as in their employees are simple

Have had this account for a year and I wanted to deposit 1350 cash so I called simple support and asked if I bought postal money orders that I would be able to deposit them through the apps picture deposit. Once I got the money orders I called again to make sure I was filling out the orders correctly and with support on the phone I deposited all three money orders. I figured that seeing as how simple support was involved every step of the way that it was a no brainer unfortunately I was wrong. A few hours after depositing the checks I got a call stating that they couldn’t deposit them he couldn’t or wouldn’t give me an answer why and when I asked to speak with someone who could give me an answer I was told I was speaking to the manager and there wasn’t anyone higher up. I’m going to close my account I just need to open a different account hopefully with a bank that takes care of their customers. Please do yourself a favor and bank somewhere else this place does not value there customers.


Horrible SIgn Up Experience

I have never written a review for a banking company before, but this experience was so mind-numbingly frustrating that I was compelled to put my two cents up against this snake oil peddling company. THEIR uploading system was broken and they had no back up plan to help get my proper documents input even though it was their error. After going round and round with incompetent and inconsiderate costumer service, I finally asked to be elevated up the chain so that I could talk to someone with some authority. He made me feel like finally there was an end in sight. I called back a week later and I’ve been permanently rejected. What?1 How?! Honestly it’s for the best. Their sign up process and costumer service system was so horrendously broken that I should have been afraid to entrust my money to them. Maybe I dodged a bullet


iPad app needs work but the rest is fantastic!

I love banking here, definitely check it out. The best place to access your account if from a computer not a tablet.



Shady bank. I am closing my account ASAP. I just lost my job and had to liquidate an asset from another bank to pay rent, etc. I sent in the check as a photo deposit per usual (for the record they have taken handwritten checks to this account- this check was was from another bank, Transamerica). I got this message back:

“ The item you submitted for $xxxx is not eligible for deposit via our Photo Check Deposit feature. If you’d like to deposit these funds into your account, please mail them for processing.

Please endorse the back of the item, write “For deposit only” and your account number under your endorsement, and mail it to:

BBVA Compass
Bank by Mail
P.O. Box 515
Birmingham, AL 35201 - 0515

We recommend that you send your deposit using certified mail so that you have a tracking number. That way you’ll know when it arrives at the bank and you’ll have a better sense of when it will post to your account. It will likely take at least a week from the time that you mail the check to see the funds in your account.

Simple Support”

Excuse me!? Pay to mail the check and then wait AT LEAST a week for the funds to be available. You have got to be kidding me. I called support, and they gave me zero insight into why the check wasn’t accepted. The manager suggested a “workaround” of cashing the check. I hope this story saves someone else the time and frustration of dealing with this Mickey Mouse operation.