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Td Bank Cash Rewards Review | Nerd Wallet
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Great Simple Cash Back Card

I opened this credit card years ago and never left. sometimes i think of leaving for the 1.5% cash back cards but haven’t done so yet. TD customer service is amazing. I usually call to question charges which they calmly and willing walk you through to figure anything out. I also call to apply my cash back to my balance and that takes about a minute. Website is really good for managing account. Modern design and easy to follow. Can manage alerts via text message. 10 or so to choose from and edit. I have mine to alert me when my balance has gotten to a certain level so i slow down spending for the month. I also have one for when any charge is made so i can be fully aware if anything fraudulent happens. All in all… nothing negative has ever happened and no reason to not give this card a 4 star rating. If it was 1.5% cash back it would be a 5 star. Every time i have 100 dollars in cash i think… i could have 150 if i had 1.5 haha. should switch to it soon. Also, since it is VISA it is accepted everywhere. It now has the chip on it as well, which i don’t know if I like. I often go to Sweden where they mainly use chip cards, but unfortunately there is a charge for using this card overseas. I use my TD debit card with no charge overseas.


TD Bank Fails to Honor Promise

TD Bank offered me a $200 credit after spending $600 in the first 3 months. They LIED. TD Bank refuses to honor this agreement, even after they made me fax in the pre-qualifying form they sent me. Outrageous. The offer is on the site, yet they refuse to honor it. Never using TD Bank again, telling everyone and posting about my negative experience all over