Td Bank

Td Bank
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Fantastic bank

No hassle bank, the only thing I am hoping is if they add a chat room on the website…


Worst bank

Customer service is zero of this bank


Horrible Bank

All this bank does is steal your money. This bank took a lot of money from my account from an online order I put in but then cancelled my order and kept my money. Then I tried calling customer service, they were rude to me and then they locked me out of account saying they could not verify my account. I gave them all my info for them to lock me out. I’m never banking with them again and I advise you guys to stay away. It’s tragic I had to learn the hard way but I’m warning you guys now. STAY AWAY FROM THIS STEALING MONEY BANK!!!


Reaching customer service is close to impossible

I recently got my online ID locked. First of all, which online application will not have a functionality to unlock this online? TD bank makes you call a number.

I have called at least 5 to 6 times so far. Every time it is minimum 20 minutes wait. They promote their app and the “TD ASAP” as the quickest way to reach customer service. False promise. It goes to the same queue.

Generally, people write these kind of feedback only when we have a poor experience. But, I think that is a good way to know. At the least, I would say TD bank online site and their customer service is poor.


Save your time

I’m not one to write reviews, but with the amount of times I’ve had to contact their customer service because random overdrafts came out of my account even though it was never negative. Unprofessional and looking forward to switching banks. $3 surcharge for any non-TD ATM + plus whatever surcharge that ATM has. Come on now.


Wish I could give Zero stars

They charge fees for every little thing you can imagine. Telephone customer service is about the worst you can possibly imagine. I gave NEVER been able to reach a live person on the phone in less than 25 minutes. Once you actually reach someone they ask “how they can privide you with legendary service” then proceed to tell you why they cant help you, thank you for calling and hang up.

I tried 3 times to use the branch in Woodbury, CT when i was unable to get customer setvice on telephone at all. All three times were unsuccessful.

Once was a wire transfer. They could not do it because their one computer thst could do that was broken.

Another was to get my password unlocked because i could not get online. They told me i needed to call customer service for that even though i could not get them on the phone.

The third fail was to get something important notarized. They told me that person wasnt in that day and told me to try a different branch 20 miles away in Watertown, CT.

I ended up closing all my accounts and going to Bank of America in Southbury CT.

The people in rhe branches are very nice but it’s obvious there are seruous problems with the operstions at rhid bank. It’s the worst bsnk ive ever used. Terrible terrible experience.


I’m living to pay overdraft for this place

If you are middle class or low income stay away from this bank or you will keep paying $35 after $35 you working to pay them…


America’s Most Inconvinient Bank

10-year old clanky mobile app

90-day ban for mobile deposit for new business castomers

No 24/7 phone customer service for small business (e.g. nowhere to call when you drive to the brench late in the evening to deposit your check, becuse the mobile deposit is still not an option and the ATM decides to eat your debit card, becuse it does not like the PIN you have set for it).


Technologically 19th century

TD put automatic holds on every bank transfer I made to my Chase bank account. To release the hold, I had to call in everyday and verify my identity. There was no priority phone line, so my phone wait time was 10-30mins each day. I was also told that transfers after the first one would be as fast as overnight, but in reality I didn’t see money in my Chase account until 2-3 business days. They also did not make accommodations to increase the daily/weekly allowable limit despite my circumstances of MOVING COUNTRIES.


Broken Bank

They are awful, someone stole money using my bank card information. I blocked all transaction once I found out but TD bank allowed the same person stealing more money on my account. Result I finished without money in my bank account and TD bank had the nerve to add fees. I was literally furious. I had to call them few times and then they called me back and the lady on the phone tried to put the blame on me. What kind of bank is that?!

Their app is like this bank: Broken.

I might return with Chase. At least I never had any issue with them.


Awful customer service

E transfer would not work. I was then on hold for 20 minutes only to find out id have to wait until the best day to recieve money. So i wasn’t able to have any meals today.


They Suck !!!

I deposit a check comes to find out they messed up the amount that was deposit now i have to wait until they under go an investigation so i cant receive MY money !!! And don’t get me started with the wait time if you call makes me angry all the time …Time to change banks


1st visit bad = last visit.

I’m new to the area. Unfortunately, I will not be opening an account here.

I had $2,900 needing to be changed out for 100’s. I walked in as the second customer in line. Jan Marie assisted me. She was not personable in the slightest. She said that because I was not a member that she could only change out $500. I have problem with that. I counted out $500 quickly and she helped ask additional person behind me. I was finished quickly. The floor supervisor, Kelly, then walked by a couple times, each time mentioning to Jan to have me move over and help real customers. 3 customers were behind me. But … I was there first and was finished counting my $500 within seconds of her leaving initially for that other customer the first time. She came back to me, bundled up my money, and moved me over, instead of just taking my $500, and changing it right there. I didn’t press the matter, or complain, like how some people do, which makes situations worse. I simply said, that’s ok, I’m going to go ahead and leave.

I understand going to the next customer since i need to count out a large sum of money. But then I should have been attended to after that. And zero personable attitude, backed up by her superior constantly saying to just have me move over.


Worse bank in the planet.

Hold big amounts of money for up to 10 days to intensionaly overdraft you account and collect they fees.
Customers service is a mesh, never fix the problem, never know nothing about you ask then.

Nobody in customer service and branch managers can do nothing because the sistem, because the sistem did it.

Very dishonest people.
Legal robbers.


Worse bank in the planet.

Hold cheks for 6 days to collect overdraft fees.


Posting needs to happen sooner than later.

I do not appreciate that transactions are posted days later. Customers are not able to maintain available balance accordingly.


This bank blows

This bank sucks , plain and simple, zero customer service, it’s a reverse bank hold up without a gun. They rob you. Do yourself a favor, stay away from these crooks.


worst branch ever

garbage customer service,
garbage service in general,
bank machines never work it ate my card after a month,
terrible online banking,
cancer fees
worst overall banking experience

take my advice and go with cibc


Terrible. Avoid at all costs

MATH errors on my online credit card statement! Every time I have to call them about something that wait is anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes on hold. Many of the folks who are supposedly there to help are untrained.

I actually took the time to speak with them just about the customer service concerns and they didn’t see an issue. This apparently is within their targets. Error on credit card statement was a “known issue”, therefore nothing to worry about. Apparently it affected many customers.


Shockingly Bad - please stay away

4+ year customer. Consistently hold checks 3-4 days to clear feels like 1981. Very hard to reach customer service. Fees for everything and very eager to apply them. Reps are rude and moreover clueless. Hands down the worst experience with a bank I have ever had, with the highest fees of pretty much anyone. Save yourself alot of grief just go to a local credit union where their hands aren’t constantly in your wallet.