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Confiscates your money

This Bank used to let deposits go through first. When making mobile deposits this morning I saw that my mortgage payment was pending and just for backup since mobile deposits can take a day to go in I immediately got in my car and took more than enough cash to my bank. I was rudely informed that they now go by time stamps and my cash may just disappear into the abyss until after my mortgage payment goes through leaving me with an overdraft fee. How can they feel good taking $35 from me that I could have used for groceries when I made sure I had cash in the bank before my mortgage cleared?! This is not a company looking out for its customers best interests anymore. I need to find a new bank


Fraud and liars

Purchased a galaxy S8 with TD bank financing, the total amount of purchase was $454. TD bank charged me $909,saying their documents show I purchased 2 galaxy s8 phones and total amount was $909. Explained to them I ordered only and got only one phone,TD bank customer executives started blaming the Samsung saying,Samsung provided the invoice of $909. When contacted Samsung, they said,records show my purchase was $454 for one phone. When I called TD bank,they are still blaming Samsung and refusing to investigate it. Will never ever do any business with TD bank.


Greedy and doesn’t care about customer

I was banking with TD for 8 yrs-I have 2 payroll deposits 2x a month, a car loan from RBC , 2 educational plan and pension plan-all pre-authorized.My TD credit card has 5t credit limit that I used up when I got hospitalized due high blood complications this April. I was not able to pay CC interest,behind to all my account abilities,then I started working again in July, paying most important 1st on top of my pre-auth payments. Then after talking to TD and negotiate with all the payments we finally agreed.Then 1 day 1 of my payroll deposits 950 suddenly went o my CC payment, I called TD and begging If they could leave at least 275 dollars to my debit card because my car loan from RBC has 3 months arrears already,I was transferred to diff table and finally I spoke to a very rude supervisor?? he told me this "it is our rights to take your money to pay your credit card bills, why are you paying your RBC and not your loan with us?’ I explained to him I’ll pay little by little until I paid them all,Its just I am prioritizing what needs to pay 1st. But he was firm to his decision, TD bank always does that to me-taking money from my checking account to pay my credit card without my approval, and this is the worst one because I almost had a verbal fight with that asshole who have very little or no concern about other human being.
The next day,I closed my 10 year account to them,I opened an account to RBC, and I am a happy customer earning my AVION points everyday.

Don’t bank with TD,they are rude, money grabber and steal the money in your account withour your approval.
I will clap my hands when one day you go bankrupt and you all lose your job,so you know how It feels being broke.


Slightly better than BOA

Made a snap judgement to freeze my account when trying to withdraw money from an ATM that I have used dozens of times, located 1/2 block from my apartment. I go to this particular bodega almost every day, I cannot stress how ridiculous this is! The cab driver had to follow me to my apartment, hold my wallet ransom and wait for me to write him a check that he said he wouldn’t cash. I now have to meet him a day later with the money that I owe him (the same money I could have easily withdrawn from my primary ATM!!!) and give him a larger than usual tip for the headache that we both endured last evening. He was beyond accommodating, TD was useless as usual and I had to wait for the better part of an hour to get my card unlocked listening to the godawful pandering advertising on their call center holding pattern. If zero were an option, believe me I would give them less than a zero. I can only feel grateful that they didn’t decide to lock my account in a situation that would have left me paralyzed and helpless that was more than half a block from my apartment. Only reason I am still temporarily keeping my money with these idiots is that I have savings, checking and auto bill pay/direct deposit and it will be somewhat of a nightmare to disentangle myself from these amateurs. BTW $3 NON TD ATM FEES! GARBAGE INCENTIVES FOR SAVINGS/CC REWARDS?!?! Don’t bother.


This bank sucks

They have charged me more than the necessary amount of surcharge fees. Even if you don’t use your card, they charge & charge. It’s a crappy bank. Rude people. I will be canceling my account but I truly had to write a review about this. It’s appalling to me that they can just take so much money from someone, even if you don’t go into negative. I have lost about $200 to them & I am done with it. The bank is terrible


bank of big scam

they play with the deposit time and clear a check from other bank to but you in over draft fee like punch of crocks


Very Poor Service

This bank really just doesn’t care about its customers anymore. I had an issue that could’ve been resolved in less than two minutes but instead, let go on for 11 days! I couldn’t even get a call back from the bank. Terrible!


Poorly ran

I’m a home seller and have had buyer approved by TD Kingston and when it comes to honoring it they are declined


WARNING! Beware of TD Bank Credit Card–there is a catch.

This is about TD CREDIT CARDS! BEWARE–avoid at all cost. Why? They do NOT allow electronic payments incoming, therefore you are NEVER allowed to pay off your balance by Balance Transfer. This is classic bait & switch. They offered me $150 to open a CC and I did. I’m very happy that I tried balance transfer right away. So in short, let’s say you have a $4000 balance, and Citi or another bank offers you 0% interest for a year at 2.5%. TD will REFUSE to take in incoming electronic transfer (if you have a check that’s ok). The difference in the case of $4000 is huge. At 2% transferred cost for one year is $80. With you “stuck” (unable to utilize another bank transfer) you will pay $600!! In other words TD FORCES you to be stuck paying an extra $520. TD’s fees and policies are nothing other than EVIL. I have NEVER even heard of a any credit card that did this.

Some of their locations are great, some terrible I’ve used 5 over the past year. Their checking account is fine, but NEVER take a Credit Card!!


easy problem they won’t fix

My credit card number was stolen a week and a half ago. I immediately called TD, who put a temporary hold on my account and “sent” me a new card. The card never came. I called back a few days ago to notify them, and they overnighted me a new card. As soon as it came, I called them - and after an HOUR on the phone, they told me to call back in 24 hours for them to activate it. I still don’t have a card, I am leaving the country this weekend, and my finances are completely messed up because of this. I used to love this bank, but they seem to have gone dramatically downhill.


Horrible service

Wife is stay at home mom and had child tax benefit held for 3 months until taxes went through. Now TD has cancelled her overdraft and refuse to accept that she is in fact going to receive income and backdated income as of next month and want to force her to make her overdraft a personal loan. (If not they will charge credit card interest to the balance or send it to collection since she “has no income”.) Poor poor poor service by phone. Woman was rude and not helpful at all, supervisor was Illinformed and did not wish to help either. We will be paying it off and changing banks and moving our assets. Funny that letting them hold nearly 1000% of the value of the overdraft in investments she has means nothing to them.


thelephone services

The customer services is zero especially when you call they put you on hold for 2-3 hours never answer that’s a shame


Stay Away!

We use TD Bank for a loan on our property. Its customer service is horrible! I had to call them because for some unknown reason they had not applied the funds towards my loan. I spent over one hour to TRY to speak to a customer representive. The lady who finally took my call said my name was not on the account (this is a SHARED account with my husband and my name is on the account). So she put me on hold another 15 mn.



I am not a current customer but the fact that an account was opened in my name at my home address I am unsure how I should be categorized. For two months I have contact TD to no avail. I explained an account was opened in my name at my home address and not by me. They intimated that I am lying bug did nothing about. They did tell me it was opened on line and that was the extent of the shared info.

I virtually pleaded that this account be cancelled and their response was they would investigate. Well 2 months later they have done nothing except bill me for service charges. I find this interesting since there is no money associated with this account.

Well today after being on hold for about 30 - 40 minutes I was transferred to security who would immediately help. Well they NEVER answered the phone. So I left a horrible response telling them their bank sucked etc.

So what do I do now? No response no call back totally ignored and TD bank does not care. What would you do?

Part of my message indicated that they will never collect a penny from me no matter how many times they try over the coming years.

This so called bank his no right being in business and where is LifeLock during all of this? They still don’t know this account has been opened.


Sneaky fees bordering on theft!

They are very sneaky with fees and these really rack up after a while!

Best to avoid and go with a more transparent option!


Not giving $300 bonus even after 95 days!!!

Sent: 9/26/2017 2:54:49 PM
To: Customer Care
Subject: Other

Account: TD PREMIER CHECKING xxxx-11
Amount: 300
Message: Per Premier Checking account $300 bonus offer, I’m eligible to receive the $300 as of 23rd Sep as I opened my account 90 days before. When I called call center, Call Center Manager Pamela confirmed that I was eligible for bonus and could not answer when I would get that or even at all I would get that. When I informed her that in case I wanted to close the account, I didn’t see any effort from her to resolve the issue. Looks like TD is making false promise. Based upon so far experience I’m not at all confident whether TD will respond to this email.


absolutely horrible

my debit card has been getting declined for the past 5 days. i have no access to my money and the costumer service is horrible. the bank i go to tells me that i have to call customer service to get help and the customer service line never connects me to anyone. extremely frustrating i will never recommend this bank to anybody.


$300 deposit promotion received!

I was completely new to TD Bank and was able to take advantage of their deposit promotion! I am coming from Wells Fargo and like the convenience of their Saturday banking and free visa cards and cashier checks.


Very bad sévices

Send money oversee they hold the money for more than one month Intel now no answer
Where is my money?


Overdraft penalty

Things can be pending for a credit transaction, but it will be taken out immediately and before it clears no matter if you put money in the account before so or not, they charge you for any and every transaction $35