So everyone stops reporting on your credit when you start paying things off???

So everyone stops reporting on your credit when you start paying things off???
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…seriously! Every. Single. Creditor. Anyone have any experience with this?


Hi, chr7s7

Do you mean loans stop being reported as active accounts? You should see “account closed” listing(s). But closed accounts can result in a lower score. (Mine dropped when I finished a car lease.) Here’s more about that: Why Did My Credit Score Drop After Paying Off Debt?

Does that help? You really need a credit account open to maintain a good credit score. But I’d be surprised if the accounts are no longer on your credit reports.


Yeah thats not what I mean. My creditors have stopped REPORTING my status to the credit bureau. I have been paying down credit cards and staying super on top of my loans and now that everything should be on the upswing they arent telling the credit bureau.
In the last month, based on nerdwallets recommendations, my credit should be at least 50 pts higher than it currently is.


And these are regular credit cards that had reported in the past and they simply stopped? (If so, you might try calling customer service to see what is going on.) What you are describing sounds very odd.

Anyone else had this experience or something similar?


Hi, chr7s7 :wave:

When you look at your credit report, how long has it been since your accounts were updated?

When you log in to your NerdWallet account, from the main credit score view you can scroll down to the ‘What factors into your score’ section and click on ‘on-time payments’. You can click through each account and see the last 24 months of payment history.

What is the most recent month reported that you see for your accounts?


Yes, im familiar with that feature and it looks like november in most.


That’s pretty weird. I’ve never heard of something like that. Could you go to and take a look at your three credit reports there? You can compare your TU report to the information NerdWallet has, and check your other two credit reports at the same time to see if anything is wonky on those.

Please let us know what you find!