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Synchrony Bank
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I was skeptical at first about putting my money with Synchrony Bank, but after lots of research, YouTube videos and reading reviews I went for it. It has been the best decision so far.
The only complaint I really saw the most is poor accessibility to funds when needed. The point of a savings account is to save money, not spend it. I understand life happens for some people and emergencies arise, but you need to understand its this way for a reason. I kept a savings account with my normal bank for emergencies because I can easily get to it and I recommend you doing the same. To withdrawal funds from your Synchrony account takes about 3-5 business days for the transaction to complete.
So again my advice is just put your money with Synchrony and leave it alone, and keep a little savings with your normal bank for urgent situations.


Great for Savings and CD

Have had high yield savings and CDs here for a couple of years now with never a problem, never a fee. Fine customer service; very brief, if any wait on phone. Polite and thorough. Transfer money back and forth with my checking account bank.
Was very surprised to read all the negative ratings.


The worst customer service I’ve ever experienced

I had an issue with my account with this bank and they were extremely rude with me and absolutely unhelpful. I have never had an experience like this in my life. Do not use this bank they are terrible!


Best Rate Out There

I opened an account with Synchrony because it had the highest interest rate on the market. Their website isn’t the greatest but they just launched a redesign so it has improved. I have only called customer service once and I spoke to an American who solved my situation quickly. I can’t speak to thee fees as I have not experienced them. I auto deposit part of my paycheck into this account and transfer money to and from my brick and mortar bank when needed. Very happy


Never doing business with again

I have been waiting over two months to make a simple change on my account. The customer service reps are horrible and they do not care about their customers. I have never posted a bad review but this place is infuriating.


Denied Account

I wanted to open an account, but was denied because Synchrony could not verify my identity as required by the Patriot Act.

They didn’t try very hard as I was able to open accounts at 3 other institutions with no problem.

It worked out better for me so I guess I should thank them for being so incompetent.


Worthless Customer Service

What is the point of an online bank that will mark you account as dormant and make it impossible to change that status.

Why not just call it a scam.

If you can do things to my account during the weekend, then you should be accessible to explain yourselves… not waste my time


Great for Savings!!

It looks like all of the negative reviews are coming from credit card holders. I so not have a credit card with this bank so I cannot speak to that, but I can say that for savings this is a very good option. I have both CD accounts and regular savings accounts and both of them have above average interest rates and very low fees. It also comes with a debit card if you need to get to the money quickly for any reason. If you are considering this bank for savings, but are turned off by all the negative reviews, I think you will be happy with them.


Savings and CD’s

We have a savings, tier CD’s and I also moved an IRA.
They have the best rates around, and yes I do check every couple of weeks.
Customer service is fantastic, no issues.
Not new with them, just under 3 years and that is why I moved an IRA over and great rate too.



Truly the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I closed my acct bc I never once was able to access the online acct without having to call customer service, be transferred to several different people, and the very next day, have to do the same thing over again.


Worst bank ever

Their customer service is some of the worst I have ever experienced. They were not knowledgable and did not solve my problem.


Poor service flawed website

Was ready to write a sizable check for a savings account. Filled out screens of info, than the screen where you read terms had no box to check to ACCEPT terms, unbelievable! Could go no further without accepting terms. I have ZERO tolerance for poor and non-functional website design, I have helped design them. They must be idiot proof and functional and this is neither. There is no chat and no email address to contact them. Only because of their good interest rate I called the toll free number. Press numbers then on hold! Amazing! Who ever runs the IT operation doesn’t have a clue. They must pass up a lot of business! See ya Synchrony!


Overall Satisfied

Initial set-up of my savings account three months ago was a little slow, due to a miscommunication between myself and the service rep. However, both reps with whom I spoke were friendly and helpful, and I have no complaints there. Once things were sorted, I got my ATM card in no time and was able to set up auto-deposits with my employer. I’ve already earned $1 in interest, which exits my weird little 20-something heart.

The thing I’m most disappointed about is not having an app, and in all honesty I would mostly use it to admire my interest as I earn it.


Website frustrations

I tried my password too many times and got locked out. They cannot reset your password or give you your account number so you can reset your account. I got so frustrated I decided to drain my savings to pay the account in full so I wouldn’t have to deal with them anymore.


Great Online Bank

I love the high yield rate of 1.20%. I have had my account for a year and have had zero problems.


Cannot open CD account online

I have been trying for over 5 months to open a CD account online without success. The website reports that I have a application pending and to call Synchrony to complete or cancel the application.

The call center agents are unable to do anything about the pending application but are able to open the account over the phone. They have reported the issue to their tech support five times now and there is still no resolution.


Horrible service

Absolutely horrible customer service. I have been calling for two days and can’t get anyone to answer the phone.


Synchrony experience

I’ve got two CD’s, a Savings Account, two lines of credit with Google and Amazon and plan on two more CD’S by the end of the year. The Home page is clearly layed out and easy to access all my account information and the rates are competitive at the high end of the spectrum. Customer Service is also easily accessible and representatives have been friendly and helpful. It lacks a mobile banking app but am told it’s coming. Overall, I would rate my experience with Synchrony as 4.5 out of 5 stars.


no online banking here

I was attracted to this bank because of the great interest rate on the savings account. I closed my account after a few months, though, because I was never able to link any external accounts to my Synchrony bank, which is crazy because I do online banking and have had no issues linking all my other accounts with other banks. I called the Synchrony customer service line a few times for help, and was either told “too bad, you’ll have to do everything by paper” or “I’ve taken care of things here so it’s all OK now. you’re linked”. When they said “it’s all OK now”, it never was. It never DID work, which is why I had to close the account. Sad.


Lame online access

Online access is a joke. Need to be next to my home phone to access account online. Called customer service to ask for help. They told me it was my problem, not theirs.