Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Bank
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CD treatment of vallued customer

Bank opened a 13 month cd at 1.75% and said 60 days to fund. When funded 20 days later, said 1.75% rate was only good for 14 days and locked in the cd for 13 months at 1.10%. (regular 12 month cd rate is 1.65%) They call me “a valued customer”


Top tier Savings and CD rates…

I use Synchrony for my online savings and CD’s. Their rates are always very competitive.


Good Savings Account

Opened a savings account with them last year and have been very satisfied. I use the account for my emergency fund and it has worked out great for me so far. The website is easy to use and transfers occur fairly quickly. Would definitely recommend.


online torture

dealing with this bank is a nightmare. everyone you talk to will tell you something different. they messed up my ccounts and it took forever to get it fixed.


Horrible customer service

Just trying to set up a CD with them was a horrible process. Their wait times are long, they give you incorrect phone numbers to call and forget to tell you important pieces of information, wasting your time when you sit on the phone waiting to speak to someone for an hour.


Initial Hesitation, but great customer service experience & rates

I just opened a HSY account here a couple days ago, and there was a glitch in the system as soon as I submitted everything. Website crashed on me, but somehow they accidentally opened 2 accounts for me instead of just 1 and I didn’t have all my information to register for online access to see what the heck was going on. Usually, I would run away-but my Dad loves their interest rates here and speaks highly of them. I called today, took me 5 minutes, and had a pleasant talk with a Representative who resolved my duplicate account issue and provided me all the info needed to login online. Given the reviews I am sure customer service is a hit or miss, but at least today I definitely had a positive experience with them.


Great savings accounts

Always some of the highest rates. Great customer service. Free benefits like credit identity theft protection… love these guys


Great company for Active Duty Military

If you or your spouse are active duty military you must write or call Synchrony Bank and ask for your SCRA benefits! They go above and beyond SCRA law requirements. Once they validate the military status the interest rate on all accounts is reduced to 0% and all interest and fees are refunded retroactively for the entire eligible period. Easy process and good customer service.


Great rates ,poor service

I have had a cd with them for a year .I opened two accounts the same day .One got delayed by 10 days,I don’t know why.Today I did two IRA rollover.great rate 2.00% for 12 months.The cashiers check was deposited in Bank America checking and 2 checks made out to Synchrony ,I realized one of the cashier checks at BA might clear a day late and urged Synchrony to delay opening that account by 1 day.They said they couldnt so the check bounced.So what did Synchrony do ,instead of calling me (I have a significant money in their bank)I could have overnighted another check to them .THEY CLOSED THE ACCOUNT.I had to go through the whole cumbersome process again only because they have idiots working for them. I’m not sure I will leave my account with them.Two bad incidence with them in one year.Too much.


Poor customer handling

Ther poor handling caused my check to bounce.They never called me to tell me ,just closed my account.Had they told me I could have sent another check.So had to go through their annoying IRA account opening.Great rates but not sure I’ll stay with them.I have a significant amount of money with them .Maybe a simple phone call telling me there was an issue and they had disregarded my instructions.


Waste of time

I spent 30 minutes filling in questions - more than any other bank I use. Came right down to the last step and they have listed a phone number we last used 12 years ago. They want to send test texts to that number. They cannot change it. How in the world can I answer texts sent to a number I no longer control?


Great High Yield Savings

I have had a great experience. Great interest rate and no issues with customer service.


Great online savings

I only use this account as a separate savings account, and it works great. The savings rates are among the highest you can get for a savings or money market account. There is no app, but since I don’t need to check this account frequently it really doesn’t bother me.


Good rates. Antiquated website

They do not have an app for regular banking so I cannot access the info on my phone. If I sign on to the website from a computer not recognized by their system, they will only send a 4 digit code to my home number and this cannot be changed. Totally ridiculous. I will not be renewing by 1 year CD


CD Scam

Tried to open a large CD @ 2% with cash, they rejected for unspecified credit review. How can an 804 & 796 score be rejected? They changed their rates the next day. Poor customer service can’t answer questions and they prefer snail mail to respond to questions. Plan to cancel any cards associated with these clowns.


Just DON’T open an account here

Forget trying to open a savings account here in a timely manner. First, they cannot use a current phone number because they are stuck with outdated reporting from their credit bureau. So, even once you login (can only accomplish that by phone), it will kick you out when you try again later. Second, the instructions are not clear or missing for several functions and you can only do it by phone. If you have a lot of time to kill, this is the bank for you. Otherwise, the interest rate is not worth the constant hassles and I am sure it will be even more difficult to withdraw money. Closing this account asap.


Run do not walk

Customer service reps are not helpful at all after getting transferred from one to the other I ended up getting disconnected, I am soon to be a past customer as soon as I can get a competent rep to close my account. What a conundrum.


Terrible service

I took bought a one-year cd due to their better interest rate. I started the account over the phone and authorized them to take the money from my account at another bank. After about two weeks I realized the transfer had not taken place. I called and the customer service rep said a supervisor would have to review the taped conversation to confirm that they would offer me the higher rate which had expired due to a 15-day limit which they had not told me about. I gave the rep a phone number to reach me next week when she said she would call. Three days later I turned on my cell phone and found she had left four messages (at the wrong number) to tell me to call her. I called her the next day and she said the higher rate had been approved, not mentioning that the review had revealed that I was right and they screwed up, possibly causing me to miss the higher rate. And, there was never an apology for screwing up. Three days later I called and talked to a supervisor to complain about the service and having to spend two hours fixing their problem. She found that they had NOT given me the higher rate! How many times can you screw up a simple, routine transaction? Why did I have to spend 2.5 hours to fix their failure without even an apology? After this experience, I will never bank with them again.


Not worth it!

Initially I was excited to receive a high interest rate, however, all my accounts were restricted for up to 60 days. In other words I couldn’t use my money. After numerous calls and hours on the phone, I had no alternative but to close all of my accounts. Not worth the interest rate for a restriction. Multiple times I tried to explain that I accidentally deleted an external account and re-added it a few moments after. They consider this a security alert and all my accounts were frozen.


Savings Account Sketchy Setup…

I wanted to open a saving account. I already have two checking accounts with two other banks whom are bigger banks. Obviously the apy% is high on this new savings so that’s why I went with this bank.

They offer an atm card for their savings accts too. So this had me sold. I want to strictly use this as a means for saving money not really spending it.

What has me concerned is what took place after filling everything out on their website. After submitting all of my information to them. I was asked to verify myself by receiving a call / text to my mobile number. Instead of being able to select my actual phone number which I used to open the acct. what was listed was an extremely old mobile phone number I haven’t had over a decade.

I understand they use old methods of identifying you with third-parties sources, but really. So I had to call this 1-800 number to speak to a rep. She was polite and asked for the normal info (as I used to work in a call center myself for citi bank) So I did the whole nine.

As I went on to let her know about the outdated option to verify with a phone that didn’t apply to me in over a decade of time. She mentioned that the acct was now open but I wouldn’t be able to do use it for up to 60 days as it needs to be completely verified. I also would have to receive a letter in the mail obtain a code and fill out more information as what she could tell my information I entered wasn’t saved but other information was saved.

Pretty sure she has enough of my information to verify me and do damage if she wanted to. Just seems really odd and off even for someone who worked in the field for many years dealing with all sorts of customers whom didn’t want to share any information over the phone.

She mentioned after getting this code that i’d have to reach back to them to fill out more information over the phone to full be able to open and access my acct. so as a new customer who really isn’t bias or overreacts to things this has me concerned because it seemed sorta like a scam or a means to get information and pull one over your eyes if its this difficult to open an acct and verify someone seems their in the wrong business. Oh btw stay away from citibank they’re pretty bad too although their means of verification are standard and updated.