Td Bank

Td Bank
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WORST bank in the world

Awful Customer Service and unprofessional employees and management. The bank withdraw money from customers account without customer’s consent.


On line banking

Every week I have to reset my passwor Now you have call and wait on phone over am hour Worst IT departmemt I ever seen


Customer service

The customer service wait time on the phone is always a minimum of 40-60 minutes! Unacceptable! How many service reps are a actually working?? Horrible service


Least Convenient Bank in USA

Something changed in last few months. The wait times to talk to anyone now takes more than hour to even speak to them. Then they forward to someone else and the wait starts again. I am looking at other banks to move all my personal and Biz acct. Never had this bad a service at ANY bank anywhere in the world.


worst online banking ever

online banking went from good to bad,can’t tell how many transfer you have left among other things it’s the worst


Changed Opinion

I was a big fan until today. Called to simply check on a deposit. The menu wanted my account number which I entered. Then it said hold for CS and long wait. Tried over a couple days, same thing. Called local bank. He said they’re phasing out CS and directing people to online banking. I DO NOT and WILL NOT put my banking information online. Lots of people don’t even have computers. They will certainly lose my business if I can’t auto check my account by phone.


Worst experience ever.

After banking with multiple institutions over 40 years, TD Bank is the worst by far. The customer service is horrible.


No customer respect

Had credit card account opened 3 years ago, was paying my credit card payment on time , never defaulted on their credit card payment nor any other credit card account that I have with 711 credit rating, I missed 1 payment by accident ,after3 days of the due date I discovered my mistake and I sent two payments, never contact me about when I missed the date, they simply reduced my credit limit to what I owed them on the card which lowered my credit ratings significantly , if you need a credit card this bank is the wrong place .


Poor/ your money not protected

I choose Td bank because of what I thought was convince.Well I was wrong . My wallet was stolen and i reported my cards everyone put back wht was taking Except you guessed it TD bank. This bank made me wait 3 weeks to do an investigation only to find out that the card was used and it was present. Well if it’s stolen it would be present your money is not protected do not used his bank you been warned!!! Currently seeking outside help to get $200 back. TD bank needs to be ashamed of themselves


bad experience

I opened an account at this bank when i was going to switch banks but somehow my old branch manager convinced me to stay and i kept this account to used to buy on apple store, etc. somehow what i did not know is that they made this acct that can be over drafted and it did but i did not get any mail until i received a bank statement that it was on collections for 40.14 another thing is that i was sign up for online statements and the email was spell it wrong so i do mind paying the money but the way i was taken care off. i went to the branch and since i work late i was able to talk thru the glass and a guy took my phone, acct number and told me that someone will call me since i work late. no one call me so i went to deposit 50.00 and i was told that i cannot because is in collections, i dont understand i went to give them money and this is crazy. so i am now on the phone with a collections specialist that have to read me all this statements in order to talk to me!!! TD bank you have work to do but should stop abusing the people that keep the bank running…that is my history i loose 40 dollars and they get a beautiful social media review. it was easy take what i owe and drive on!!!


I like it overall.

The in-bank and at-window service is very good. When I opened my account the tellers did not look up and it seemed they did NOT want to deal with the customers. I mentioned this to the manager and it has improved. They have been gracious and helpful. The automated phone banking is very good and convenient. Getting hold of a live customer service agent is basically impossible. They need to staff their call center. This is a game breaker. I have only managed to get a human once. They always say it is a real busy time. (My time is also important.) And usually the time they give is over 20 minutes. At about 19 minutes 23 seconds the call usually drops. Thanks.


Would not recommend

Always having technical issues with online app. Changed their hours without notifying customers. Takes forever to speak with a customer service rep.


Need improvement badly in customer service

I have problem accessing my TD Bank account online. it is almost an hour and the person on the phone keep bouncing me to different department. What kind of service is this? I know my login access. Just today I have problem accessing my bank account online. It is wasting my time!!!


Worst bank ever

Charge over fee draft even when you have money into your account, posting 2, 3 days later, when call customer service only explanation is because it process over night and your account was negative at moment of transaction… lie… I checked my account before use my debit card it was with 200.00 on it. 3 days later 70 dollars charged on my account… I’m still having 400.00 into my account.
This the worst bank I ever have.


Worse customer service

It’s about time they step up their game


A brunch of croocks

A brunch of crooks
Everyone should boycott this bank! They are a bunch of crocks. All the news reports are true. If you like throwing away money then bank with them! I am in the process of moving everything away from this bank. Their corrupt business practices do not deserve our business.



TD bank has become such a huge disappointment. I had this bank for sometime and it was ok. I was noticing little fees here and there. once they “updated” their mobile app, its been down hill from there. my balances have been all over the place and fees are OUTRAGEOUS! I’m very unhappy and will be moving to a new bank



They didn’t help me with a over draft fee that was applied to my account due to a transfer mistake I did to my own account ! Which I had funds. More than enough.


Stay away. Ripofff

High fees. Extremely slow. Bad customer service. Very fast in charging you high fees for everything. Worst banking experience ever. Closing all accounts with TD. Do not be deceived by the “America’s most convenient bank”. Worst bank I had to deal with in America.


Horrendous Customer Service

Phone help ‘is available 24/7’. This simply means there is at least one person answering their calls at any given time. Connecting with that one person… now thats the hard part. Be prepared to wait an hour plus to talk to a rep EVERY time you call. Early/late/midday weekday or weekend its all the same