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Td Bank
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Horrible bank do not trust them

Fraud was committed on my account … tellers negligence gave my money $15,000.00 away to someone who stole my identity. Throughout the ordeal TD fraud and managers all had different information nothing matched up. It was a long emotional struggle. No one could help me they were clueless. Finally months later I got my money back. Never found out what happened to the teller. Foolishly I stayed with TD bank … guess what? Just got letter from TD bank… my accounts have been compromised AGAIN… tellers been fired… but they won’t tell me anymore… all I get is " I don’t know, you’ll need to speak to bank manager, I don’t have this info…". Going tomorrow to close out accounts and find a different bank! TD you should be ashamed of how you treat your customers!!


Terrible organization

I also bank with Capital One and TD bank just can’t match. Instead of using industry standard security measures, they ask for insecure questions (e.g., your high school). You mistype that, and you are locked out of your account. The wait time for TD business is up to 1 hour with no other form of contact. The representatives are rude and will not give you their names.


Pretty convenient

Store Hours are great.
Tellers are polite
The App is amazing. Website is fine.
Customer service is easy to talk to.
I came from BBT possibly the worst bank on earth for non business accounts, so maybe my review is skewed.


Poor customer service

When I deposited check was not informed that the hold would be 10 days instead of 2 days. And branch manager can not do anything about it even though the money was drown couple of days now from that account. Customer service is not willing to help. If it was not for the international transaction fees would of closed that account already.


Keep looking

This is the only bank where you can go out of the country and make charges and no one calls to verify that it is actually you making a charge. Customer service representatives are in it for a credit review applications. They need to be retrained. I will never use this bank and would never recommed it to anyone. It really isn’t as convenient as they lead on to be. They dont even have an automated system without out talking to a representative. There are much better banks out there.


Horrible! they are just after fees

since I started banking with Td Bank , I have been through a lot of headaches, from the fee they charge to he offer draft fee when there is just a simple mistake. they are more interest in making money than helping the customer. This is a terrible bank honestly I don’t know why it took me this long to see how I have been ripped off. I am closing my account ASAP
wells fargo, navy federal are more better options.



Being an existing customer in personal banking with TD Bank, I decided to open my business account with the same bank WRONG DECISION. The banking officer knew nothing about my personal account with TD and she had no interest in finding out about my business requirement. She was only interested in providing me with the information on how much do they charge for each type of business account. The worst part was, when I asked for the information in print, it was prepared on the name of MICKEY MOUSE. This is how you treat your customer who is doing banking with you for more than 5 years??? I am planning to close my personal account with TD also.


Terrible for home loan

We applied for a home equity loan and they refused to use a local appraiser or do an interior appraisal. Customer service was slow and the appeal process for the appraisal was not user friendly. Went with a different company who ended up giving us a lower rate and more accurate appraisal.



once you overdraft they will put the pending transactions in the order that best serves them. Regardless of the account balances.example, made 5 transactions in a day,last one was a overdraft,account was in the overdraft one charge no problem. instead 4 overdrafts,did not charge me the last and biggest transaction of the day, (the one overdraft) This is fraud



oh consumers… If I could only express how disappointed I am in this company. There are way too many issues for me to listen to here, but I just want to warn each and every one of you that if you decide to bank with this company, you WILL regret it. They have horrible customer service who will literally yell at you and tell you that you are wrong when you have the facts proving you are right. They will hit you with late fees whenever they decide and when you ask why they are there? They make up an excuse and put the blame on you. They never take responsibility for their actions or their employees. They will run you into debt that will seem impossible to get out of. The list goes on… Please stay away from TD Bank.

Bank of America has been very good to me if you are looking for an honest, respectable company.


New Meaning to the term Bank Robbery

In the normal context of a Bank Robbery the scenario would involve stealing money from the bank. TD Bank has flipped this concept and now Bank Robbery has a context of the bank taking money from you! I established a checking account with the bank by online application. The account opening came with a bonus offer. It was necessary for me to fight for several months to get the promised bonus. Fortunately an employee at the branch was willing to fight the battle with the marketing department to get me what was promised. Now with the bonus in hand I discover that the bank is deducting each month that I receive a paper statement. Even though I never received disclosure in that regard I change to electronic statements. Next, I discover that the bank is deducting $15 per month because the account has fallen below the $100 required threshold. Unfortunately, I am not getting notifications about the statements or the fee assessments, and thus at $15 per month I am giving back the initial bonus (bait) that I received from the bank. I realize the problem when I get a letter indicating that my account has been overdrawn by the various fees. The tone of the letter is harsh and somewhat threatening over a $12 overdrawn account. So I deposit the amount of the deficit and bring the account up to the $100 threshold. Ultimately, I decide to close the account and discover they have already deducted another $15 even though the account had the $100 threshold in place. Turns out that if the account is below that threshold, even for one day, they hit you with another $15 fee. Today, I closed the account after discovering that all of the assessments were actually causing me to loose both principal and bonus. They “stole” my money by providing little to no clear disclosure to accompany my account which was opened online. I have been robbed! Somebody call the authorities!


Fees out the wazoo

I have never been charged so many fees in my life nor have i made so many calls to complain about the service and fees ever. I bank with 5 other banks for different reasons and this is by far the worst. Statement fee, balance fee and overdraft fee when i had over $1,000 in a combined account…then they want to tell me about the fee i would need to pay in the event i enroll in overdraft protection if it is ever needed or used…? What? See what your competition is offering TD Bank and stop taking advantage of people who are facing hard times and can’t get an account anywhere else.


Account Hacked. Fraud department aptly named…

When $1,000 hacked from account, Fraud department confirmed successful attack, provided both the hacker’s bank and the transaction number. It then froze access to my account, but stopped autopay but allowed bill pay. The result, financial confusion. Then, to cap the matter, it rejected reversing the loss.

The local bank staff intervened, confirming not only the hack but documenting multiple further attacked after the account was locked. It also had the fraudulent transaction reimbursed.

Given the haphazard bank response, I left for Ally Bank. Switching with another nightmare, and Ally then stopped supporting Quicken. But that is another dreary story.


Fees for everything

$3 fee just to transfer funds from your TD account to an outside account. Be ready to pay for every single thing you could ever want to do with an account.


Thief Bank

It is a new level of stealing. The branch manager decided there was something wrong with my account and she froze it. I was in an area where there was no TD Branch, I couldn’t use my debit card and I didn’t have access to my money, because I couldn’t use another bank’s ATM to get cash. When I went to close the bank account, they have given me all kind of excuses and this is the moment that I haven’t had access to my money. Don’'t make any business with these bank. Big mistake.