Soonest secured to unsecured card

Soonest secured to unsecured card
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Hi there,
I opened a secured Discover card in April (first credit in ten years), and was added as an authorized user around the same time, bringing my score up to around 760. I’ve been using the card and making multiple payments to keep utilization low, so my score has remained in great shape. Is there a risk to asking Discover to transition me to an unsecured card with a higher limit?
Thank you!


Hi, @Nasturtium, and welcome to the community! That’s a great score. I’ve heard you should wait at least six months before requesting an unsecured version, but I don’t really know the answer. Have you checked the FICO score Discover offers? Sometimes it’s different from the VantageScore 3 that NerdWallet provides.


Thanks for your reply! The FICO score is currently at 767 (via Discover). I guess my question is, will it hurt my score to ask them?


It depends on whether and how Discover checks your credit score. If it’s a hard inquiry, it could temporarily dent your scores (typically no more than 5 points for a FICO, although other scores could dip more). If it were me, I’d call and ask if there’s a chance of being switched to an unsecured card – make it clear you’re not authorizing an inquiry at this point.


Good advice, thanks!