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Td Bank
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owenr skyhawk

Worst banking experience. TD BANKA customer service got from bad to worst, they all care is ripping customer off with their fees which the government agencies must take care. It is not dias that the banking industries makes billions of $ from people’s hard work. They charged me $35 fee for an overdraft of $2.03. Customer service on the phone are useless, even the supervisor are **.


Extremely Poor Service

An average wiat of 20 minutes to speak to a Customer Service Rep. TD Bank is DEFINITELY NOT AMERICA"S MOST CONVENIENT BANK.


It was fine… until it wasn’t

Everything worked great, customer service was fantastic, the 888- number was answered within seconds… until they decided to upgrade their online banking system. The website has been down for several days. The wait time for customer service is over 45 minutes, I had to hang up after waiting for someone to answer for almost an hour. Unable able to perform necessary transactions for days and days. Considering switching to Citizens or another bank with better online options.


Nothing works

errors ever where and spent and hour and a half to here use mobile app which doesn’t work either. Complete incompetence on behalf of the employees and the techs.


The upgrade is a joke

I can’t access billpay on the website. URL not on this server. Downloading transactions to Quicken is a mess. I’m getting payments for March 20th with no option to delete or not accept. If they don’t fix it soon I’ll have to make a move. Lucky I’m not a heavy user. Mobile app seems to be ok.


TDBank customers last

They used to be great. But, they upgraded their online banking last weekend. I still can’t log in and phon e service is non-existent. I finally, in disgust, went into a branch. What a waste. The “customer service” rep was new nothing and shrugged his shoulders. I left knowing less than I did when I walked in. My only solution (after 15 years with Commerce/TD) is to go to another bank where you count as a customer.


Closing Accounts

If and when I ever get online access to my account it will be to change any direct debits to a new bank and close my accounts. A week without access, I doubt they have the greatest security features.



The waiting to speak to a Representative by phone is so long. Every time i call, the waiting is over 30 minutes. It’s insane!!!. I think they should change that because I don’t always have time to be waiting more than an hour. This is such a problem for customers.


Not recommend

The only positive is banks hours are pretty good. They need to hire tellers that need alot of training. Not once but twice they screwed up my account and the last number was off by someones else. Luckly i check on my phone my deposit. Then when i went and inform they didnt even apologize . train people properly. Fees are just ridiculous i was not impress with this bank.


24 hour customer service line

When you call the “robot” tslks toooo long !! Never get thru quickly always an fn long wait!! Awful! Especially sunce the “so-called” web upgrade!! Not happy!!!


So bed experience

I have a bad experience working with this bank. The staff that serves you very lazy work very slowly. And do not know what they are doing. ALWAYS check your money after visiting the bank. And it’s better to choose another bank more reliable where you will store your money


I regret very much that I switched from another bank. Going to find new bank.

Application down always, waiting period to talk over the phone no less than 30 min, messing with accounts (on all my information giving me access to another person account. Inside bank associates talk to each other and walk away from you. Left me waiting for 40 minutes. Blocking card all the time, making me loose money. Only way to fix problem is spend a few hours at branch. I business and personal accounts with TD. In my following day OFF going to take my money to another REALY RELIABLE BANK!



TD bank the worst convenient bank!





nothing convenient and no privacy

This bank is nothing like the Canadian version. Takes forever wait time to open an account. You sit among everyone waiting listening to everybody’s private business. There is no private place in the Naples branch. Told to not come between 10 and 3 pm as they are too busy then. So instead get caught up in traffic jams in morning or afternoon? I personally could run this branch way better. It’s awfull


Hidden fees, outrages penalties, poor customer service

TD bank is the worst bank out there! Do not use them for anything, they will rob you blind with hidden fees, penalty payments, and poor customer service. Their customers mean nothing to them, and they will sit there with a smile on their face while draining your accounts.


Worst Bank Ever!!!

This bank recently went through a banking outage because they updated their on line banking site.
I couldn’t get on line and they charged me FEES because I couldn’t see my balance!
YIKES! refused to remove fees even after it was there OWN FAULT that in couldn’t see my banking!


The 2018 website upgrade bill pay non functioning for weeks. Customer service does not answer emails.

Customer service waiting
Upwards of 20 min
Emails do not get responses either. Upgrade disabled bill pay for me.


Terrible systems

I opened a home equity line of credit. They have no system in place to auto-pay additional principle each month. No option on their web site or forms available. People working in the branches could not believe it themselves but after numerous efforts, I finally received a letter from their corporate office saying they will not automatically allow me to pay down the loan. I have to go into the branch to pay principle down. Ridiculous. Also received multiple fees that should not have been charged but their staff were able to remove these. Still - systems should not have charged these fees. Definitely not America’s most convenient bank!


Cumulative errors

Prepared in advance for Travel, asked for Debit and Credit Card to work in Europe. Twice credit card transaction was declined. I took out a cash advance to pay for train trip and was promptly charged $14 for a $60 withdrawal. Of course this happened while I couldn’t access my accounts on line to see what was happening. I transferred a certain amount to a CD from a Savings account. They not only ‘forgot’ to open the CD, they subsequently closed the savings account so that automatic transfers can’t happen. They are growing too fast and expanding too fast. I want BRANCHES again with trained people, NOT Stores with untrained people.