Td Bank

Td Bank
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worst bank ever

This bank is the worst bank ever they intentionally overdraw your account, they apologize refund the money which take over a month and charge you overdraft fee for those unauthorized transactions


Don’t Bank online w TD

Nice brick and mortar bank svc. But online is not good. The wait times are 1 he on weekends and 20 to 35 min on week days. Their online staff is clueless on online svc. Obviously they don’t train. Their tech staff is understaffed. TERRIBLE ONLINE SUPPORT…THEY SHOULD TERMINATE THEIR COO.


Credit card due date

The CC due dates keep changing making it impossible to keep track of your payment dates. TD is the only Visa I know of in North America that uses this tactic with no provisions for email alerts for payment due dates.This is a deliberate tactic used to extort late fees from its clients. TD is the worst bank I have dealt with in 50 years of business and personal banking.


Very unhappy

A week after we open our TD bank checking and savings account my wife’s wallet was stolen so we called the bank and explained and canceled the card and froze the account , however the rep only canceled the debit card so 3 days later the person who stole the wallet walks to the bank with my wife’s ID and empty our account, we resolved that setuation and TD bank opened a new account for us but the didn’t transfer and savings account nor the money in the savings account , so we had to solve that problem too, now every Friday we deposit our checks at the same place at the same time and it clears by Saturday morning, but this time it didn’t clear so I called Monday morning and the rep told me that it would clear by 6pm on Monday , I called again at 4pm the rep told me it’ll clear by tomorrow because Monday is not a business day !!! Ok so let me talk to your supervisor , got a hold of the supervisor just to tell me that there’s nothing anyone could help unless I’m at the branch but the branch will close in 5 minutes, I could have gone to the branch but I was on the phone on hold for an hour so going to the branch wasn’t an option, I asked them why the rep told me it’ll clear by 6 and the other rep said it’s not true , and then she said oh well people make mistakes and then she said just for future if you decided to keep your account open blah blah blah , so I asked to speak to someone else and the supervisor told me that they’ll call me back today so I asked ok great spell your name so I can talk about you too to the higher up since you don’t care if I close my account and the supervisor hung up on me, these people are very nice when you open your account but they do not give a damn about customers, and they have bunch of hidden fees such as $3.00 charge just to view your account on TD bank ATM ! Just to view it not even to print it !!! I don’t recommend TD bank to anybody and my wife and I are going to close our account and take our money elsewhere.


Bad Start

Be aware, Be careful if you bank at TD Bank.
I opened an account because my broker is TD Ameritrade and wanted dividends in a bank account. HUGE MISTAKE. And here is how it went. Opened account, promo advertised was invalid. Accepted smaller offer with a credit card and it’s obligations which kept changing depending on who answered the phone. SECOND ISSUE, manager writes wrong address so for two months all mail went to someone, not to me. An add was returned, post office penciled in correct address, went to a different branch and it was corrected, THIRD ISSUE. Credit card was never issued and when at last it was, only 30 days were left for the promotion. NO, NO, No. No way do we extend the offer even if it was our fault you never got the credit card. $500 in purchases each month, o no, $500 in 90 days. FOURTH ISSUE, Fees are not disclosed so surprised to be charged a fee to receive a statement. FIFTH ISSUE, issued a credit card with the minimum of benefits, no explanation of the availability of better cards. Overall, try someone else. Has to be smoother,


the customer services

the customer services waste more than 25 minutes of my time just for holding to the next customer service !!!


Bank somewhere else

They will rip you off with over drafting fees. I used to bank with TD Bank for years I’m closing my account asap.


Do not bank here

I would definitely advise against ever doing business here. My account was shut down without my permission or knowledge with money still in the account. After talking to multiple people who have no idea what happened or why, I was eventually told they could not help me. Not that I would ever want my account reinstated after this, but I would definitely like to know what happened to my money. Customer service is apathetic, unhelpful, and knowledgeable. If I could rate lower than 1 star I would.


Perfect Bank for my needs

I never had an issue with TD Bank and I also have a free student checking account with no additional fees. Once my debit card was stolen and used for an unauthorized payment and they promptly send the money back to the account within a couple of days.


greedy SOBs

A long string of horrible customer service including:

  1. Delaying my first home mortgage by neglecting to process documents I had sent days or weeks earlier.

  2. Refusing to transfer funds from or find a way to otherwise charge my checking account which delayed the purchase of my second home.

  3. Promising to close my checking account and then NOT doing that while also assessing nearly $200 in late fees. Then refusing to refund the late fees.


America’s most inconvenient bank

TD bank is terrible, I can’t believe they are still in business! I had a secured credit card account with them, which they proceeded to shut down without letting me know. They then kept the money which I put down for the secured credit line, once again without telling me. It was not until I tried to use my card that this became apparent. I spent several hours on hold with customer service to get the money back and they claimed the only way to refund me was to open an additional account (I already had a savings and checking account with them) and deposit the money in that. Every time I try to call customer service I am put on hold for a minimum of 15 minutes, often up to an hour.


Impossible to get anyone on the phone

They locked my account due to wrong password 3x…ok i can deal with that.
EVERY TIME I CALL… " your wait time exceeds 20 minutes, please hold for legendary service"

Current customer soon to be past customer.


Incompetent Staff

Applied for HELOC with grand and misleading statements from bank representative. “Processor” put unreasonable demands on our approval.
Worst banking experience I have ever had.


TD Doesn’t care about you

Got a call from TD Bank Customer Service. Called the # given and waited on hold for over 50 minutes! Finally hung up. America’s most convenient bank. I think not. Should be “TD Bank. We could care less about you”.


Surprise FEES

Money was taken from my account for an excess of 6 online transactions without any notifications. I lost a total of $54 because of this. Very upset about stolen money.


held my money for 6 days!!

Deposited 3 paychecks- noticed that after 2 days they still had not cleared. Call TD and they said “the system” was holding the checks for 6 days!! They couldn’t give a reason and would not give me my money. This is criminal. A bank should not hold people paychecks (which had been deposited with no issues multiple times before) hostage for 6 days. Should be illegal.
Get out of this bank.


TD Bank: A Max Security Prison

Exorbitant penalties, outragious fees, hidden agendas. The irony as it calls itself “Americas most convenient bank”, it only has branches in a few states up north. How convenient is that? Restrictive business accounts, all in all a waste of time. Soon to be a past customer.


Security questions and endless hurdles

If you have any isue to bring up to them and want it fix quickly… You are in for a BIG DISAPOINTMENT!!!

PHONE CALL WAIT TIMES ARE ITERNAL! there is no good way to cantact costumers service.
I get locked out of my online banking constantly and I have to wait 45 mins. to talk to people who can help…


Outrages customer service in the Bronx Fordham area. i went there today, the representative had no answers to questions I asked, he kept saying I am not sure. Terrible customer service, secret lies. I will go in and close the account.

Bank manager was not helpful when I ask clarification for an answer given by the representative. I told him to write down what he said, he refused, I ask them to show me in the written copies of the documents given me what they saying, he couldn’t, insisted I have to look for it later.
I paid the minimum due to open the account in addition to a check of $ 200.00 to be withdrawn from my account in 3 days, they refused to take it, stating I have to bring the check on that date when they can take the money or go online to make transfer. I told them I don’t do on line transfer. They insisted No
As long as you are ignorant about your right the bank will be ok for you. This is not for me, I desire better service.
This is the worst customer service I have ever received.
I will stick to chase, citi bank and capital one, I trust them.
Later I check online rating very poor.


poor customer support

When I refinanced my home I called TD Bank to stop what has always appeared to be an “automatic” withdrawal that I set up when I purchased the home.
I called 2 weeks before the closing date to stop payment and the customer service representative said that would be no problem. I confirmed with him that this would not be withdrawn from my account as I was going to use the funds to pay other bills. He assured me that I was “all set”
When I went into my account today, I saw that they tacked on a $175 “overdraft fee”. You could see the withdrawal on 9/1 and then they credited my account back on 9/5.
I called immediately to report the error and they told me that it was my fault…that there is no way to cancel it. The process is that they money is withdrawn and then they credit it back. I was never educated by the customer service rep about this process when he made it sound like this was canceled and that they would not be withdrawing the money.
The supervisor this evening was rude and just kept apologizing for the lack of communication by his representative. I have NEVER overdrawn my account or been late on any payments. I have been a customer with TD Bank for many years and to be treated like this was unacceptable.
Prior to this, I had a very lousy experience with a line of credit that I opened for emergencies. They misplaced my information several times and there were delays upwards of 6 weeks when processing.
We have so many choices these days. I will be closing my account and opening a new account with a bank that is more customer service oriented and helpful. Not to mention, first time overdraft fee of $175 is pretty steep!!