Td Bank

Td Bank
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Rude service

Waited about an hour to talk to customer care and the lady was so rude. My sister couldnt speak english and she said she cant speak to her any longer and get it fixed at a local td bank. Cant believe such services still exists. Leaving ASAP!


TD Stinks

Customer Service horrible after waiting 20 plus minutes which is the norm for TD bank all I wanted was a account balance asked me serval questions then told me I failed to Id myself which means a third party had to get involved total time on phone 33 minutes got frustrated got dressed walked to ATM got Balance in 5 minutes so TD bank IS NOT THE MOST CONVENIENT BANK Customer service is the worse I have ever seen


Very disappointed

I had very bad experiences with their customer services. It took us 20 minutes waiting time to finally speak to a person. My brother doesn’t speak English. So we had him speak with an interpreter, who speaks very rudely. The customer service lady was also very rude. They’re impatient to wait for him to look for his documents. Finally we had to hang up and plan to call back again when he finds all the documents. Hope next time the experience won’t be this bad.


Horrible customer service!!!

Had worst experience. Just opened account and problems don’t stop. Very unprofessional customer service. Several times I called in regards to same problem, was given different (contradictory) answer, which lead in late mortgage payment, overdraft fees etc… No one is responsible though


Very mediocre service!

I have an account in this bank but soon I will close it as soon as I will move all my payments to the next bank.
Yesterday, the ATM machine swallowed $400.00 brand new dollars bills and did not return my debit card. I informed the teller working indoors about that issue. But today when I called the bank I was told that the money was not found and I became very annoyed and worried being maybe forced to lose those bills. Maybe there dropped on the floor? Maybe the next customer got them when he tried to use the machine? Upon arrival at the bank i was handed the bills with no apology whatsoever. Why giving me wrong information? Why the ATM did not recognize my bills? Why the ATM did not return the debit card? I did not deposit either Euros or Bitcoins. The machine was just defective and worst the employee badly trained to give inaccurate information.
Upon leaving the bank, I went opposite and opened an account in another bank.
TD bank can be the most convenient bank since it is open 7 day a week but TD bank has not the most efficient, reliable and professional staff. Also the toll free number is never available prior to 30 to 45 minutes waiting period of time. When I used to call, I was placing my phone on a speaker mode performing other tasks.


very mediocre customer service




We have had constant problems with this bank! And when there were charges that weren’t ours, they claimed that there was nothing they could do and we would be charged anyway! Absolutely worst customer service ever! They are so rude and don’t care about any of your issues! Never again will I be going to this bank, and no one should ever go to this bank.


Bad costumer service

Worst bank I’ve ever dealt with, I will never open up another account with them. I’ve had nothing but continuous problems with them.


Beware of fees!

I opened a Premier Checking account because I needed a place where I can deposit cash. Their ATMs don’t use envelopes and can count wads of cash that you insert into the machine.

You do have to maintain a minimum balance of $2,500 to avoid their monthly $25 fee. I was under the mistaken impression this fee only applied if your AVERAGE daily balance fell below $2,500. Not so. If your balance falls below $2,500 on ANY SINGLE DAY they will take out the $25 at the end of the month. Doesn’t matter if you deposit $50,000 the day after it happens - they don’t care. Because of this absurd policy I have to rate this bank poorly.

If they want to retain my business they should change their fee to use the average daily balance method.



Bought a car and TD carried the loan. Customer service is a nightmare and they would not let me pay the bill over the phone… IDIOTS would not take my money. Registration nothing but a problem. This is a poor excuse for a bank.



TD bank is just trash! Customer service is horrible! Fees are high AND not to mention they send you notifications of over draft via mail!!! It’s 2018 you serious? They want you to download a separate app for notifications WHAT A JOKE! They are right up next to Wells Fargo when it comes to horrible service… do yourself a favor & stay away from TD bank


Terrible thieves

They Steal, reorganize and stack withdrawals to favor them. They charged me 8 overdrafts in one weekend, it’s always sometime with them, I’ve been using them for years and don’t know why. It’s to the point where I’m afraid to use my debit card anymore, and it shouldn’t be like that. Switch banks NOW


worst comunication

poor costumer service, worst experience


Poor customer service

Unreasonably long phone waiting times. When you actually reach someone they are either ignorant or insensitive to your issue to help you. I plan on shutting my account down.


I hate this bank

I will never re-open this bank again. The customer service is poor, charged stupid fee, this bank is definitely not the most convenient bank in America. Every time you need help you will need to wait at least 30 mins


Don’t apply for a mortgage here

I am sitting at my closing scheduled for 1pm. It’s 3pm now. The lending process from start to finish was absolutely horrible. If you could switch your lender when things like this happen I would be switching this second. The individuals working there could care less. A dag


Communication in process with poor TD trust, not really

I had two twice transfer in TD Bank, Jan 18 and Feb 05.
I’ve paid all transfer fee both of them at the same date. However, TD Bank charged me $25, wire transfer fee fee Jan 30. Never seen the stupid “wire transfer fee fee” and I do not have bank activity Jan 30 and even near the date.!!! They said "We would like to confirm that the wire fee is in fact a legitimate charge. " Please, pay money back


More CS Reps

If you need to talk with someone over the phone about your account, make sure you have a drink and a book to read. Hold time is 20 minutes at a minimum and the app is fairly counterintuitive.


TD Bank is a nightmare!

TD Bank allowed someone to open a checking account in my name online. I never even heard of TD Bank and there are no branches in my city. I learned this happened by coming home to a mailbox that had a letter thanking me for opening the account, a package of checks and six different envelopes containing one each of 3 Debit Cards and 3 ATM cards! I literally spent HOURS on hold waiting to speak to someone when I called. After I told them I never opened an account, they transferred me to the “Fraud Dept” which I was on hold again for an hour and a half! They were rude and told me I needed to come in to a branch because they didn’t know who I was!! They opened the account but I have to lose a days pay, travel to another city and take care of something they did. I asked them for the Fraud Dept. phone number because I was disconnected and had to call back the regular number and waiting another 5O mins. for someone to answer! I asked for the Fraud Dept’s direct phone number because of being on hold for so long and the nasty woman said “no I can’t give you that,”. So you opened an account in my name, have my SS number, dropped my credit score with a hard hit and YOU can’t give me a Phone number??! Even when I asked if my social security number was used, she said “oh we can’t give that info out!” This is all now in the hands of my city police department with an assigned case number, the Federal Trade Commission and 3 Credit Bureaus. To add insult to injury, I just received a bank statement today when the account was supposedly frozen for investigation by them! Stay away from this joke of a “bank.” I will pursue this to the max. This account should NEVER have been opened so easily and with no proof of the person doing it. Someone has to pay for this costly mistake that has hurt me.


I can’t believe this

I have never ever had a bank refuse to give me change for a business just because I wasn’t a member so I you every need anything done and you not a td member don’t even bother stop they won’t help you.