Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Bank
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Best interests rates

There is no better place to stash your liquid savings right now. I am using this as an alternative to bonds as rising interest rates make their value decline. This is a solid place to come in out of the rain. My adviser was charging me 1% to to keep me in those
“safe” bonds. Here I get 1.55% as of today and the account value is FDIC insured.


Sorry Service

Poor Customer service. I will NEVER bank here again!!!



It has been over an hour and I am unable to set up an online account. They have put me on hold for 5-10 mintues at three different times. Incompetenet



Have always treated me good. Have had several accounts with them with no problems.


Exellent Service!

I’ve had savings accounts here for over five years, since GE Capital exited the business and recommended Synchrony. Service has always been excellent. Once set up, I can make on-line transfers to my other accounts, which always come in less than the time they guarantee. Mail deposits are always credited quickly. When I need help and call (trace a payment, make a same-day wire transfer. etc.) I get a live person quickly, and they are very courteous, efficient and professional. Interest rates are fabulous, always better than the other banks. I pay credit cards automatically from this account - they go perfectly as well. The only limit is no more than five free transfers out each month, which seems fair for a high rate SAVINGS account.

I also have a Synchrony Marvel credit card, which gives 3% back on all restaurant and entertainment charges. It is great as there are no fees, and no points to reclaim. They just credit the 3% back each month, reducing the payments I have to make. I pay on-line at the Synchrony website. It is not flashy, but it does the job well. It is important to get the right Synchrony site, however - they are different for the banking and credit cards.


Horrible customer service

Try to explain my issue over the phone and no help.


poor customer service

Very poor customer service. Tried to purchase new CDs and they totally botched the process so nothing got done for weeks.


Great for savings

I have had a savings account with Synchrony for over a year and it has been a great move for me financially. While there is one or two other banks that offer slightly higher APY I opted to go with Synchrony. To date I have had zero issues with the bank and the APY was only increased since I first signed up. After tax season is over I am considering opening up an CD account with them as well. If you are considering opening up a high-yield savings account I would consider Synchrony as an option.


Horrible company.

Treat customers like dirt, with no regard for personal interaction about accounts.


Poor customer service

No personal communication between client and company representative.


Worst bank in the world

Don’t ever try to waist your time trying to use or get any type of service with this “bank”. No customer service oriented at all.


All I want it to be!

It all depends what you want a High Yield Savings account for. Personally, I use it for an emergency fund. I hardly ever withdrawl from it via ATM card, however I do transfer a certain amount monthly to another High Yield Savings account due to my maxed out FDIC Insurance for this account. IMO, if you are not going to use the account for much more than HYSavings, then it’s an excellent savings vehicle.


Not trustworthy

Customer service will always tell you one thing and something totally different will always happen. Really unreliable if you’re the type of person to keep records of everything to be able to plan ahead. They don’t offer much other than a “sorry” for their mistakes.


Customer service reps are overly direct and not courteous

Customer service representatives are horible. They are not the typical nice and empathetic representatives, willing to keep their customers happy, but instead they are crude and lack tact, and believe errors do not exist within their systems. They do not offer to look into a problem, but instead immediate tell you the system says you as a customer are wrong. When my bank’s electronic payment system did not match a payment date within their bank’s system, they imediately and admitly defended their bank. With their lact of courtesy and integrity, they have permanently lost a customer. (Also, their website lacks duel factor authentication for security; what bank doesn’t have additional security measures to protect their customers accounts.)



Best customer svc. Training and people


Holding check payments

I sold my house and used the money to pay off my debts. All debtors are paid in full except the 2 with Synchrony bank. Both claimed to have not received my checks in the mail. They sit on checks in order to rack up more interest.


First time deposit

Wow, just had a terrible 4day experience with this bank. Tried to send a deposit, all went wrong, tried to set up a log in, did not happen. Suddenly $5000. Disappeared from my account and was in that bank and I didn’t have so much as an account number. Tried calling and finally cancelled my account. And guess what, we will mail your check back in 10 days. I’m beyond angry about this entire mess.


unethical business practice

I was alarmed to see these words on my CD account profile, “automatic renew at maturity date”.
I called in and said, i never instructed them to “renew”.
They said, the page “automatically renew” for me.
It is my burden to call in at specific window of time to instruct them otherwise, which is 30 to 45 days before maturity date. Good Luck if you remember, if you don’t,
“the system automatically renew for you”.
That means they locked your money in CD year after year if you are one of the people that is forgetful; not smart; or just too busy.

This kink of business practice is so outdated and extremely unethical.


nice rates and easy to use once set up

nice rates


Stay away

Easy to get money in.
But refuse to pay me my money back , very worried about it, currently dealing with FDIC do get my money out . Plus they flat out lie to me.
Stay away