Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Bank
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Horrible customer service!

Had an issue with my credit line that I wanted to discuss… and there is no way to do it! Conversation with the customer service was absolutely meaningless; there is no way to file a complain or express dissatisfaction rather than mail a letter (!) to the P.O. Box in Florida, that, according to the Customer Service, “will probably take more than 15-30 days to be considered”. Never coming back.


OK until it’s not

Have a large balance in their online moneymarket. Their web site isn’t campatable with MS Edge so was using iPhone Safari. Not easy on small screen. After recent upgrade to iOS 11.4.1, that stopped working. First called weeks ago. No resolution. Wrote letter asking to fix problem or close account. No answer. Had to resurrect my old iPad 2 to transfer money for bills. These people need to maintain their web site to work with current browsers.


Never Again

We only used this bank because we got interest free so go for it right? WRONG! We opened a BUSINESS loan. I obviously had to sign up with my name. Now, they are saying I am only an “authorized user” and they need to speak to, wait for it, the person by the name of the business. So, they need to speak with BUSINESS NAME, not me. Therefore, they are denying me access to online accounting and statements. They are extremely rude on the phone, will not help and just continue to say “I’m sorry, you are not the primary card holder”. They have essentially locked me out of all documentation on my OWN business account! Proof I own the company is not good enough either. My signature on the application from over THREE years ago is not enough either. We cannot wait to get this paid off and NEVER use them again. They consistently lose our checks - yup, we have to pay CHECK because they won’t let us use online since, I apparently am not the “primary” even though its MY company and I own the darn thing. This whole thing has been a headache. I probably have spent more in my time and my assistants time arguing with them, writing checks, re-writing checks, etc than I would have in interest over time.


Posting checks

I fully agree with many customers the bank keeps the money, Two weeks to write the check, although they mention that the check is been posted the check never comes, which takes one month then you need to check on this again. Does it take one month to receive a check from Florida within USA Strange


Perfect for what it is

Synchrony couldn’t be any simpler. You transfer money to your account, and you start collecting one of the highest interest rates around. Simple as that.


Don’t get this card

They take out money when not authorized. Took out the rest of the amount owed on card without my authorization and now I’m negative 700 in my account I called and they told me there’s nothing they can do because it’s alreasy processed. Ridiculous


Shady Company

I had my Synchrony HYS for quite some time, and I absolutely loved it. It was easy to move money into it, and I never had the need to contact customer service… until I moved to another state.

About six months (yes, MONTHS) after I moved, I logged into my HYS account and found a red notice informing me that my account had been restricted and I should call customer service. I did so, and I was told that access to my account had been denied because they could not verify my address.

I found that very strange since they’d been sending my monthly statements to my new address for quite some time, and these had my account numbers and everything on them. If they were afraid of fraud because of an address change, how does it make sense to send personal info to that address?

Honestly, it felt shady to me. It really seemed like this company was just trying to keep me from accessing my money. I won’t do business with them again.