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Suncoast Credit Union
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Not what it used to be

I’ve been with this bank for the past 20 years,it used to be a nice bank,not would think that with my track record being with this bank for so long,they would have more faith in their customers,I’m closing my account and don’t reccomend as I used to


Good overall for students and families

All the employees are nice, patient, etc, rates are pretty good especially for minors with vehicles. The website is disappointing, and seems to fail very often, but luckily the in-person services are quick and reliable.


Love it!

They will go above and beyond for members



Their services are awesome. Friendly and fast service. Great


Love Suncoast

Have been a member for many years. Have had mortgage and car loans through them at great rates. No fees on any of my accounts, great service at any branch I’ve gone to. Have never had a problem.


Mixed Review

My review is mixed. One one hand they worked with me on financing, which allowed me to qualify for a HELOC at 100% LTV, which is great! However, they also failed to disclose that my credit card accounts would be closed out in the process of qualifying. I understood they would be paid down, but not closed (which affects my credit since I had long-established accounts with good terms).


Keep It Simple banking

Suncoast Credit Union is ok for basic low cost banking. But don’t try to get too fancy as their systems and personnel are not sophisticated enough for more complex tasks. Their legal department cannot properly interpret a Power of Attorney document and it took the branch personnel and hour to get the incorrect answer from them on it. Website is also not as secure as it could be since it does not require 2 factor authentication and does not use anti-spoofing measures. When I tried to apply for a mortgage refinance, they initially did not return my phone call. Then when I applied online, they took so long to get back to me and were so slow to respond to my questions that the other banks had my loans processed and ready before I could even get SCU to complete the application ! And trying to get though on a telephone line is almost impossible. I have had several other credit inion accounts in other places where I have lived and none were as poor as SCU in these matters.


Very good

Have always worked with me and has always helped me.



Be careful if you want a personal loan with them!!! I got approved for a loan to get my car fixed and then the next day they said they couldn’t grant it because i couldn’t prove my co-signers tip money that doesn’t show on paystubs and they would only accept pay stubs or a tax document as proof! We don’t have tax documents since he just started 2 months ago. So after telling the auto shop going ahead and start the work on my car, I find out the next day they wouldn’t grant it. TERRIBLE service would not recommend dealing with these people.


For Mortgages - NO!

I am a real estate professional and work with many different mortgage lenders in my day to day business. I chose to refinance my mortgage Suncoast because of their low mortgage rate. My experience with them was absolutely a mess. They are disorganized and unprofessional. Communication was poor. I constantly had to be reaching out to them to keep things moving. I did not even get a copy of my closing statement but had to email the processor two weeks post closing to request a copy. I also had to request the loan coupon so I could make my first payment because they didn’t give me any information on how to. I set up my first payment via e-banking through my bank and the payment was rejected because the coupon they sent me had the incorrect account number on it. Unfortunately I did not realize that there was a problem with the payment until it was too late and I was charged a late fee. I would not recommend Suncoast Credit Union for a mortgage. They are terrible.


Broken change counter

The change counter machine is always broken, fix it!