Starwood Preferred Guest Amex vs. SPG Luxury Amex

Starwood Preferred Guest Amex vs. SPG Luxury Amex
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Anyone have a POV on whether the additional perks justify the higher annual fee between the two cards? With the Luxury card it’s $450 per year but $300 hotel credit every year (so effectively $150) vs. $95 for the regular card. Also, are there any sign up perks for the card if you’re already an AMEX customer who wants to change the AMEX card to an SPG Amex?


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In my opinion, the SPG AmEx can be a more cost-effective choice for some. (Annual fee of $0 for the first year, then $95. Fewer side benefits, but solid ongoing rewards.)

It is possible to do card changes, however, card issuers often don’t allow product changes from different card families. In other words, one may be able to switch from an SPG AmEx to an SPG Luxury AmEx, and, depending on the situation, potentially get a bonus offer. However, I’m not sure about switching from, say, AmEx Gold to SPG Luxury AmEx.

Looking forward to hearing what other members of our community might have to share here - but I’d suggest reaching out to Amex directly - they have a pretty good chat function on their site where you could ask specific questions.

(Card details current as of 12/6/18)