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Synchrony Bank
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After hurricane irma. I was left with much needed repairs to my home. No other bank reached out to assist in helping customers with the aftermath of this hurricane. Thank you so much for helping me to be about to fix my repairs by increasing my credit limits. Again thank you.


Very happy with Synchrony

I was nervous about online banking, but couldn’t resist their high interest rates. I am surprised at how easy it is to transfer money from different accounts. I have cd’s and a high yield account.


Worst Bank EVER

I am sure that the bank will not allow such a scathing review to put up but I am still going to take the time to at least attempt to let other people know how horrific the customer service is at Syncroyny bank. They have ZERO immediate customer service representatives who can do their job (I have multiple recorded conversations with their “customer service” representatives over a 3 month span that will show how pitiful it was to deal with them). Once I finally got to an " accounts manager, I was given the wrong information AGAIN! After hundreds of dollars and multiple months of dealing with Syncrony Bank to deal with a personal situation, I will never ever in the history of the world, work with this bank or anything associated with them because of the worthless attempts by their employees to actually help me with my situation which once again, TOOK THREE MONTHS!! This is a terrible institution and should be ashamed of themselves.


Hard to get live help

I opened a CD and it said that it will be renewed after 15 months for the same term. There was no way to remove or change the renewal instructions. And it’s as though the bank does everything it can to keep you from talking to a live person.


Very Pleased

We have been Synchrony customers for over 3 years and while not having to make many contacts with them, when we’ve spoken to a representative they have been helpful and polite. We’re happy customers!


Great online banking

I haven’t had any issues w/ banking, the website is easy to use and it’s a good source for high yield savings accounts. The only complaint I have is customer service / the hold time to talk to someone.


Thanks for nothing

Needed a statement to close on a house and they couldnt provide it, then they told us it would post on a certain date and it never did. Managers just lied and lied will be pulling my money from them asap!


poor customer service / poor website

long wait times “on hold” numerous times, then agent cannot help you, tells you to do it yourself, print, find it, send it to them.
Website form does not print / error / even when saved


Horrible lure you in with 1.30% interest

Their mobile app won’t let you make a mobile deposit so you have to transfer money into the saving with takes five days to post. Then you have to pay the atm if you withdraw money and then synchrony charges you 3.00 per withdrawal. They said no fees!!! This weekend we had to withdraw 1000. Used their network. The atm charged us 2.50 and we could only take out 500 at a time. So then a 5.00 charge from the ATM owner and 3.00 charge for each 500 so in total we were charged $11.00 to withdraw OUR money . Closing this account.


Web page Nightmare

Worst web page ever. Its like a maze. Took me 15 minutes to find payment page. And all the extra stuff and wild colors. Ugh. Headache …


Great Savings Account! Not a Checking Account.

This is a Savings account, with high interest and low fees. You still need a checking account of course, but this is a great savings account.


Not worth it

Tried to open an online savings account and the verification process and customer service was so disorganized I just canceled my application before even getting the account.


convenient, professional, courteous

Working with different types of accounts and finding ease, convenience, courtesy, knowledge with all types.


Stay away from this bank

I wanted to put money into a high yield savings account and decided on Synchrony based upon APY. I wished I would have look a little closer at reviews before opening an account. I went through the process and entered all my information into their application. A couple days later I received an e-mail indicating an account has been created and that I can view documents online. In order to create an online account a text/call is made to your number. Instead of using the information that I provided they somehow pulled an old phone number from credit report. When I call to get assistance the rep indicates that it may take up to 60 days for the information to be updated. Mind you funds have already been removed from my checking account. It’s totally unacceptable that I am unable to check my online savings account online because I’m unable to register for online access. Do your self a favor and stay as far as you can from this bank.


Worst Customer Service

This operation is still operating with archaic methodologies designed to do everything to cause frustration. They cannot even effectively update an account without verifying identity via the USPS! I would avoid this bank and any company that chooses to use them.


Terrible service

Stay away from this bank they have terrible service almost impossible to talk to a human. Ask too many security question and will not answer questions directly. Everything will be answered in a letter sent in the next 7 to 10 days.


Cd service

Opened up a CD took an early withdraw understood I be penalized they took all the interest and then they decided to take a portion of it but my principal unbelievable and then basically told me too bad don’t put any of your money in his bank ever


Can’t Change Adresses

The service is awful they said I need to call off a verified number on the aacount to be able change my address, so I did and then they tell me a another person is gonna call in the next 3 days, they call me again saying I need to mail them proof! And that they need My iD and serval bills, like no, I called off the verified number that should be more than enough for a simple address change.


Top Rates, Good Rewards, Perfect for Emergency Savings

I’ve used Synchrony for my online savings for almost a year now. They always keep their rates at the top of the competition. I believe when I first signed up the rate was at least .15%-.25% lower than it is now, and they continue to raise their rates as their competitors do. Additionally, the refund for atm is nice to have if I need it, but these accounts are meant to more be a stash and save rather than an account you’re accessing regularly. I also love the rewards. They have great negotiated rates with a lot of attractions that can save you $20+ a ticket.


Excellent Rates

High yield savings rate and CD rates are superior to other institutions’ offerings. Easy to transfer funds in and out of my primary (local) checking account. Able to structure savings strategy to keep growth above inflation, while having emergency funds readily available. Very happy with this institution.