Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Bank
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Good Experience

I have been a customer with Synchrony for several years and have always been pleased with their interest rates, customer service , web site and how my account has been handled. From the other comments here i am in the minority which is quite surprising to me. Or maybe folks with good history just arent as likely to report!


Good returns

Had a GE MM account and moved it to Synchrony. Haven’t had any problems, high yield savings works well.


Huge mistake

After researching high interest savings account options, I chose Synchrony. It was a huge mistake. The website is circa 1999 with almost zero functionality. I needed to change an external account, and I had to call instead of handling it through the website. Customer service informed me they had to delete the existing account which would take 2-3 days before I could add another account, which would take another 2-3 days. None of my other banks are so behind the times. Meanwhile, I can’t access my money. I will be changing banks.


Terrible Customer Service

The Customer service is awful! The account managers do not try to help you, but chose to ridicule and degrade it’s customers. I have never been treated so poorly by a company.


Terrible customer service.

Moving as much as possible to CIT for interest and Barclays for service



They won’t let email or fax you bank statements. First they say they can and then tell you they can’t.


great rates

Love the rates. Customer service is pleasant but slow due to red tape requirements; too much wait time on phone transactions, especially for customers doing further transactions. This could be avoided done . Have had no problems to date after 4 years purchasing c.d.'s only.


Never never ever used his bank too expensive can’t understand when you call don’t ever use this Bank

When I finally get through to somebody can’t understand what they’re saying tried getting a manager they hung up on me I called back didn’t answer the phone when I finally got my bill it was totally wrong I called back and he tried blaming me when it was all their fault by the fifth time of calling them finally straightened it out it was their fault and they never even apologize to me very rude not worth the card interest rates are way too high are you kidding me


Worst Customer Service EVER

When you call, you will NEVER get a person who can take care of your issue. They have to put you on hold for 5 to 20 minutes to get someone who can actually help you.



Don’t waste your time with SYNCHRONY…WORST COMPANY EVER! They show absolutely “NO LOYALTY” to their long standing customers. Horrible!



I opened several accounts with synchrony because of their current rates. I was not with them a week and they screwed up my account. I had to write to the CEO of synchrony to get it fixed. I decided to give then one more chance and today, they screwed it up again for the same issue. Customer service has not a clue and you get what you pay for in an online bank. I am no stranger to business dealings and online dealings as I own an online business. Run from this company. It is simply not worth it. I am pulling my funds out to a bank that truly has a clue


Best Rates

I have a very high yield savings account and 3 CDs with them. All my transfers between them and my other banks have gone through smoothly and very fast. Every time I have called to open a new CD they were very helpful and courteous.


I’ll never use them again

We made a big payment on one of our loans through them and when we called to make another payment a couple months later they said that it wasn’t paid off and the following amount was credited back to the card because it was just interest charges… few months later I’m getting a notification that I have a late fee and my account is past due. I was on the phone for over an hour with a representative that was getting aggravated with me, I ended up having to pay it because they couldn’t figure out why this just randomly decided to show back up. I’m very VERY disappointed.


The best bank I have seen in a LONG time.

I have all my money in Synchrony Bank. Every time you call, customer service is EXCELLENT.
Transactions are easy to complete.
The rates they give are by far the BEST I have seen anywhere.
I recommend this bank, at least for money you just want to earn interest on. Their rates beat ALL banks, especially the big ones like Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, Key and many more. By having only one branch they save money in administrative costs and pass the savings to us in the form of the interest rates.


Very poor customer and banking service

The only good thing I can say about this bank is that they are connected to Amazon. They have crap service, crap web portal, crap bank procedures, and support that can’t actually do anything besides say “I’m sorry sir”


Great Experiences

I have used Synchrony for several years for CDs and a High-Yield Savings account. Best rates was what I was looking for. Rarely do I see anyone who can beat them.

I have always had polite and helpful phone experiences and no troubles using the Website.


great personal help

the agent stayed on the phone until all the details were filled on the form. He then transferred the money from my checking account into my Synchrony CD account.


Good place for a Saving Account or a CD.

Synchrony Bank does not offer Checking accounts or Bill pay like traditional full service banks do, but It has some of the best rates for savings and CD’s. Customer service could use some tweaking. Learn how to bank online if you wish to get the most out of it or stay with your brick and mortar bank… Its satisfies my saving needs and Its easy to transfer money between external accounts.


A Nightmare,

I had instructed them to transfer funds from my credit union to an IRA CD. They instead deposited it in a regular CD account. Now I’m going to be taxed on $36,000! Customer service is horrible.


Great for simple banking

I park my money here to take advantage of the interest rates. Transfers to/from my primary bank account and investment account have always been on schedule (expect three business days). Unlikely to use as a primary bank account given Synchrony’s business structure and lack of dedicated support. NerdWallet review lays out plainly what Synchrony is good for, and what it is not good for.