Td Bank

Td Bank
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Worst Customer Service , 45 minute wait time

I don’t like anything . Poor bank service


The worst bank I ever dealt with

The bank has no clue to online banking. I wait a minimum 30 minutes to speak to some one online because there ACH never works.


Worst bank.

I’m cknsidering switching over because for the longest time, every time I try to enroll in online banking it says it “can’t process my request at this time, please call costumer service.” Then I call costumer service and I’m on the phone for three hours every single time, and they tell me to hang up and call tech support because they don’t know why it’s saying that. By far the WORST costumer service and no matter how many times I try to resolve this issue, I’m just stuck back where I started.


Worst customer service

I waited 40 minutes for someone to help me on the phone and after 40 min i had to do something else. Not everyone has that much time to wait for a stupid approval for apple pay… what is so difficult that people in td are so busy they need more work force, its ironic how they say americas most convenient banking


Bad experience to open acctount

Received credit card offer, $200 cash back, after apply, after activated the card, couldn’t use. Have to cancel.
Damaged credit score.


Worst bank ever

They charge you for everything and the costumer service sucks. Most of them give u an attitude and make it seem like you have to be grateful for them doing their job, their inconsiderate and most of them have an attitude. Not only is their costumer service mostly super packed and they make you wait for an average of 25 minutes most times , the banks are most times super packed and they just run you out of there as fast as they can. They keep messing up my account and try to blame it on me when I called to try and see what was happening I opened a savings account after having my checking for over a year and they didn’t even give me a welcome booklet.


Worst service ever

I had my card denied and when I got to the bank by sounds out it I wasn’t the only one. They messed up my social security. The first time they would not tell me the problem, the second time they didn’t try to take care of it and caused me to make three return trips. I called over the phone and they also wouldn’t tell me what was going on. Not to mention the call took over two hours to even contact someone. When I did go to TD bank all three times I was met with rude service. They only time they were polite to me was when I set up and account.


Worst bank ever!

Horrible service, only one ATM and is in the same lane as the drive thru teller! So you have to wait a long time to be able to use the ATM and when you finally are able to use it 95% of the time is out of service!!!
Customer service super rude!!! Switching bank this weekend! Nothing convenient about it. When you call customer service you’re place on hold at least 20 mins even if you call first thing in the morning. They can help you and tell you to drive to the nearest bank to speak to branch manager. When you drive to a bank branch manager tells you customer service was wrong to send you to them!! Really:(



this bank used to be very helpful and now i have to say its by far the worst bank i dealt with. i was told that i was protected by the overdraft protection and then after i was hit with a fee i called & they reversed it, then i got hit with another fee a few days later & they said the mistake was on them & i shouldnt have been charged, and then i got charged with 2 more overdraft fees within 3 days and now theyre saying i was never covered. theyre employees contradict themselves and i am so fed up. i am closing all my accounts and taking my business elsewhere.


Horrible customer service

Every time I call customer service it’s a 30 minute wait to talk to someone at minimum. Going to switch banks ASAP


No Fees is a scam

Don’t think if you find your convenience checking with $100 that you will avoid maintenance fees. Thy will immediately charge you $1 for not having electronic statements, which then puts you under the $100 minimum, which then charges you $15 for being under the minimum balance for the month. Scam bank.


Refused to honor promotion

A few years ago, I received a targeted promotion from TD bank - sent to my name and home address- offering a $200 bonus to open a new checking account. I had been a customer at least a year earlier, so I was unsure if I still qualified. The small print on the invitation was unclear as to my eligibility, so I went to a branch. The rep there consulted with his manager and absolutely assured me that I would qualify for this offer. So I opened the account and performed the necessary steps to get my bonus. However, TD bank never issued it to my account. I spoke with several branch reps and a Vice President, who insisted that I was ineligible for another bonus. All this waste of time and TD bank refused to honor their word. Their marketing department specifically targeted me for new business. I responded to that offer, and TD bank was less than honorable in their actions. The decent thing to do is to honor a promise to a customer, period. I did everything possible to resolve this, aside from maybe reaching out to the CEO. I would not do business with this bank in the future.


Home closing cancelled due to TD bank mistake.

My closing reschedule due to wrong info on closing documents. TD Bank had us waiting 5 hours and still did not revise documents at the end of the day.
6 hours into the next biz day all that was said is “Still working on it”


Not a good experience

not enough customer service reps at the bank - long lines and not good service. They will hold your deposits for up to 10 days and try and charge you unneccesary fees. Go to other well respected banks.


So helpful

Showed me great customer service. Super helpful and extremely nice.


30 Year Customer gone.

Due to rediculous and outrageous fees, charges and constant harrassing upselling of their products to people that dont want them… Tellers that cannot complete the simplest customer transactions as requested. Awful customer support… or should I say no customer support… and driving greed that places profit over dedicted customers needs. I am taking every asset currently with TD elsewhere. They used to be a great bank… until they became too greedy and uncaring. Everything to make more profit… They have nickel and dimed me for the last time.


WORst customer service. disspointed

A few occasions now I’ve tried phoning this bank and each time they have a ridiculously long call waiting time. Not once have I managed to get through to a consultant even after waiting 30 mins on phone. Their staff I’ve encountered at branches aren’t much better. The only way you seem to be able to get through to them is if you go to a branch yourself. To this day I have not been able to access my online backing as a result of not being able to get the necessary info from them. Very frustrating to say the least and I will be moving banks ASAP


Poorly run branches

Everything goes great with TD until you have to do something that requires human intervention. Local branches are staffed by nice kids who don’t know much about what they’re doing, don’t understand how the bank operates and, worst of all, don’t follow up or communicate. I experienced two incidents in the last 30 days where the bank made a mistake that held up a critical transaction (release of a real estate lien and execution of a sizable wire transfer). In both cases the error halted processing of the transaction, but no one ever called or told me, much less took corrective action. There seems to be no system for catching errors, and no procedure for expediting their correction. They want to put the onus of correction on the customer - making me make a second in-person visit each time their error caused problems. In these repeat visits it became apparent that even the local branch managers don’t understand how anything beyond a checking account actually works. I could write a book about how frustrating my experience has been and how seemingly benign clerical errors have real human consequences. But I actually prefer to vote with my business. So I’m leaving TD Bank and I suggest you look elsewhere for reliable local banking services.


Worst bank service ever experienced by me

I opened a checking account online by TD bank. And within 2 weeks I got the debit card shipped to my address. But when I enquired about the cheque book to the customer care first they said that it shows delivered to their system. I waited couple of more days as suggested by the customer care, then again I enquired this time they said you have not provided your apartment# and so it was not delivered. Strangely when they shipped the debit card they have my apartment# printed on the envelope. They also said that now you will get the cheque book but you have to pay extra $30+ . I was shocked. I needed the cheque book to setup the direct deposit with my employer. Because of them I could not able to do so and then they are asking for extra money.

I have then asked the customer service to close the account as I was feeling like cheated.


Very poor experience. Blind leading the blind

The supervisors give me different information, which is scary. I was told two different things about fraudulent charges and now I am without a debit card. Before I could dispute the charge and keep the card, now I have to get a new debit card all together. One supervisor told me I could get an overnight shipping the other saying 1-2 days and another subordinate saying its 3-5 days (who was also very rude and immature over the phone). The subordinate also argued with me saying that I can’t talk to the supervisor when I requested along with providing me wrong information. I’m in the process of getting another account and canceling this one eventually. The staff that’s located in Wilmington, NC the staff also made a mistake in regards to my notarization for employment purposes. When I spoke up, I was hushed. Then I had to come back and let the staff know about the mistake that I was hushed about. I work in customer service myself and this whole experience has been very poor.