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Td Bank
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The horrible services in all of the banks

I went to make a cash deposit into their ATM machine. And somehow the machine took my cash and my card without finishing the process!!!WHAT??? I called the customer service (it was late night i couldnt go into the bank), the said they had nothing to do with the machine, i had to walk-in to get help. So i did the next morning!!! I was pissed to the max when people there told me “we had nothing to do with the machine. You needed to wait to see or call the bank”. I waited for a week. And i just was on the phone with them. AGAIN, they said “we cant do anything to help. You need to go to the branch for get help”. What the hell is this kind of customer service, you took my money and i have to go back and forth to beg you to get it back???


Just spent freaking hour waiting on hold for customer service and did not get a response! Nobody else has such a terrible customer service! Do not open an account with them, unless you have a lot of free time to hang out on their hold


Worst bank ever!

Fee’s, fee’s, fee’s, fee’s, fee’s and more fee!


Many liars in the bank

I wanted to open the checking account for $300 bonus and I tried to open online account many times and it said “They can not fine my information in online public record, You have to go to store to open the account”. Then I ended up going to the store and showed the teller the $300 promotion and online error page. I specifically asked him can I get $300 bonus if I open in store because of this issue and he said “yes”. I asked this question 2 times. Then After following up with them after 6 months the branch said they forgot to add my name to the list of promotion. Then they said they are fixing the issue. After about a year left no one reached me back and I have to follow up every time. Now apparently after all these followup the promotion department is saying you opened in store and are not eligible for the $300. Such a
fraud. They just wanted to trick me to open an account there!


Never bank here!!!

The worst bank!!!
Customer service was horrible I had a general manager bold face lie to me and I had to pay literally for his mistakes the worst business to business relationships I have ever had in Jacksonville Florida


Customer services

Customer services over the phone is really worse they keep on hold for more than 1 hours to answer the phone also, on only chat is unavailable.


On hold for over an hour

Not quite sure how you can say you are America’s most convenient bank when I was on hold over an hour to activate my credit card after speaking to a woman who verified my account then transferred me to customer service to have my card activated. You place a number on my card to activate my card I speak to a representative to verify my infortmaion and she transfers me to customer service, that is certainly not convenient. And if it’s customer service that has to activate my card then maybe you should put that number on the front of the card, but let me give you some advice and suggest that the representative at the end of that number on the front of my card have the skills to just activate it without transferring me. I’ll put that i’m a current customer for this but reconsidering that greatly.



thieves!!! do NOT go anywhere near this bank. Go to CHIME BANK and stay there. TD Bank charged me an OVERDRAFT fee when my account was NOT in the negative and processed to TELL ME that MY credit will be damaged for THEIR mistake!!! NO! Stay Away From Them!


Say Goodbye To My Money

TD Bank has been a perpetual disappointment in my life. When I inherited a sum of money, unfortunately it was held at TD Bank. Slowly but surely, I realized how inefficient, rude, and deceptive this bank is.

There are a few moments I will point out that led me to slowly take all of my money out of these accounts, cancel my credit card and eventually have absolutely no ties with this useless bank.

One time, I had a teller announce my savings account balance to the entire branch, as well as customers. I should have sued him on the spot.

Second, each and every time I have called customer service for the past 5 years, it has taken me over 15-30 minutes to even reach a human.

This third strike happened this morning; they are withholding a government check that I earned for my retirement savings for 6 days for ‘fraud’ protection - and could not do anything about giving me some of my money that is DUE TO ME because I got into an unfortunate accident last night.

I truly despise everything this bank stands for and it does not represent myself nor my values and I urge others to sincerely consider where they place their hard-earned funds. TD Bank is a complete failure, and when you’ve lost me as a client, you’ve truly lost the game.

Sionara TD Bank. After my funds are take off “fraud protection” and given to me from a GOVERNMENT RETIREMENT CHECK, I’m bringing my money elsewhere because banks are seriously out of control.

You would think this “billion dollar company” that it boasts about on Google would do simple, effective, streamlined things to make their customers feel at ease. Like, I don’t know, sending me an email letting me know my check was on fraud alert and it would take up to 6 business days, not 1-2 like it states online.

Stupid, I can’t waste my time with inefficiency anymore and I encourage others to explore options. Disgraceful and disrespectful.


Never buy or gift a TD bank gift card

Never buy or gift a TD bank gift card. For some reason or the other, you will lose the money


Customer service



Horrible Horrible Horrible

If you want to reach a live person for customer service, go somewhere else. Had a large credit that should have been applied to my card immediately, after-all debits apply immediately. Called to find out where it was (2 days later) - not showing on my account. Will never use this card account. Cant close the account - that will impact my credit score. Never use this bank for credit cards. Horrible!!!


They have locked my bill pay for >1 mo without explanation!!

Calling daily and holding for > 40 minutes with each person I get transferred to !
I have plenty of funds in both checking and savings accounts and the bank can’t help me…they have business partners that
Do the bill pay on their own!! Outrageous!


Watch Out - Shady Bank, Will never bank here again

Very dishonest company. Say they will do something over the phone and then do the opposite. Never closed my account and decided to send me to collections for maintenance fees on a CLOSED account. I closed the account in December, how is it possible to get fees in January and February???


Over drafting fees

I have paid over 170$ this month in over drafting fees because thy told me that thy do it in a crazy way for example if you dont have enough and it’s two checks thy take out bigger check first and then the little check so that gives them 70$ in over draft fees veses 35$ SMDH they are outrageous going to DCU credit union heard its awsome and thy work with you as good customer service.


Horrible to customers

I called into TD Bank customer service on 3/5/18 to inquire, and thats it, IF my card (credit or debit) was ever lost or stolen if they had the ability to just freeze the account information until it was found. I specifically stated numerous times the representative that I had knew where my cards were and I was not requesting this and did not want to have the card deactivated. She explained this was not the case and that they do have the opportunity of placing cards on hold. This morning I went to utilize my card(s) and both were declined. I contact TD Bank customer service and spoke with another rep, her manager and a supervisor. All provided me the same answer of “We will coach that employee and listen to the call but we cant reactivate your card because you reported it stolen”. No matter how much I insisted I was calling for a general inquiry on the services TD may or may not provide they, without listening to the recorded call, insisted that the employee did the right thing by canceling my cards because I called in and stated they were stolen. The manager, who’s name I did not take down, also had the audacity to say “We can get you a new card. I Don’t see why this is such a big deal”. Not a single person in the TD Bank service department provided options or even had any concern for my needs as a customer. I am getting married in the next 25 days and not only do I have all my personal bills set up on EFT through that card but I also have EVERY vendor for my wedding on file with that card. The credit card is the one we registered to use for our cruise we are taking for our honeymoon. 25 days out from my wedding and this is the last thing I need to be worried about all because a mistake that their employee made and the management still tried to blame me for it. The stated “Why would you call in and inquire about that if the card wasn’t lost”. I’m sorry that I wanted to know for the future in case that very realistic scenario happens. My fiance and I have both been with TD bank for over 10 years and will be taking all of our business elsewhere.


Customer Service

I just got off the phone with a customer “service” representative of TD Bank. Not only was the individual not helpful, she was incredibly rude. I am dumbfounded that a company would place such a rude individual in its customer service department.


Worst TD Bank experience.

I visited TD Bank Saint Lucie West. I had the worst experience with the customer service representative. I was having an issues with online banking due to the app update last month. The response I received was not among the ones I expected, the way she spoke to me was uncalled for. I have been banking with TD for over 6 years, this incident STRONGLY encourages me to take my business else where.


Untrained Staff Poor Customer Support

TD bank is one of the worst bank to bank with. Their staff are untrained to properly avoid fraud underneath their nose. A teller gave away approximately $4k cash to a customer posing as me with a license from another state. To make matters worst getting the funds back took 6 to 7 weeks as we had to go back to the branch to fill out additional paperwork that the staff was unaware of. After multiple calls to the customer service, the representatives got worst and worst. They were aggressively speaking with me when asked a simple question to try to correct my situation. TD banks customer representatives has lack of knowledge on dealing with fraud and retrieving information for a police investigation. After speaking with an investigator TD bank is one of the worst bank as they get numerous reports of theft involving funds being taken out of victims accounts on a daily bases. Their security is severely lacking when it comes to withdrawals from an unknown person. This incident isn’t even the first as one of our coworkers also suffered cash withdrawals to his account on the very next day.

To further add to how unsafe your funds are at TD bank, a thief literally stole money from another persons account in front of the employees through an ATM machine. Before even opening up accounts with TD is it recommended to read the reviews. Through my experience with this bank, I ultimately have to switch to another bank that is more secure and more reliable.


They have not been able to get their online banking update running. Been abot a month now.

No customer service unless you have 20-30 to spare holding on phone and being urked by horrid static musac. Their motto “Most Convenient Bank” is the most untrue statement. Had nothing but issues for a year. Its difficult, to say the least to change banks, direct deposits, bill pay, etc…so you get tangled in a web of horrid service and aggravation. RUN if u can.